10 great holiday decorating ideas

by:HKKYO     2019-12-26
The first thing.
Plan or theme for you. . . . . .
Having a good plan doesn\'t cost anything, and that\'s where your idea comes from when you\'re dealing with budget ideas.
The first thing.
Set a plan or theme for your Christmas decorations.
Having a good plan doesn\'t cost anything, and when you\'re dealing with budget ideas, that\'s why you put your ideas together to make everything you do look purposeful, and
Some themes of Christmas?
Country Inn xmas, toyland xmas, countries around the world, Victorian, country, Santa Claus, snowman, old fashioned, the list continues! 2.
Garlands made of felt waste.
Cut the shape of Christmas out and hang it in the house with mini stockings, winter green leaves, gloves and needle lines, floss or strong fishing lines.
Remember, when you string each shape together, make a knot on either side of the shape and fix it in its original position.
You can increase the size of the shape by cutting two of each shape, filling them gently, and they stitch the two together.
Glue will also work if you are not a sewer.
The preserved old clothes dryer sheet is perfect for this filler, even the tiny fabric scrap that is too small for other uses. 3.
Put a tealight candle in your clean glass mayonnaise jar, tie a holiday ribbon around your neck, and you have a beautiful candle with Christmas charm.
You can put candles in pepper, nuts and even sand if you like.
For a dramatic evening effect, try to combine a few together.
These also make great celebrities. 4.
Start collecting Christmas gifts.
This could be a great tradition that was launched in your home.
My girl and I started collecting Santa 3 years ago, and that\'s what they\'re looking forward to, choosing our annual Santa together.
I know it will be a good memory for them, and I plan to have every child choose a Santa Claus with them on the day they leave the nest to start their own home.
By the way, it doesn\'t have to be expensive or even bought by the store.
Try sewing or make new decorations together every year for more memories!
Or check out your dollar store and they have some really cute ceramic holiday decorations for a dollar or two.
Remember, this is the memory you are interested in here, not the collection based on the value of money. 5.
If you want to make a toyland theme for this year\'s Christmas decorations, try looking for teddy bears and dolls in your local thrift store.
Wash them in the pillowcase, put them in the dryer for at least 20 minutes, then dress them up with ribbons and holiday fabrics.
Put them under your tree, on the fireplace, on the windowsill.
Fold the small square cardboard together, wrap it up as a small gift, then hide them under the arm of teddys, or wrap an empty box to use as a teddys seat at the front door6.
Place some cheap glass balls in a bowl and decorate them with a few green shoots or some leftover ribbons.
If you don\'t have an extra bowl (
After all, it\'s a holiday! )
Try to unhook the box with the rest of the Christmas package or cover it with a little cloth and glue. 7.
Take your photos down, wrap them up like a gift, then hang them on the wall and enjoy the holiday!
You don\'t have to do this around the house, how about it at the entrance or in the restaurant? 8.
Tie the green or decorations to the chandelier with a little Christmas ribbon, just make sure they are not low enough to hang, and no candle on the table will catch fire. 9.
Make your own gift label with the rest of the paper.
Well, it\'s not a new idea, but try to beat it up.
Add details by layering shapes on bottom paper, adding styles using paper punches and sector scrapbook scissors, adding names using golden calligraphy pens.
Or label old holiday cards with fan-shaped scissors. 10.
Leave a sponge star or other seasonal shape on your window with paint!
No, I\'m not crazy.
Just add a teaspoon or so of liquid dish soap to the acrylic craft paint ,(
I like metal in white or gold)
After the holidays, you should be able to wash it off with a window cleaner. Use a non-
If you meet a stubborn place, scrape the dish washer.
There, this is the 10 best budget decoration ideas for holiday decoration!
Always remember the most important reason we celebrate and the reason we take the time to make our home warm and invite our loved ones!
Have a good holiday!
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