10 things kids should do in d.c. before they turn 10

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Museums are everywhere from the park to the playground to the entire shopping center. C.
From infancy to elementary school, you can basically find something to do every weekend.
But only some-in-
Washington\'s experience will surely make it a memory scroll of childhood highlights.
We spoke to the locals who worked with the children and identified 10 things that children should do in the area before the age of 10.
The best part about this list?
Most of these suggestions are free. 1.
Listen to story time in the world\'s largest library.
Encourage lifelong reading habits in the most awe-inspiring --
Inspiring environment: the Library of Congress hosts story time for babies and toddlers at 10: 30 on Friday. m.
In the comfort of the young reader Center.
Free weekly programs for children aged 5 and under include reading books such as Little Engine, as well as special guests and music.
If you are not able to arrive within a week of the story time, the center will also be open to the public from 9 on Saturday. m. to 4:30 p. m. 10 First St. SE. Free. 2.
Walk across a bridge to an island. “D. C.
It is a very walkable city. One thing that makes us different is our bridge. on, outdoors-
Key projects throughout the city.
She suggested these two.
Bridge itinerary for family adventures: depart from Georgetown, cross key bridges, overlook the Potomac River, and then continue until you reach the pedestrian bridge leading to the wooded island of Theodore Roosevelt.
There, Mintz says, children can \"spy on the water birds and the fast-moving lizard, called the stone dragon . \". Free. 3.
Play drums with dad.
The beat of the Baba Ras D at the concert in Bloomba, Columbia Heights is contagious because 6-foot-
Rastafarian led children aged 7 and under 7 to play in a drum ring.
Baba Las D plays four to five shows a week, and so far there have been more than 700 shows --
That means a big part of D. C.
The children grew up with him.
The playlist has changed from Bob Marley to \"Wheels on the bus\", but the sympathetic message of Baba Las D\'s \"Harambee (
Translated in Swahili as \"all working together \")
It\'s always the same. 3222 11th St. NW. $7-$10 donation. 4.
Run around the National Botanical Garden.
With 446 acres of garden, forest and open space, the Northeast Botanical Garden is absolutely huge for children.
First explore the Washington Youth Garden and its natural play area equipped with sandbox and musical instruments.
\"You will forget that you are still in town,\" said Maria vogley, one of the colleagues.
Founder of playspace Nook, North Virginia.
In addition, she said: \"The column of the Capitol is a great hidden game --and-seek.
\"3501 New York Avenue. NE. Free. 5.
Watch free shows at the Kennedy Center.
In a free daily performance on the Millennium Stage, introduce the children to the arts, from family singers to performances by indoor orchestras, dance troupes and comedians.
Instead of happening in the theater, 6 p. m.
The show takes place at one end of the soaring Grand Foyer of the Kennedy Center
It allows you to escape quickly if needed. “It’s a low-
Caitlin Wesaw said he helped manage the weekly Bukit baby music show in the Eastern Market.
\"You don\'t have to sit there because you paid a lot of money.
\"The Landmark itself can entertain children: they can look up at the flags hanging in the National Hall and admire the skyline from the rooftop terrace. 2700 F St. NW. Free. 6.
Eat a popular pie on Ted\'s announcement. Kid-
This local chain restaurant is known for its delicious food --
Popular pies in top cuisine such as s\' mores and blueberry cheesecake.
\"This is the family with the most families-friendly [restaurants]
In this city, \"said Bonnie Les, founder of the parents. and-
Small DC me activity group.
At the pastry counter at the 14 th Street location, the children can have a look when the Baker prepares the dim sum.
Multiple locations including 1818 14.
505 Northwest Street and Ocean StreetSE. $3. 89-$4. 38. 7.
Try to host a family workshop in FreerSackler.
There are so many hands
Children\'s activities at the Smithsonian museum, such as interactive game space at the American Museum of History (
This is the mini version of Julia\'s children\'s kitchen)
National Portrait Gallery (
Kids can pose for the projected video artwork).
But don\'t miss Freer\'s weekend workshop
Sackler, 6 to 12 years old, got up there.
Take a closer look at Asian art.
They can then make their own work based on what they have just learned, by printing to make or decorate glass lamps, or by assembling archaeological kits and other activities.
\"It\'s really cool,\" Wesaw said . \" Her daughter is still talking about her workshop to learn how to recover the silver that has lost its luster.
\"She came home and asked,\" Do you have a silverware to wipe? \'
No, I don\'t know.
1050 Independence StreetSW.
Free registration is required. 8.
Take a photo with Einstein.
One of the most interesting memorials to photography must be the Albert Einstein Memorial near the Mall of the National Academy of Sciences building. This four-
The tons of bronze sculptures created by Robert Burkes made the theoretical physicist look like a friendly giant, sitting on a bench with a piece of paper in his hand full of mathematical equations.
The kids can climb up his knee and make a stupid photo for the album --
Or social media. (
Don\'t forget the label on the photo. )
2101 constitutional AvenueNW. Free. 9.
Take a carousel in the shopping center.
Since 1967, children in Washington have taken a break from the Museum of Education by riding the Smithsonian Carousel.
The children can choose between the ponies drawn on the turntable (
A zebra and a sea dragon)
But the surrounding scenery made the trip unique. of-a-kind.
Opposite Smithsonian art and industrial building. $3. 50. 10.
Take part in a cool seasonal event.
There seems to be a family-
Friendly festivals are held in Washington almost every weekend, but there are some annual events that stand out from your planning calendar and are worth mentioning.
Spring brings the blooming wind kite festival on the ground of the Washington Monument, one of the highlights of the past month --
National Cherry Blossom Festival.
In the summer, children can learn about other countries through interactive craft activities and food demonstrations during the Smithsonian Folk Arts Festival. During the two-
At the weekly children\'s euro festival in the fall, the children have their own invitations to attend shows and seminars at the town\'s embassy.
On December, watch the National Zoo\'s holiday fun at zoobars, which features 500,000 LED lights, train rides and s\' mores.
Wind kite Festival, March 30.
Smithsonian Institution Arts Festival June 2630 and July 3-7.
Euro festival for children 2019
Zoobars, 2019 date TBD. Free.
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