15 best kids\' activity books

by:HKKYO     2019-08-19
In the past days, you can only find simple color books and a small number of word searches through children\'s activity books.
Today, there are a lot of imaginative choices for people of all ages.
Continue reading and find the best for the summer ahead.
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Tips for getting kids interested in STEM (
Science, technology, engineering and mathematics)
As all the research will tell you, the theme is to make them young-this is especially true for girls.
What more interesting way than this book, including everything from drawing puzzles to mazes to quizzes, is all about getting kids to think about how STEM affects almost every area of our lives.
If you have a kid who likes to mess up, they will love the book with a lot of garden scenes that can be decorated with fingerprint art.
If you replace the plastic cover after use, the inkpad contains a large number of bright colors that last for several months.
Our little testers even started making their own fingerprints.
Use inkpad\'s inspired greeting card and ideas in the book.
Buy someone who hasn\'t read the book now.
The warm story about the bunny giving their children is disappearing-now the kids have a chance to color in nature --
Illustration of inspiration from the original story.
In addition, there are more than 125 stickers on the back, albeit small.
This is amazing (
See what we did there? ).
Seriously, though, this beautifully illustrated, well-designed book needs you to help a lost boy navigate the cactus fields, caves and tree tops-all of which are tricky mazes-are in the process of seeking to return to his friends.
They\'re not a great feat, so while 10 may not look much, there\'s still a lot to keep you going.
A little older.
Buy now with over 500 fun, often quirky quizzes and activities (
Word search, solving chaotic words, etc)
Keeping an eye on the whole planet is a great place to get the whole family involved, especially those who like friendly competition.
Do you know where the highest waterfall in the world is?
Can you guess the weirdest job in the world?
Can you identify different flags?
How it tilted towards all ages left a deep impression on us (
This makes us think about adults as well).
Buying nowNew this year, this book is very detailed and ideal for any child who is interested in cricket.
Wear white cricket clothes to give batsmen and wild hands to get them in the right place and learn more about the game itself, especially the rules.
With over 450 stickers and 24 pages, very comprehensive.
Buy it now, if a good old coloring book no longer cuts mustard for your technology
Savvy kids-but you\'re not willing to give up the tradition yet-and then look at the space --
Theme interactive activity book combining color and augmented realityto 10-year age group.
Once you \'ve downloaded the free app, small people can bring their traditional artwork to life using modern technology, so everyone is the winner.
Including 12 colored pens.
Buy it now and you have to pay off your hat to this publisher, who is probably the weirdest color book we \'ve ever seen.
With the actor\'s black and white illustration, he plays Sherlock Holmes among other famous characters, all you have to do is fill in the color on the page (
Is made of recycled paper).
Other options for the series include Harry steers or Eddie Redmayne.
Buy now for children aged two and over, all of this-new pre-
The school\'s books are concentrated in one of all the books.
Favorite activity time of little tots: discover the difference.
Unlike the themes associated with moving things on each page, children will be happy to try to find penguins in dresses or crabs in boxing gloves, additional education benefits include counting and color issues.
Contains shiny thick pages.
Buy this weird and quirky event in topsy now
Turvy book makes it a great choice for a really stupid kid.
Can you draw a clock with your eyes closed?
Eat jam doughnuts from the inside out?
Or figure out how many letters in the alphabet look like other letters when upside down?
This is a unique book for children who abandon traditional activity books. Buy this now.
What is written on the canned box with the elegant mouse and his friends showing the children how to track and copy the pictures, then color them and cut them off-this is very important for developing fine motor skills.
We like the vitality of the color, the quality of the paper and the number of pages.
Buy now a part of a series that targets people who like to draw between the lines-both literally and figuratively-the book offers disruptive, quirky, and ultimatelygarde artist.
Ever wanted to poke a hole in a page?
Or paint with coffee?
Now is your chance.
What\'s wrong with buying magic pictures now?
Dip the brush (supplied)
Turn into water, paint on the page, turn black and white drawings into brightly colored pictures to bring the jungle to life.
If your child is a little bit of water, don\'t forget to use the pages after the book to save other pages that are wet --happy.
This is a hardcover book.
Featuring bio profiles, beautiful illustrations and fascinating facts about the creation of magical animals and where to find them, and all eight Harry Potter movies, not only is this one worth reading, but it contains a variety of activities.
Stickers, pop-included-ups and pull-out posters.
Buy another long term inspired activity book now
This book is a classic children\'s book that keeps young people busy with their natural discoveries in this illustrated, colorful A5 magazine.
Paint leaves, insects, seasons, stars.
This is just the beginning.
Buy it now and it\'s almost impossible to choose the three favorite books, because they all stand out in their own unique way.
But, we have to choose, we suggest to destroy this magazine, because it is pure innovation, Stem Starters of books on children\'s engineering activities, to get the best education and to guess how much I love you,
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