18 excellent gifts for kids that aren\'t even toys

by:HKKYO     2019-08-29
All of us who have children have too many toys scattered around the house.
No matter how hard we try to stop them, it seems like an ongoing battle.
This is especially difficult when special days come and we want to give gifts to our children or grandparents want to give gifts.
Gifts are good things!
But too many things are not good.
A good way to fight too many toys is to transfer all gifts to nontoy items. 18 Non-
Children\'s toys and gifts 1. Classes.
Music, dance, horse riding, painting-
Class is a great way to encourage children to be interested and let them know what you pay attention to them and what they like. 2. Memberships.
Zoo, Museum of Science, Children\'s Museum, YMCA members, etc.
These are great for family gifts!
Many young families want to enjoy a day out, but giving them a chance can be a challenge, so give them a gift for an annual member. 3. Subscriptions.
Children like to receive things in the mail.
Why not encourage them to read by having them subscribe to magazines they are interested in! 4. Events.
Tickets to movies, or tickets to theater, concerts, or sporting events are all very exciting!
Having an event that is worth looking forward to can make the rest of your life more enjoyable. 5. Activities.
Mini golf, bowling, ice rink.
These are so interesting!
A large part of the fun is carried out together.
Children like to spend time with adults in their lives;
They want to see you enjoy your time and enjoy them. 6.
Recipes and ingredients
Children like to cook with their parents.
Baking something special or making dinner is the ideal time to spend and learn life skills together.
Print the recipe, buy all the ingredients and set the date to cook together. 7. Crafting Date.
Our daughter likes to make crafts. I do, too;
I really like creativity.
But I rarely take the time to do it with her.
These handmade dates mean the whole world for our creative little girls.
Prepare a basket of handmade items and come up with a book for inspiration.
We love the art of cunning: the cunning surprise hidden in front of us by Marthe Jocelyn. 8.
Arts and crafts supplies.
If your craft box is low, save what you need.
Add some fun stuff that kids haven\'t used before.
Gifts for craft supplies often bring imagination and children can\'t wait to get to work! 9. Coupons.
Coupon envelopes they can \"consume\" at any time: I will do a housework ---
No problem;
Movie and popcorn night, you choose a movie! ;
1: 1 card or basketball (
No matter what the child is interested in);
Sitting with me reading books;
Stay awake 1/2 hours before bed. 10.
Restaurant gift card
Dinner, ice cream, coffee, cupcakes--
Whatever they like!
The freedom to invite them to anyone they want to invite: probably mom or dad;
This is probably the grandparents, aunts and even teachers they want to spend more time. 11. Dress-Up Clothes.
These are really limited, but two pieces of clothing and a few pieces of silk can be played for a few hours! 12. Books.
We got a lot of books from the library, but there are some books that I can\'t find there, or we need a little longer to read.
We have read the entire \"little house of Nanya\" series and are looking through the books of Shel Silverstein.
When you\'re done, be sure to pass on the books so they don\'t mess up your home. 13. Clothes.
Children often like to buy clothes when they only have a certain amount of clothes.
It\'s important to get something that fits their style.
This may mean western costumes, superheroes, fancy costumes, etc. 14. Snacks.
If your kids are foodies, they will love it!
Some homemade granola or cookies made for them are a special treat! 15.
Outdoor supplies.
If you are an outdoor home, it can be a big deal to give your child your own fishing tackle or gardening equipment.
It\'s also something that stays on the garage shelf, so you always know where to find it. 16. Telling Time.
Nowadays, many children don\'t know how to read the analog watch, and they don\'t know how to think about it for too long, so they start looking for a digital watch.
Buy them a cool watch and let them know the time.
Boys, girls, and even teenagers can get excited about it. 17.
Games and puzzles.
Games and puzzles are great activities when the kids have to stay indoors.
Having personal quiet time during the day is a good practice to sit alone and handle puzzles that help your brain develop and solve problems.
The game also teaches a lot!
My kids talk about how they passed the geography exam, just because we played Risk games when they were young.
Monopoly and Payday are popular and help to consolidate math skills.
Memory games are great for young children. 18. Calendar.
Many children like to know what is going on, what day is today, and how many days are there.
These kids want to know what the plan is for the day, the order in which things happen, when friends expect it to end, etc.
They fought the spur. of-the-
It can be frustrating if you are a spontaneous parent.
But celebrate!
These children have many advantages and make our world work better. :-)
Embrace their hearts and make their own calendars.
They can write down their classes, appointments, game dates, etc.
Send them to their calendar if they ask you so they can get used to their schedule.
You can even arrange \"spontaneous days\" so they know something different will happen that day.
Believe me, it will help them enjoy a spontaneous outing!
Rachel Jones is a blogger and mother of six children.
She runs and writes for nourishing minimalism.
This is where the work first appeared.
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