5 dumb hobbies you won\'t believe have world championships

by:HKKYO     2019-12-09
We have all been there.
From \"99 Bottles of Beer on the wall\" to \"license plate games\", people have found ways to pass the monotony when life slows down.
We hardly realize that these meaningless waste of time is a theme for some people for many years --
Long-term pursuit of excellence.
That\'s why people are starting to organize similar things. . .
5 Rock Scissors World Champion Rock Scissors is what we did when we were young, decided from who got the last cookie to who had to sit in the movie seat next to the creepy old man without more cookies.
Who knows, if you practice enough, you can get into the big leagues?
Or even something like this?
Of course, you can\'t quit your day-to-day work to do so, but you can earn £ 10.
Thanks (
To everyone\'s surprise, it actually exists)
Sponsored by Yahoo!
Who put this eternal and meaningless coin alternative
Turn into a global competition.
This photo is the winner of 2008.
Even if the competition continues to be fierce, people begin to lose their endurance (
Probably their sanity)
Monica always wins.
Before she set up the following (
The enthusiasm of 2 a is surprisingm. )
The crowd like Rocky was at the end, the crowd embraced the madness and cheered her into the last game.
Although her opponent is wearing a stupid hat, it is still quite fierce.
Looking at the clip of her final showdown, you tell us how serious things are: while Martinez claims she\'s been playing most of the time, there\'s a scientific basis for the whole game ---
Some people have done legitimate research on scissors, and the World RPS Association has actually published a book on how to do it.
Out of the goodness of the author\'s heart, they posted some articles on their website about how to read your opponent mentally, like \"Rock is for Cainiao\" and \"when all the other paper goes.
\"These two methods only work if your opponent hasn\'t read these tips yet, in which case you all keep throwing paper for a few days in a row, until one of you breaks down from exhaustion, or suddenly captures the insignificance inherent in human life.
Almost every child can make a paper plane when he is about 10 years old. when he comes to middle school, we all know that at least one child can make a paper plane.
You can go through the classroom, but he will have some complicated devices with strange wings that can fly all the way through the gym.
Sadly, it didn\'t even make him cool in middle school.
But we have good news for the World paper airplane master engineer: The Red Bull Paper Wings race.
Yes, it\'s a worldwide paper jet throwing competition, with various departments competing for flight time, distance and stunts.
It has qualifiers around the world, and the finals are also held.
Like any big sport.
Competitions must be held indoors;
Aircraft must be made on official paper;
If you cross the foul line at any time during the throw or flight of the aircraft, this constitutes a foul.
For the longest call time, you are not allowed to start running or use a ramp or ramplike device (
Presumably this means that you can use all the ramps you want in the distance division).
But don\'t let us belittle the talents of those involved;
Here\'s a video of a previous race, especially something from a stunt pilot that\'s crazy: in addition to the fact that paper cuts can be rampant, people are actually injured in the training of this race.
Leonard Ang, one of the competitors from Brazil, has put so much effort into doing what he calls \"extensive training\" that his arm is hurt.
It\'s not surprising when you see these guys acting: How hard is it for you to throw a piece of paper to hurt yourself?
Long enough to keep the plane, which is why Ang won the air time department.
If this doesn\'t sound like a long time, make a paper plane and see if you can get it to stay in the air for more than five seconds ---
We bet you can\'t.
You need to leave it to professionals.
The moment before, we laughed at the stone scissors, but at least there were some elements of skill and strategy there.
But a game?
In any other area of life, being good at staring at another person doesn\'t help you, and frankly we don\'t even know what skill this is testing.
How long can you keep the liquid on your eyeballs from vaporizing?
So while the rules may be different, the results won\'t--
Trust us, they lose every time you see two people playing a gaze match.
But again, there are hardcore staring masters there to attend the high
The dedication of a disciplined Olympic athlete shows the level.
StareMaster quickly changed from an ironic bar joke to a real one.
The deal was established shortly after 2002.
Before it closed the store, it gave birth to an international tour around the United StatesS.
Japan and the UK, attracted, participated, and filmed the fullon .
These rules are as follows: the first two minutes, allowing the blink of an eye, but laughing, crying, speaking, smiling, revealing teeth, moving suddenly, touching, coughing, calling time --
Go out and Sneeze your tongue-
No performances, snoring and drifting.
After two minutes of living, you were suddenly \"done \".
The death stage of the eyes \", which also prohibits blinking, expands the presence of the audience.
Hopefully they can blow up the eye of the contestant with pressurized air like an eye doctor.
Except for music like tiger eye and can\'t take my eyes off of you, every StareMaster face-
Under dramatic mood lighting, two official referees monitored the still chaos, with multiple oversized video screens playing up close --
Enlarge the eyes of the participants to the audience.
Many competitors admit to practicing before the game, including some as part of their ridiculous pre-game training
Staring at the routine, and rumors about the heavy use of marijuana by participants, like you haven\'t had a secret doubt yet, are rampant.
Look, after humans evolved into superhuman-like thermal vision, they came back to us in about a million years.
Let two people try to light each other\'s face and finish each game with a player who looks like a ghost rider?
We will.
Put a child in front of the water and eventually he will pick up a stone and throw it in.
In our DNA
If there is a flat rock nearby, the child will try to let it skip or pass over the water and throw it like a flying pan so that it will jump a few times over the water.
Killing time by the lake is one thing you do because your parents refuse to let you \"help\" the fire.
If the child does not develop any other hobby, he or she may be prepared to participate in the competition on Eastdale Island, Scotland in a few years, once a year since 1997.
Competitors skip the distance, not the number of skips, and there are some very strict rules and regulations.
The diameter of the stone cannot exceed 3 inch, they must skip at least three times, and the judge\'s decision is final if there is any disagreement.
There are several departments, including the following
10 boys and girls, adult women and men, and old tossers.
There is no division for people wearing stilts, but that doesn\'t stop the guy: Each division has a singles and group, and its own award.
The people who named the trophy attacked the old competitors by naming their \"old tossers\" department to reward \"old Tossers crutches.
\"But there is no doubt that the contestants take the competition very seriously.
For example, there is a strong protest on the stone --
Skimming community a: Stone will now be provided to contestants, rather than having competitors bring their own stones.
Skimmers has long argued that choosing the stone that best suits the thrower style is an important part of the game, but there are many reasons for this rule to make sense: it protects the natural environment of the lake, provides a level playing field for all the contestants, seriously, in what other circumstances will you take your own stones to the lake and skip them?
If a little kid tells you that he\'s been playing \"Vinnie sticks\", your first instinct might be to make sure you don\'t shake hands or accept any of his food.
But this game is actually the story of Winnie the Pooh.
Pooh is a bear with a small brain and high blood sugar. he doesn\'t need much time to entertain himself.
So one day, when Winnie felt a little bored, he thought it would be interesting to throw a stick into the river and see how fast it was floating downstream, if he could hit the stick to the other side of the bridge
Then one day, some people take the bridge, some sticks, and have too much time in their hands, and they think it will be an interesting time too.
So they started playing Vinnie\'s stick game and from there it started to grow.
As you can see, it quickly became the world championship at this little Bridge in Oxfordshire, with about 2,000 people playing.
Competitors play the same as Winnie the Pooh.
They took a stick and painted it in a different color than the others.
Some people may be picky about their sticks, but who won\'t compete with so many people?
Besides, it took them a whole pound to get into the place. -
They \'d better spend the money.
When people line up on the bridge to warm up, the game starts, because there may be some kind of fire regulations that stipulate how many people can run around the bridge with fire seeds at the same time.
During the competition, the contestants put down the stick and rushed to the other side of the bridge to see if their stick
The strength of the decline is enough to guarantee victory.
But when the competition is so huge for an award, it\'s not surprising that some rules have to be. But why?
Who wants to disrupt such activities?
Well, a guy named Ben short is actually on Pooh Sticks strategy.
He is in a different \"drop zone\" that can affect the speed and help you win.
Short\'s willingness to make this secret public actually led to the Oxford spin Club (
Who presided over the event
Set that (
Undeniable ambiguity)set of rules --
The stick has to be made of wood, you have to put it down instead of throwing it, all hands have to stay at the same height, etc.
So, in any case, try to control your relentless desire for glory, at least for a few seconds before you throw a painted stick into the river.
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