5 marijuana stocks going crazy (and this could be just the beginning)

by:HKKYO     2019-08-27
As efforts to legalize cannabis in more states continue, cannabis stocks can be very large in 2013.
In both states, it is already legal to have marijuana and recreational uses (
Colorado and Washington)
Since the beginning of November 2012, many senators, organizations and voters in many other states have also strongly supported the legalization of cannabis.
In this article I will focus on some cannabis
Related stocks that have already made big moves, there may be a huge bull market in the future.
The cannabis legalization survey at the University of StateA Quinnipiac found that most of the respondents supported the legalization of cannabis as much as I did.
Research has shown that cannabis is a harmless, safe drug with very few (if any)
Negative effects.
Of course, it can be argued that the harm of recreational use of cannabis is much smaller than regular drinking.
Many politicians and presidents, including Barack Obama, George Bush, Sarah Palin, George Washington, and others (or had)
Admit smoking marijuana.
It seems absurd to imprison people for smoking marijuana and wasting millions of dollars of taxpayers\' money by illegally making a black market for marijuana.
There are many small ones.
Cap, very unstable cannabis stocks that have been taking action recently, and if you are interested in making a profit from the industry, you cannot ignore those stocks.
The 5 most interesting things I found were medical marijuana (OTCPK:MJNA), HEMP INC (OTCPK:HEMP)
Cannabis Science Company (OTCPK:CBIS)Roaring company (OTCQB:PHOT)
And GreenGro technologyOTCPK:GRNH).
On Friday, February 1, 2013, each of these stocks began to rise 20% to 40% and continue to run the following week.
The market value of many people is also very low, which means they can easily soar.
Another country legalizes the use of cannabis, or issues more press releases, all of which can easily rise further.
While there is a huge upside potential for these stocks, it must be emphasized that they are all risky and very unstable.
The fundamentals of most of them are very bad, especially if you are not a full time trader, there is a high risk of playing these stocks.
If you do trade any of these stocks, I suggest you keep your position small and quickly reduce any losses.
Here is a summary of each cannabis stock, starting with the main stock MJNA.
Speculative cannabis stocks 1: Medical marijuana with a current market value of about $0. 3 billion (
With the ups and downs of stocks)
MJNA is currently the largest stock of cannabis.
The company claims to be the first listed company to own medical cannabis, offering a wide range of products and services related to cannabis and cannabis.
In its portfolio, it lists five featured companies under its control: the plant ball system, Red Dice Holdings, humpming, health management services, and biotechnology that can be chewed up.
On January 22, 2013, MJNA reported strong earnings for 2012 with net income of $3.
Total income was $5, or 39 million.
10 million, an increase of 1,100% over the same period in 2011.
MJNA\'s recent earnings and financial statements will be audited by Anthony W, an accounting firm.
In the middle of February Imbimbo & Associates.
Strangely, MJNA did not soar and continued its strong bull market after announcing its strong fourth-quarter 2012 earnings;
It didn\'t really start until Friday, February 1, when there was no obvious news.
MJNA may be set to a stronger gain, and of course, it is very dangerous to consider shorting stocks even in the event of a sharp rise.
The time to buy this stock could be a breakthrough High, a strong volume, or a positive press release or news release.
For those with high risk tolerance and are not afraid of volatility, MJNA can also invest in the long term.
Speculative cannabis stock 2: HEMP, which has 1,121,640,756 outstanding shares, has a market value of about $50 million at its current price.
Cannabis is slightly different from the main focus of other cannabis stocks (
Cannabis and Cannabis are different varieties of the same plant)
However, it is clear that it follows the same path as cannabis stocks and is likely to still benefit from the legalization of cannabis.
It had soared a lot before the end of 2012, then fell back, and then recently recovered.
HEMP has many subsidiaries, such as cannabis. (
Aims to provide cannabis solutions and educate the public about the benefits of cannabis)Cannabis company. TV (
A film company with marijuana.
Entertainment and news for the audience)
There are many rotations such as golden grass and ecological harmony-off companies.
HEMP\'s business plans seem to be very diverse.
However, it is difficult to find any information about the success of the company as it does not have a SEC filing document and no revenue release.
Speculative cannabis stocks 3: Cannabis Science IncCBIS currently has a market capitalization of about $60 million and is one of the most frequently traded cannabis stocks for professional traderslike HEMP)
Before coming back, there was a strong run in November 2012.
CBIS is definitely a development-
The fundamentals of stage companies are ugly (
In the most recent quarter, it had only $9,492 in cash, with extremely low revenues and a net loss of $84,632,873 since its inception)
But this should not stop stocks from rising further in the future.
It is clear that CBIS is not a company that makes long-term investments based on its business operations and fundamentals.
Instead, as with most cannabis stocks, CBIS (
Hemp above
A pure Day
According to the latest news from the cannabis industry, the stock of traders may rise or fall soon.
Speculative cannabis stocks 4: GrowLifePHOT is only part of the cannabis industry.
On its company page we can see that it produces LED lights, monitoring equipment and water culture equipment.
These products do have applications in growing cannabis, but cannabis-
Growers must account for only a small percentage of customers.
Even if marijuana is further legalized in more states, PHOT\'s income is unlikely to increase significantly.
Marijuana is also owned by PHOT. org website (
Currently under construction)
The site plans to become an information portal for the medical cannabis industry, although it is not clear at this stage how the site will generate revenue.
Although PHOT has only a slight link to the cannabis industry, soaring with other cannabis stocks on Friday is still worth a look.
In the latest 10 Quarter of September 30, 2012, PHOT had $161,181 in cash and $1,852,667 in total assets, with a total liability of $1,689,638.
The three monthly income as at September 30 was $475,870, and the nine-month net loss as at September 30 was $849,707.
As a result, PHOT does not have a strong financial position, but unlike many other cannabis-related stocks, at least some revenue has been earned.
Most importantly, the market value of PHOT is currently very low (
About $30 million, volatile)
There is enough room for the stock to soar further.
Speculative grnh Speculative cannabis stock 5: GreenGro Technologies is the lowest market value for any stock in this article, about $15 million.
This makes it very unstable and easy to make big moves.
Like PHOT, GRNH sells products that help grow cannabis, such as lighting, nutrition, seeds and DIY kits.
The GRNH company website makes me feel very amateur and has no information about the company\'s finances or revenues (
I expect it to be very low or notexistent).
Twitter feed should also be a red flag as it mainly hypes the cannabis industry and it seems difficult to attract buyers to buy GRNH shares.
I believe GRNH is clearly a stock setup that makes a profit from hype and speculation in the cannabis industry, not really running a real business, and the real value of this company can be low.
But the stock is still worth a look as it can easily soar.
For more information about cannabis stock, if you have any corrections, suggestions or feedback, feel free to leave me a message or leave a message below.
Disclosure: I do not have a position in any of the stocks mentioned, nor do I have a plan to start any position in the next 72 hours.
This article was written by myself and expressed my views.
I received no compensation (
In addition to Seeking Alpha).
I have no business relationship with any stock company mentioned in this article.
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