6 people who made a living playing stupid \'sports\'

by:HKKYO     2019-12-09
Fast: What is the stupidest way for a person to make a living?
Personal shopping?
Dog day care?
Reality star?
We can go beyond all this.
Someone outside is making money--
We\'re talking about real money. -
Do what you and your friends do in moments of extreme boredom and/or drunkenness. Such as. . .
6 beer table tennis players Ron Hamilton and Michael popelard scoso you failed the exam because you stayed up late the night before playing the game.
You \'d better dress up, sir!
No one will pay you for beer pong!
Don\'t talk to beer Champions Ron Hamilton and Michael popellski.
Beer pong is also known as Beirut, depending on where you are from (
Despite speculation about how table tennis, plastic cups and beer have anything to do with the Lebanese capital.
We believe this has to do with the bombing. Repeatedly).
The rules are simple: throw table tennis into a group of beers
The other end of the table is filled with cups and every time you go your opponent has to drink beer (
If you hit all his beers and all your unfinished beers).
This seems to be a game that is hard to get good at because most people are playing to lose.
But Hamilton and popellasky did a great job in that and took $50,000 home.
The victory not only earned them recognition in the history of beer ping pong, but also made headlines around the world, including a report on ESPN (
Unlike most athletes who make headlines, they are drunk).
The two claimed that they planned to pay off some of their debts in cash and pay off most of their parents\' mortgages with bonuses, but we suspect that most of them were to buy a small bucket as large as a grain silo.
Rock, Paper, Scissors champion Sean Searle every day we face some decisions that are harder to make than others: coffee or tea?
Paper or Plastic?
Shallow grave or dense forest area?
Perhaps no game can tell us that it is futile to predict the consequences of our actions such as stones, paper or scissors.
It looks ridiculous. it\'s all luck.
He won 50 prizes in the stone scissors competition in Las Vegas.
It is said that what happened in Vegas, stay in Vegas, so you never know where even the annual scissor contest was held, which makes sense.
You may not know that you can order prostitutes over the phone or that you can visit the Liberace Museum, but we digress.
By the way, if you have been living in a decommissioned underground missile launch well, Stone scissors is a game where you can engage your opponents in the activities of the World Association of stone scissors, or WRPS for short, called \"The Battle of hands \".
\"The rules are simple: of course, it looks a bit overwhelming at first, but Sean Sears can master the game with little training, relying mainly on intuition and pure luck.
On the last table, he threw it with a broken rockfall that defeated Julie Crossley\'s scissors.
Sears made the least effort to not only take away $50,000, but also to China for free, where he represented the United States at the RPS Olympics.
There, he won the bronze medal, ranking third after Canada and the Irish.
We believe that of the three choices scribbled on a piece of paper, a chicken ate four at will.
When there are as many as a billion hungry people in the world, it is wrong to hold a competitive diet competition?
Or if it inspires the rest of us to test the limits of our own spirit, is it worth wasting hundreds of hot dogs (
Or, how far can we extend the esophagus in this case)?
We have no answer.
All we know is that a competitive diet has grown to the point of having its own international federation, so that the world can record the achievements of those who vomit when the crowd cheers. . .
I got a lot of cash along the way.
One of the biggest names was the sudden appearance at the competitive dinner scene in 2005. The then 22-year-
Old, 230 of California (
No, not as big as you think)
Conquered a deep
Fried asparagus to eat the champion, in less than 12 minutes, he laughed at more than 6 pounds of asparagus, may make his urine stinking after a few months.
Since then, this is a never
End chowfest with chestnuts and generous cash rewards.
In 2008 alone, he won a prize of $30,000 for two events: Nathan\'s hot dog eating contest and the World Hamburger Eating Championship.
He also won or participated in several other smaller games and earned thousands of pounds.
While we are not sure how good the money will be for him on an inevitable day when he ends up exploding like a goldfish.
When one of the top priorities of the US president is to find a way to keep his BlackBerry, what do you want to free yourself from this madness, the world of the 21st century?
Soon, the lack of texting ability will be seen as a physical disorder, just like a person without a tongue.
Nathan Schwartz is at the forefront of this communications revolution, 20-year-
Old Cleveland State University student, at this special moment, is the fastest Texan on Earth.
In less than 60 seconds, he can type: \"Does anyone here know the alphabet? Let\'s text. Here it goes . . .
Abc defghijklmnopqrstuvxy & Z!
Now I know my-B-
C. Don\'t you text me next time? \". . .
Full thumb.
Scwartz, who makes $50,000 for the essay, will be used for tuition and new blackberries for his family.
He has also developed very strong fingers that can generate text directly from our ideas once a new round of phones comes out, which is not good for him at all.
When we clicked on the computer\'s game menu and chose the Internet BBK, Frederick andrimost, our backgammon champion, was introduced to BBK.
We then paired up with a Polish man who interacted with us using the drop down dialogue menu like \"Hello \". . .
Are you still there?
\"No, we\'re not, but, as a fashion photographer, we\'re stuck here, learning the basics of the game, not surfing for porn.
He has become the top backgammon player in the world and we thought he had forgotten the game.
Obviously we are wrong because the bonus for the world BBK series is 100,000 euros. Which is like. . .
$4 billion.
A relatively unknown backgammon group, André entered the 2008 championship and played a dramatic opening quarter-final round.
He defeated his opponents, and as we all know, the shape of his huge step-up made them covered with bruises.
He left a blockbuster of destruction on the last table, where he fought against American player Bob Koka.
There, he carried out a step High equivalent to pounding the opponent\'s chest, tearing off his still-moving things --
Beating Heart, wearing a hat.
Andleau then released three angry gorillas, who received a prize of 100,000 euros before returning to France to take half of the photos.
Nude women spread in fashion.
Yes, when that Polish backgammon player spoke to you, you answered him from now on.
This is an opportunity.
1 arm wrestler John BrzenkThat\'s right, sir. was real.
Hollywood began royal treatment for wrestling back in 1987, when Sylvester Stallone played Lincoln Hawk in the movie, and a truck driver was unlucky, try to rebuild relations with his weak son.
Somehow the two came to the Hilton Hotel Las Vegas, where Hawke took part in an arm wrestling match and the first prize was a new large rig.
Prominent forehead veins, prominent eyes
Surprise and super slo-
Mo action, this is the story of a year that feels good.
In the film, there is also a man named \"who is an employee of Delta Airlines and currently ranks first in the world.
Yes, it\'s based on a real game in which the big and strong man with trunk arm competes for the chance to win the truck.
It seems like a useless award unless you\'re a truck driver but Brzenk--
His right arm is 3 inch bigger than his left arm. -
He just sold his house and made $64,000 in cash.
In addition to his work at Delta, he continues to do arm wrestling professionally, earning an additional $15,000 a year, which gives him a good discount on taking part in arm wrestling activities worldwide
Wait, does anyone want to combine these events?
We want to see how many words this texting guy can say before this guy breaks his arm.
Maybe they all drank beer, pong. . .
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