7 things to do around new england if you hate black friday shopping

by:HKKYO     2019-08-20
Black Friday is here again.
Your policy is to run from everything in retail.
Thankfully, there\'s a lot to do in New England, not involving 6 points. m. trip to Wal-Mart.
To prove this, we have summed up seven ideas that allow you to choose to stay out of the mess and be sensible. 1.
Travel to the zoo at Franklin Park Zoo or Stone Zoo for a Black Friday celebration that won\'t ruin the bank. From 10 a. m. to 4 p. m.
Tickets for both zoos are half price (
$9 for adults, $6 for children at Franklin Park Zoo; $7.
$5 for adults, $5.
50 children at Stone Zoo).
More importantly, at the Stone Zoo, you will see the opening night of the zoo, a winter wonderland inhabited by Arctic foxes, Canadian illegitimate children, reindeer and thousands of flashing lights --all for $7.
Fun starts at 5. m.
Now, this is a deal. 2.
Make homemade gifts for the annual \"shopping day\" at the Boston Children\'s Museum.
The children will work hard.
Loop items and do-it-yourself-
Gifts such as accessories and photo frames.
Guests will also enjoy the interactive performance \"sound ecology\" by Ricardo Frota, who uses musical instruments made of natural and recycled materials to create music. Then, from 5 p. m. to 9 p. m.
, The entry fee for the target Friday dropped from $14 to $1 (
There\'s a bargain for Black Friday now! ).
Check out our list of free museums in Boston and beyond to find out about other wallets-
Friendly museum concept. 3.
Witness a shooting match at Sturridge villagoglukin and relive your Thanksgiving history?
Then forget the football: The gun is the name of the game.
Stbridge, old stbridge village, quality.
There will be a 19 th-
New England Thanksgiving traditional style of the century shooting competition.
In these competitions, the male sharpshooter fired a black powder fire gun at a distant paper target to show off his rights and prizes, a popular entertainment event in the 1800 s.
Like football today.
The on-site restaurant will also host Thanksgiving custom introductions and a buffet feast.
Admission to the village is $24 for adults, $22 for seniors, $8 for youth (from 3 to 17)
Children under 2 years of age are free of charge;
Buffet is not included. 4.
Cutting your own Christmas tree is the dream of every Christmas traditionalist, not only to choose and decorate the perfect Christmas tree, but also to cut it down by yourself.
Realize this dream by visiting the Christmas tree farm on Black Friday and cutting down your own pine trees.
There are more than 50 farms in the Boston area and there are many options, depending on the farm, just $30.
Be sure to sharpen our tips before you go. 5.
Enjoy the Macy\'s Thanksgiving Parade on a balloon at Springfield Tower Square?
And a float-
Great event in town.
Springfield in Mass, giant helium-
The full balloon has made 70,000-
Plus the audience for every black Friday for more than 20 years.
Free activities include music performances, car shows and other activities. you guessed it—balloons.
Who to pay attention to: The Cat in the hat, the sulking bear, and the big-
The person who has his own stomach6.
Skate on the frog pond in the Boston public area open in November 22, grab your lover and spin around.
For skaters over 58 inch M, the pond ticket is $5 and free for people below height.
When you\'re done skating, you can enjoy Belgian waffles and hot chocolate at the adjacent Frog Pond Cafe. 7.
Catch the opening night of the Boston Ballet\'s \"Nutcracker\", catch the opening night of the \"Nutcracker\" performed by the Boston Ballet at the Boston Opera House, and end your black with a loud bang
It is now the third year, and it is known as the \"most amazing Nutcracker\", a truly memorable experience for all.
Tickets are still available and can be purchased online for over $45.
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