9 candy-free easter basket treats to please all your favorite peeps

by:HKKYO     2019-08-14
A toy, a mission, a perfect Easter basket!
Use these candy to ease the inevitable sugar peakfree goodies—
Although these toys, trinkets, books, etc. may not contain all kinds of chocolate, they are completely sweet.
They promise to keep the little guys hunting eggs, brunch and the perfect Insta for their parents-pic.
So, jump on and get ready to be cute-ness!
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Prextex plush rabbit for Easter basketball your little guy or girl will jump down the rabbit trail to meet these cute little rich.
Set with 12 rabbits of all colors-
They are 4 inch in size, so they are available in most plastic Easter eggs.
Hippie jump it-
Easter is coming!
Shopping: Prextex plush rabbit with Easter basket, 12-
Amazon, $12.
Don\'t laugh at the challenge-not every grandmother will love this book for the Easter Edition Roll 2.
But elementary school students who think Easter brunch has been going on for too long will definitely enjoy sharing at the table.
Part of the game, part of the joke book, the newly released \"Don\'t laugh challenge\"-the second volume of the Easter edition is a page after page of funny jokes and other silly stories and scenes.
The purpose is to score by reading aloud and having other players laugh (
Or better: let them do it like an egg and crack).
Win the most points and become a master of challenge without laughing.
Shopping: Don\'t laugh challenge-Billy Boy\'s Easter Edition Volume 2, $7, Amazon. com.
Peter Rabbit Easter party plate (12)
What is Easter without Peter Rabbit?
Pay tribute to the famous carrot thief with a plate.
You will get 12 strong paper trays with a beautiful fan-shaped edge for each one --
So kids can enjoy it and adults don\'t have to worry about washing dishes!
Shop: Peter Rabbit Easter party plate (12), $10, amazon.
ComBody candy bath bomb gift set all kinds of 12 packs you are a bomb!
Especially when you put these eggs
Bathtub bomb in Easter basket
These fragrant bath bombs are made from soothing Epsom salt and essential oils to turn an ordinary bath into a spa experience.
It\'s fun to watch them hissing when they hit the water, and more interestingly, this special Easter version is packed in its own egg box.
Choose a dozen or a half dozen and choose a scent (
Like Clementine, fresh fruit or sparkling)or a variety.
Give the whole carton to a lucky recipient, or assign a choice between the child and the child.
Shopping: $25 Amazon, a variety of 12 packs of body candy bath bomb gift sets. com.
Lego bricks brickbunnyleve it Lego, including the Easter Bunny in its history-
Expand the collectible Brixton.
Join Santa, Harry Potter, Darth Vader, Wonder Woman and many other iconic characters nowB.
It can now be used as a buildable statue with removable ears and removable carrots and buckets.
There is even a 4 \"baseboard decorated with Easter eggs and flowers, along with the iconic seasonal calendar and the brickhead z logo that comes with all the brickhead z.
Jump to this one before it\'s sold out!
Shopping: Easter Bunny with Lego bricks, $8 for Walmart.
Your little \"colleague\" will cheer for this special edition of the spring basket.
There are six exclusive Hatchimals CollEGGtibles-two out-of-
Egg characters and four in-
Egg character ready to hatch. (
To hatch, just hold the egg and rub the purple heart until it changes color and then press the soft part of the shell to crack it. )
Bonus: This is a gift, after the last chocolate rabbit was eaten and the ham was picked to the bone, they will play with it for a long time.
Shop: Hatchimals spring basket, $ month, Amazon.
Happy Easter, rat board book if you give mice a cooking series, we are digging into this new board book starring the most popular mouse.
Here you can add the mouse to the Easter egg hunt, calculate the eggs together and practice the colors.
Read while eating your favorite Easter candy.
Shopping: Happy Easter, mouse book by Laura Numeroff (author)
And Felicia bonds (illustrator), $5, walmart.
The ComEaster craft package, a set of 4 sets, has nothing more to keep the children busy than the art project.
This color kit contains four kits in total
They make everything they need to hatch chicken magnet egg, Easter basket crafts stick logo, photo frame and photo frame.
Sweet decor can be distributed as a party gift or used to decorate the mantel.
Shopping: Amazon Easter crafts set, four sets, $10.
ComPlush toy Bee and Easter bunny cloth book this soft cloth book/plush toy combo will do the job for kids who are too small to participate in the full Easter experience --adorably!
When your toddler hugs 5-
A squeaky rabbit jumps in the garden, a bee buzzes on a flower, and your fingers turn into the winding legs of a caterpillar.
Toddlers will love turning pages over and over again.
Shopping: Amazon, stuffed bee and Easter bunny book for $18. com.
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