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by:HKKYO     2019-08-14
This is an honest and detailed review of Klutz Window art craft kit my sevenyear-
The daughter received a gift for her birthday.
I don\'t usually like manual kits just because most of them are hard to store and difficult for small hands and require parental supervision.
I don\'t like the toys I need.
Isn\'t it important that toys give parents a break?
In any case, I have worked in a toy store for many years and am quite familiar with Klutz\'s products, most of which are high quality products.
I was curious about how the window art bag was stacked.
Packaging and storageKlutz did a great job in this part of their design.
Most of their books are easy to store and compact.
The window art bag is no exception.
It comes in a box with a storage room for paint and plastic sheets.
The only negative I see is that in order to store the plastic sheet in the container, the plastic sheet must be folded.
When you trace the pattern, the natural bending of the plastic from the fold will make it tricky for you to trace.
I would suggest putting the plastic sheets on the notebook so that they remain flat.
How good is it working?
As for the paint, it is exactly the same as the book says.
The black paint is a little thick (
Provide a border)
, And color paint is more liquid, easier to spread.
It\'s a good idea to have some toothpicks on hand to paint on the edge.
The instructions say that it will take 24 hours before trying to peel off the plastic.
We did it exactly as instructed without any trouble.
The piece is a bit flimsy and bent, but once I start peeling, the girls can peel without any problem.
We stuck them on a cooler window than recommended, but no problem.
They continue to stick well, in bright colors, like stained glass in the sun.
The girls can\'t wait to make more.
The grade of this product is 8 or more.
My daughter is just seven years old, and her sports skills are also higher than average.
Having said that, she still asked me to do the initial tracking with black paint.
Although I think she can do it, it doesn\'t look as perfect as the book says, and many kids don\'t want their books to look interesting either.
My little girl. age 5)
I definitely need me to track it.
Once it\'s done, my eldest daughter can finish all the paintings by herself.
She was able to quickly measure how much paint to use and how to apply it so that the paint did not cross the edges.
The reusability and boredomAs of many process projects, once completed, there is nothing to show but one (
And finally throw it away).
This is not the case with window art.
There are unlimited possibilities for design, pattern and shape to make parts.
All you need to do is paint and it can be purchased as a supplement package when you run out.
Plastic paper is perfect for books, but I think you can buy a plastic paper cover if someone is missing so it is OK.
The book itself has a lot of great suggestions, and I think it will take a long time before my girls exhaust all the options available.
The only thing I want to say about the boring factor is that there are not so many colors.
A older child can try some tye Dye Whirlpool patterns, but my daughters will not be able to do this without my help.
Considerionsi highly recommends this craft kit and it is easy to purchase it as a gift for another child.
However, there are some final considerations: buy it for your child at the age it suggests.
Don\'t get it for a perfectionist child.
This is frustrating for him or her.
For children without parental supervision, don\'t get it.
Although relatively simple, I will stay and help if needed.
This is a great product for kids living in small houses that don\'t have a lot of storage.
This is a good project for a holiday because you don\'t need any material other than what\'s in the package (
Except toothpicks if you want).
This is not a good toy for a car (duh).
OverallI highly recommend this craft to boys and girlsages 7+.
Cheap, easy to use, easy to store and reusable.
It will also be a great choice for Christmas gifts or grab bags!
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