a safety kit for the road

by:HKKYO     2019-08-18
The summer season has attracted many restless holidaymakers to take themselves and their favorite people on the road.
But long-distance car trips across the country may mean hours or even miles away from medical or emergency assistance.
To prepare for a trip far away from home, health experts recommend bringing extra food, this is the first time
First aid kits and other essential items to prepare you and your companions for an emergency.
Here is a list of supplies recommended by the American Red Cross for travelers: Automotive supplies: reinforced cables.
Tire repair kits and pumps. Flares. Flashlight.
When vacationers leave, thieves are in danger.
An anti-theft expert showed early on how easy it is to break into a family and how to prevent burglary. Five pound, A-B-
Type C fire extinguisher. Battery-powered radio. Extra battery. Shovel. Compass.
Matches in waterproof containers
Paper or plastic cups, plates and cutlery. Maps.
Blankets, at least one change of clothes and shoes per person, non-electric can opener and utility knife. Rain gear. At least three.
Daily supply of bottled water and light, perishable high-energy foods that do not require preparation or cooking, little or no water (
Raisins, peanut butter and granola sticks for example). First-
First aid kit and emergency manual.
In the first one
First Aid Kit: bandage and ointment for falling bruises and bruises, keeping sterile gauze pads and sticky bandages of different sizes as well as antibacterial ointment or other preservatives to keep the wound clean.
Painkillers and other non-prescription drugs.
Maintain the supply of aspirin or non-aspirin to help relieve pain, fever, or headache.
Store your medicine box with adult tablets, liquids and children-
Tablet for children.
Other important aids include
Diarrhea medication, antacid, ipecac syrup, laxative.
Sunscreen is recommended with a minimum SPF 15.
Remember to apply for all outdoor activities.
A few minutes can save you from a few days of uncomfortable pain.
Insect repellent or lotion with DEET works best, but please make sure that more tha 10% DEET is not included in the child insect repellent. Anti-
For bugs that may make it pass the insect repellent, be sure to have an
Anti-itching anti-inflammatory cream, containing 1% hydrogen, can be loosened to treat bites.
This also helps with poison ivy or poison oak rash.
Prescription drugs. Tweezers.
Safety pins of various sizes (for bandages). Thermometer.
Towel and soap with Vaseline or other lubrication (
Or other body cleanser)Scissors. Toilet paper.
Personal hygiene supplies.
An extra pair of glasses.
Travelers should also remember to pack necessities for those with special requirements, such as infants, the elderly or the disabled.
It is important for babies to carry extra formula, diapers, bottles, milk powder and any medication with them.
A cbs News poll showed a controversial police video showing a massive blackout in Hong Kong. But it\'s helpful to store them in advance at your first time. aid kit.
In this way, you can avoid accidents or at least get quick relief.
For drugs, remember to check the validity period.
If the date has passed, throw it away and replace it to make sure you are using a viable product.
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