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by:HKKYO     2019-08-20
Was it a scrapbook?
Confused by rubber stamps?
In fact, did the whole craft blast make your head spin?
Al and Marcy Welland got it.
In fact, their new Santa Monica store, creating your own store, is for the first
Not sure if they want to invest in megabytes of timers on craft they might not like.
So, in addition to providing everything from rubber stamps to paper, ink pads, decorative scissors, punches, ready-made,to-
Paint plates, craft bags and scrapbook supplies with plenty of open working space where novices can hit the road
Test the crafts before they buy them.
\"As long as there is no party or class, the workspace is here,\" Al said.
If you want to try the scrapbook, we have every pair of scissors, all the glue you need, we invite people to bring their Picture boxes and we will help you if you need help.
All you have to do is buy a piece of paper.
\"The couple did a lot of research before opening the shop in June.
Don\'t want to copy the paint-your-own-
They just put the plates of the store on a craft, like rubber stamping, and they grabbed the concept.
Courses offered at the store include calligraphy, hand-made books, stamping techniques, etc, for junior and senior artisans.
Saturday morning is reserved for ongoing children\'s classes that launch new programs every week. In-
Regular store demonstrations are scheduled, and Wellands plans to hold a scrapbook in the coming months --in-
Live twice a month to answer questions and help solve design problems.
Work space can also be reserved for the party, from the child\'s birthday to the bridal shower.
New products were discovered through the Amoy show, but the couple said their best resource was their customers.
Al said, \"We have a lot of people coming in and saying, \'I am just watching the Carol Duval show, she did the project, when did you start?
Marcy insisted that before the baby was born
Friendly handmade kits are placed on the shelves and tried out by their own children and friends to make sure the kits are delivered on their promises.
\"Today\'s crafts are much more complicated,\" she said . \"
\"If you look like crap after you\'re done, you won\'t want to do another one.
The level of quality must have improved. that\'s what we want.
\"* Create your own hotel at 3006 Wilshire Avenue.
Santa Monica ,(310)453-2005.
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