abandoned as baby in a cardboard box, man meets biological father after 31 years

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One night in the summer of September 1986, the sun set and two teenage children found a newborn baby boy in a cardboard box.
He was in a box next to the Salvation Army bin in Anchorage, Alaska, when a teenager picked him up and took him home, and the authorities received a call.
Police launched an investigation and learned from onlookers that a pregnant woman was seen standing near the place where the baby was found. “[The bystanders]
\"I didn\'t think much about it, but when they got home, they started watching the news and heard that a baby was abandoned there,\" DETE said . \".
David Koch, one of the Anchorage police officers, responded to the scene.
The child was Foster for several months and then adopted to a loving family in Idaho where he grew up with two sisters. Today, 31-year-
Old Benjamin Tweed is a sergeant in the Idaho Army National Guard.
He was an experienced gunman who served twice in Iraq.
Tveidt said he was 11 years old when his father told him he was adopted.
\"I didn\'t believe him at first,\" Tveidt said . \".
\"I broke down.
He then learned how he was abandoned in a carton of \"abandoned baby \". “[My parents]
He said: \"Take out the newspaper cut they saved . . . . . . They showed me my bracelet at the hospital . \".
\"I\'m spinning.
I mean, \'This is a joke, right?
The shocking news set Tveidt on a new mission to solve the mystery of his birth, to understand the identity of his biological parents, where he came from and why he left him.
\"This is the biggest problem in my life,\" he said . \"
\"Some nights I would look up at the stars and wonder if my mom or dad, or my siblings or grandparents were looking at the stars that night.
Tveidt, who is linked to genetic genealogy scientist cese Moore, entered his DNA samples into four national databases in the hope of finding a match for his biological mother.
In the process, there may be a blow to distant relatives.
But then Moore found someone directly that they didn\'t even find.
She found Tveidt\'s biological father, and it turns out that he also served in the Army.
\"This is a man named Richard branchfield who is a very incredible person,\" Moore told him . \".
\"He is not just a Vietnamese vet, he is also a well-decorated Vietnamese vet.
Moore found that branchfield was 47 years old when he was born. He not only lived, but also lived in California, 20 minutes from where Moore lived.
\"When she told me, I thought I was hit by lightning,\" Tveidt said . \".
\"I was surprised to find such a close relative.
I thought I was on the moon and I found aliens.
Tveidt drove over and knocked on the door of his biological father.
An older person opens it up and introduces himself to \"doctor.
\"It\'s terrible,\" Tveidt said . \"
\"It\'s weird, you bet,\" branchfield told him . \".
\"Come in, son. Come on in. Welcome.
As they sat together, Richard \"doctor\" branchfield explained that he joined the Marine Corps at the age of 18, served as airborne division 82, and was a Purple Heart
Tveidt also joined the Army at the age of 18.
Ironically, once upon a time
The abandoned son learned that his biological father helped rescue the abandoned child in Vietnam during his military service.
He then told Tveidt that he would raise him as his own if he knew of his existence.
For Tveidt, it is a great relief to hear the news.
\"The feeling of rejection that I have been abandoned for years, it offsets it because I am accepted and I am wanted,\" he said . \".
\"It lifted a weight from my shoulder and from my chest.
I can no longer get angry and sleep on the ground.
When Tveidt asked about his birth mother, branchfield recalled that one night 32 years ago he met her at a bar called The Cottage tavern.
Branchfield said: \"I had a hard day and I remember saying, \'I will go there and have a beer before I go home. \'\".
\"There is . . . . . . A young lady sat in the bar and I went up and sat down.
I didn\'t say anything. I drank beer before we started talking.
\"As the night went on, branchfield said the woman told him that her relationship was difficult and she said she didn\'t want to go back anywhere she came from.
\"I don\'t remember the lady\'s name, I don\'t, to be honest,\" he said . \".
\"I remember very well before she left . . . . . . I have three statues and two more.
They are from China, this is a statue of the goddess of China, I gave it to her, I said, \'This will bring you good luck, \'\'I have never heard from her again, added branchfield.
\"I wonder if she\'s still holding it.
Tveidt decided to continue looking for his biological mother.
He first found his adoptive mother Verneta Wallace, who had been taking care of him for the first few months, but she had no clue about his birth mother.
Next, he went to Anchorage police station and met Det. David Koch.
He told Tveidt that they had a sketch of the woman who was suspected to have left him but had no fingerprints.
The genealogist Seth Moore continues to dig into the family tree of tweed.
She recognized two of Tveidt\'s cousins. -
One is on his mother\'s side and the other is on his father\'s side.
Moore tracked their family tree all the way until their greatness --grandparents.
Moore then built the family tree with their offspring.
She took pains to look at obituary, cemetery site selection and census records and began a process of elimination.
In the end, Moore reduced his biological mother to two women-sisters, one of whom would be the aunt of Twitt and the other would be his mother.
\"I\'m totally sure I have the right two women because the family tree is gathered like this and there is no other explanation,\" Moore said . \".
For Tveidt, it is a heart to know the whereabouts of his biological mother --Stop.
He went on to say, \"I\'m going . . . . . . See if she wants to talk to me . \".
\"My actions in Baghdad are not as tense as they are now.
He reportedly drove to an office building without announcement, where one of the two women worked.
He gave one of them a number and a woman answered the phone.
Sadly for Tveidt, the woman who was shocked at the other end of the phone immediately denied that she or her sister might be his mother or aunt.
In the course of their phone conversation, it became increasingly apparent that the woman did not want to have anything to do with Tveidt.
\"She is very adamant that she and her sister are dead ends, but people can lie.
\"No DNA,\" he later said . \".
\"I just don\'t know.
Climb back to your heart and start to feel nothing. This is OK. That will pass.
After hanging up for a few minutes, Tveidt\'s phone rang again.
It was the woman\'s sister who called and told him not to contact them again.
\"She hung up my phone,\" he said . \"
\"I need to go back to where I came from, love my family, love the people who raised me, she said.
\"Her reaction led me to conclude that she might be a mother,\" he added . \".
For Tveidt, it felt like he was abandoned again and rejected again.
When a child who left a long time ago contacted his biological parents, Moore said, it could be like \"opening Pandora\'s box \".
She said: \"They have to face a lot of deeply buried emotions . . . . . . They carry a lot of buried emotions . \".
\"Full of shame, guilt and fear.
But he has his own father.
Later, Tveidt returned to branchfield, Idaho.
During their conversation, Tveidt told him what had happened and said that he would not change his life if he had to go back and do it again.
\"I don\'t want to be a different person,\" Tveidt said . \".
\"You are a great person and you have a bigger family now,\" blancifield told him . \".
\"The world has given me so much that I have turned a blind eye to it for 30 years.
When their conversation began to end, Tveidt said goodbye to Blanchfield.
\"Well, son, I love you,\" branchfield said . \".
\"I love you too,\" Tveidt replied . \".
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