alberta premier chokes up ahead of visit to wildfire-ravaged fort mcmurray

by:HKKYO     2019-08-30
On Sunday, wildfires in the community in Fort McMurray slowed down their raging dry forest in Tinder, Northern Alberta, allowing firefighters in the oil cloth city to focus on hot spots, because the plan for Prime Minister Rachel nortley to investigate the loss first --hand.
The fight for the fire has stabilized to the point where she can access it, and has started the next stage of government action to determine what has to be done to finally get people back to the city, nortelly said.
At a media briefing, when nowley talked about Mother\'s Day and two evacuees killed in a traffic accident last week, she had to stop and calm down.
\"We open our hearts to their families.
Today is Mother\'s Day.
\"In all of these crises, I hope to spend a few minutes with my own children today,\" said Norley, pausing and sounding.
\"It\'s definitely a terrible tragedy that not everyone can do.
So today, Mother\'s Day, all of us in Alberta are thinking that you have suffered these losses.
15-year-old Emily Ryan and her stepmother\'s nephew Aaron Hodgson died in an accident the day after the fire forced 80,000 people to leave the city.
Nortelly was scheduled to visit Fort McMurray on Monday.
The prime minister has warned residents to prepare for the images they will see, reminding them that they can provide advisory services.
\"In the next few days, the media will release some dramatic pictures,\" she said . \".
Chad Morrison of Alberta\'s wildfire team says firefighters control the fire better in Fort McMurray than they expected.
The weather is also changing, and lower than seasonal temperatures will help firefighters who have been putting out fires since May 1, he said.
Morrison said the wildfire did not hit the scale expected on Saturday.
On Sunday, it covers an area of about 1,600 square kilometers, 30 to 40 kilometers from the province of SA --
The Alberta border.
For the first time since the evacuation began, Morrison expressed optimism about the battle.
\"It was a very good fire weather for us.
\"We can really go in and really control the fire and really control it,\" he said . \".
\"It will take a long time for us to clean up the wildfire in the forest area.
But I am very encouraged and happy that we have made great progress, especially in the community.
\"Mother\'s Day was not marked during the Lac la Biche evacuation activities about three hours south of Fort McMurray.
The volunteers organized a Mother\'s Day tea for the children, including cupcakes, pastries and fruits, as well as art and handmade items.
The girls of the local dance troupe provided Entertainment and distributed fresh roses to all the women in the room.
Wanda Banfield says camping in wandering rivers is not the Mother\'s Day she imagined.
She and her husband have three children.
9, 12 and 14
Stop at the Bold center to collect supplies.
\"This is the most important thing as long as I have a husband and three children,\" she said . \".
Lisa Applegarth fled the Janvier community with her partner, nine children and 17-year-old twinsday-
Old grandchildren
Mother\'s Day is tough, says Applegarth, who sits outside the center with a double of a new donation
Twin stroller
\"My kids are sad because they didn\'t do something for me and I was a bit like, \'Well, that\'s okay.
Mom just needs your love
\"Nortelly also plans to meet with the leaders of the province\'s oil industry on Tuesday to discuss their operational status and the timeline for a reboot.
The Syncrude and Suncor facilities north of Fort McMurray were evacuated, but Morrison said they were not hit by a fire.
Nortelly also thanked the National Bank of Canada for its prompt response to the removal of potentially dangerous and flammable railcars from the area.
\"It\'s a quick and critical job to save us from another tragedy in Lac --
\"Megan,\" she said.
Federal Public Safety Minister Ralph guoler visited an evacuation center in Edmonton on Sunday.
He told reporters that drought conditions from Quebec to BC had led to some wildfires in the early part of the season.
\"It could be a very long and difficult issue, not only for Alberta, but for all Canadians this summer,\" he said . \".
While the situation in Fort McMurray improved on Sunday, gudler warned that it still had a difficult road to go.
\"Due to the weather over the past few hours and the weather forecast for the future, it seems that the situation is easing, maybe a little,\" he said . \".
\"We may be at a turning point, but frankly, it\'s too early to celebrate.
There is still a lot of work to be done.
\"Lauren Kruger\'s file for Alta Lac la Biche. More about the stars.
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