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by:HKKYO     2019-08-30
When I took the time to recall the days I walked through when I was a child, the most beautiful memories I naturally thought of were the arts and crafts section, with a particular preference for sketching and painting, though not the standard Van Gogh material!
Anything that can create color, crayons, colored pencils, watercolor paint, etc, is considered acceptable.
Not sure if this often happens to all children, but it is certain that the children get a lot of inspiration from art.
Notice the way they express their surroundings in painting? The first time I came into contact was the ordinary pencils and biros that others had left at home, and I could draw all sorts of \"blurs\" on anything I encountered \", this makes anyone who leaves important documents annoyed! Oops.
It\'s not that I can remember it clearly, it\'s that mom occasionally tells a story or two about it.
In order to wear a belt for this devastating artistic power, I have to buy a painting set;
A book, colored pencils and crayons, too much color and media for a small animal!
Of course, in the process of providing artistic services to children, some crayons must be chewed!
In any case, this is the first major contact with standard art materials.
My suit and I got married for a long time to come, even if I didn\'t know the oil painting until I was about ten years old.
It is the media, not the enthusiasm that changes.
Painting became the center of my world as I grew older, as I was a quiet child and kept myself as I was told!
The quality of the drawings has been improved to a clearer level, coloring is still a key aspect and there is no need to paint if I am not going to color it!
Don\'t get me wrong. I don\'t produce Gallery stuff. I\'m not a rookie. I did it for fun. This makes my imagination itch.
Now that I\'m 26 years old, I don\'t do it often, but occasionally I get addicted to \"remembering\" and getting unparalleled satisfaction.
The key is that it is important for your children to participate in art and crafts frequently, and the cost involved is worth it, as everything is available from your local art store.
If they are not at home, they will take arts and crafts classes at school.
Not only painting, but also other things that I didn\'t mention, I often model papier mache with the famous Plasticine.
I \'ve been wondering how to use charcoal on canvas, but overall it\'s for professionals!
Maybe one day I might decide to take an art class.
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