art project for kids: beautiful styrofoam mosaics

by:HKKYO     2019-09-02
Very interesting to make foam mosaic! It\'s an open-
Using one of my favorite frugal craft materials: the foam plastic production tray ends a colorful art project.
At my home daycare we like to create with something recyclable.
Using items that are usually thrown into blue boxes can not only reduce our production costs, but also be a great way to teach kids to reuse and upgrade their bikes.
What you need is: foam plastic production tray * acrylic paint scissors tape or construction paper * first disinfect the production tray through the dishwasher.
How do we make them: Trim the edges on the tray so you can get a flat piece of foam.
To color the tiles, apply two layers of acrylic craft paint to one side of your foam plastic.
Before re-doing, let the first coat dry completelycoating.
Acrylic will dry soon, but you can speed up the process with the help of a hair dryer.
In the past, we used temperature paint in the process, but when you cut the tray, the temperature will fade.
I have fixed the issue by applying a thin layer of process sealant or varnish to the paint and letting it dry before proceeding.
Once your foam plastic tray is completely dry, let your child cut them into irregular sizes and shapes.
The process is very interesting and for your little one it is a great opportunity to strengthen his or her fine motion control and practice scissors skills.
I just love the vibrancy of these pieces and the fact that they look like real mosaic tiles.
It\'s time to create your artwork!
Each rogue chose a card.
I offer some dark options so that their brightly colored tiles pop on the background.
The hooligans brushed the white school glue on the back of their tiles and pressed it on their paper.
Encourage your child to fill his piece of paper completely and fill any gaps with smaller tiles.
Carry a pair of scissors with you so your child can cut the larger parts into the right size to fit the gap.
This project is not necessarily one-dimensional.
A little hooligan soon discovered that he could stick the tiles together and add some height to his artwork.
No matter how your child chooses to lay his or her tiles, you end up with an artwork that adds a welcome color to any space.
If you like this project, be sure to visit my blog in happy rogue!
You will find a lot of cheap and simple art, craft and game ideas there!
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