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As early as 2005, when there was a lot of space in the daily newspapers and the stars --
Ledger has a family and garden section every week with a regular craft column that I spoke to Art owner Barbara Gerson4-
All in Somerville.
The idea is to get ideas from art.
School owners and others will get the kids excited about getting back to school.
To illustrate this column, I made a fridge magnet with my own daughter, a primary school student at the time.
\"Superstar\" is mentioned in today\'s special report \".
After six years, I can prove that simple, Super
The size of Jupiter is effective through several grades, an interesting way to encourage good classroom work.
While the tape needs to be replaced from time to time on the heavier star magnet, the other tapes are still intact and nostalgic on my daughter\'s bedroom magnet board (
This is made with an old drawer, but this is another story).
For fun, this is a slightly shortened version of the story that appeared in August. 25, 2005.
Please keep in mind that the material is listed at the price of the year. By KIMBERLY L. JACKSON STAR-
LEDGER STAFFIs has any little child who will not covet gold stars with just a little help, even kindergarten kids can make our oversized version with paint, flash pens and stickers
Barbara Gerson says having the kids sit down for a program a few days before school starts can ease the transition from summer play to school work, a high school art teacher with 20 years of art4-
An art school in Somerville.
\"What you do is re-focus their ideas on school,\" she said . \".
Whether these ideas are embraced by excited expectations or resisted, as unwanted intrusion into these summer days that are weakening, gerson and others say, craft projects can be a pleasant way to introduce some of the structures and encourage discipline needed in the classroom.
To get the kids excited about the school, we made inspirational fridge magnets that students of all ages might like to make.
We pre from a variety
Cut wood shape
Most of them are at 25 cents. C. Moore —
And acrylic paint.
After the paint is dry, we decorate it with stickers, flash pens and markers.
Including drying time, the production time of each product is less than an hour, the cost of supplies is slightly higher than $10, and a large number of leftovers are prepared for future projects.
We\'re at 6-
Inch \"superstar\" to help showcase those first class school papers.
As we imagine, any child who makes the star a star may be eager to produce works that will justify this outstanding display.
If your child is too old to fit into a refrigerator, the craft and Hobbies Association recommends personalized school supplies.
Isabel Carrion says these options are almost endless
López, spokeswoman for Elmwood Park
It is a national trade organization that provides project ideas for teachers and artisans.
\"Any paper attached to the notebook can be used,\" she said . \".
\"The key is that you cover it up and save it. ”Carrión-
Lopez recalled that she covered her books with color comic pages and then covered them with clear contact paper.
Some students also make unique book covers using scrapbook materialsLópez says.
\"A lot of people just use paper and decor in any way possible.
There are really a lot of crazy ways here, \"she said.
Options include using magazine clippings, rub-
On a template, sticker, or fabric.
\"Make trendy shapes with the paint on your notebook,\" she suggested . \".
Even having your child add SpongeBob stickers to his own design is a great choiceto-
School exercises, Gerson said.
\"SpongeBob will be an attraction, but that\'s what you do to him,\" she said . \".
\"Always creative.
\"Art itself is a great learning experience,\" Gerson said . \"
\"It can teach patience, follow direction, plan, solve problems, brainstorm --
This is very much like scientific exploration.
\"Carrión-more ideas are needed, please check the item pack for craft shop or go onlineLópez suggests.
\"Any process product manufacturer will have a website where most people have ideas on how to use their products.
Craft and Hobbies Association provides online craft ideas in \"craft places (craftplace. org).
Experts say that if you sit down and work on a project with your child, it may also be more reassuring for them to discuss any fears about the school.
\"Children always like it when their parents do it (a project)
\"With them,\" Gerson said.
\"They may feel more comfortable if you support them.
\"But parents should not impose their ideas on their children\'s work.
Object is from
Said Gerson.
\"This is the whole meaning of art --
This is your reflection.
Shopping list a wide variety of wooden shapes acrylic paint foam paint brush pens, plain colors and shiny stickers including lettersWooden clothespinAdhesive magnetic suede newspaper spray-
About the manufacturing method of polyurethane glue 1.
Paint the shape and let dry. 2.
Write a proverb with a marker or sticker to celebrate school and good work.
Parents can write words in pencil and let young students track them. 3.
Work in the well
Ventilation area, put the completed project in the newspaper and spray it with polyurethane to protect and increase the gloss. Let dry.
Note: Do not use polyurethane on micro blackboard magnets. 4.
Cut the tape and press a properly sized part on the back of each shape.
The big star needs a magnetic stripe at each point.
Apply clothes and glue.
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