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Happy family cruises are the same as they allow both parents and children to be happy in their own way.
For example, the parents of a toddler may be most happy about providing a cruise for a trustworthy child --
Provide care at a flexible time.
Of course, children have their own priorities.
For example, a teenager may want a lot of social activities. M.
We searched the top cruise lines to find the best cruise lines for children, grouped by age group: infants and toddlers, children aged 3 to 7, children aged 8 to 11, 12 to 17
Please see our selection below.
One thing: not every time we sail outside the United States. S.
Although we are trying to solve this problem.
For events we didn\'t experience in person, we relied on the knowledge of parents and teenagers, and we talked to them about cruising, such as people who recently attended our online chat about family cruising.
We may have overlooked some great events despite our connections.
Let\'s know what we missed.
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Infant 1.
The fully equipped nursery at Disney Cruise Lines is a deadly giveaway: Disney\'s ships are superior to other major cruise lines in serving children at least 12 weeks old and under 3 years old.
These small details are important.
For example, each Disney room has a bathroom with a bathtub.
And, as every parent knows, the bathtub is easier to use than the shower when taking care of babies and toddlers.
However, most other cruise ships only offer shower facilities in the room unless you purchase their expensive suite.
In addition to that, Disney\'s Magic and magic is that each swimming pool has a separate filtration system that allows transparent tots to swim.
In this regard, Disney stands out among the cruise lines of most of its competitors, which typically ban diapers from being used in all swimming pools. (
Fine print: Disney nursery costs $6 per child per hour.
Tip: Book the time you want to leave your little one in the nursery at the beginning. )2.
Carnival Cruises is one of the few cruise companies that change diapers by youth consultants when necessary.
Carnival also stands out because its youth program accepts children starting at the age of 2.
In contrast, most programs elsewhere require 3-year-olds to receive adequate potty training.
An extra benefit is after 10 p. M.
Carnival boats provide group nanny services for children under 2 years of age.
You can even rent a stroller.
The group nanny fee for children under 2 years of age is $6 per hour for the first child and another $4 per child.
These prices also apply to group nannies for children over 2 years of age. (
Please see the carnival section for children aged 3 to 7 below. )
Stroller rental: Stroller rental for all carnival boats (
Single and double)on board.
Three people cost $6 a day. and four-
A day trip and a longer trip is $25 per cruise. 3.
The Dutch American line, regardless of its youth program, does not recognize children under the age of 3.
The Netherlands and the United States still score points by encouraging young children and parents to play together at scheduled times.
More importantly, the Dutch United States, along with Disney, has become one of the few cruise companies that offer private nanny services for an hourly fee. (
The private nanny for the first child in the family is $8 per hour, and the siblings are $5 per hour. )
Also a nice gesture: If you are traveling with a baby or toddler, tell your agent when booking, he or she will send you a detailed application form for diapers and wipes.
This unique service charges for delivering food and other items to your cabin along with a mini fridge so you don\'t have to ship baby items to the ship. (
Fine print: Parents must fill out baby Service orders 30 days before sailing in North America or 60 days before other sailing.
Baby supplies service fee: diapers, $1 per piece;
A pack of 80 $5 wipes
A can of baby food, $1 per can;
Fridge for rent, $2 a day. )
Children aged 3 to 7.
If your kids love Disney characters and movies, they will love this cruise.
In a more intimate setting than the Disney theme park, you and your child can enjoy a free customized character meal, including tea with Wendy (from Peter Pan).
You can also see elaborate stage performances, such as Disney dreams, featuring popular Disney characters like Captain Hook and Snow White. 2.
Carnival, family welcome at the party and kids talent show are just two examples of a series of family events offered by cruise lines.
Carnival offers the most hours of youth programming, replacing other cruise lines.
Free Youth plan after 10 in the eveningM.
Every day, group nannies charge every hour until 3 in the morning. M. nightly.
Young children also like enthusiastic youth counselors who even have their faces painted on some boats. 3.
Royal Caribbean International here you will find a youth project called Adventure Ocean, good at providing age
The right hand-
Activities such as art projects, scientific experiments, drama classes (
Working with Broadway Camp).
On two specific boats, the free Ocean and the free Ocean outdoor water park attract young people.
Children aged 8 to 11.
The Royal Caribbean fleet provides rock walls (
Relative to the Boulder).
The children are trapped and when they need to climb down, the trained staff will grab the rope for the children. Non-
Climbing options include Micro
Golf course and ice
The skating rink on the Royal Caribbean\'s largest vessel. (
Print: to climb the wall, the child must be at least 6 years old and the parent must sign a waiver.
Children cannot climb the same route as their parents on the wall at the same time.
If they want to climb with their parents, they need to climb next to the route their parents climb. )2.
Princess Cruises Senior kids enjoy Princess hands-
On science projects, run with the help of the California Science Center.
Some interesting projects include the anatomy of squid and the construction of a replica roller coaster (
As part of the course on centrifugal force).
The youth program also offers a large number of group games and crafts that are not related to science. 3.
Disney Magic Cruises recently added a room called Ocean Discovery with a bridge simulator that children can use to pretend they are sailing.
There are plenty of video games in the room for multiplayer.
In magic and miracles, children aged 8 and 9 can visit the Marine Lab, where there are a lot of people
Activities such as scientific experiments and simulated forensics.
Teenagers aged 12 to 17
The staff of the Royal Caribbean fleet wisely divided the teenagers into two groups: 12 to 14 years old and 15 to 17 years old.
Each boat has a dedicated Junior room. And six ships (
Freedom, the majesty of sailors, navigators, monarchs and Seas)
There are three children in their teens.
Only area: Fuel nightclub, rear deck for outdoor sunbathing and living room for hanging out.
Activities include high
Energy youth programs such as scavenger hunt and simulated Assassin games, as well as outdoor facilities (
Especially the largest ship on a cruise ship)
Surfing and playing basketball.
A new popular event is underwayboard surfing.
The freedom of the sea and the freedom of the sea have their own floats.
Children or adults can ride by six-
In order to keep the surfer\'s position, an inch of water rushed up the slope.
FlowRider is the exact opposite of ocean surfing, where you move with the waves.
No boots and lines, like water skiing. 2.
In the past few years, the cruise company has revised its program for children aged 15 to 17.
In general, each of its boats has a room specially for teenagers, called Club 02. The 1,000--1,800-square-
High foot room-
Sound and lighting.
Large video games and movies in the room
Plasma TV screen
Carnival is the only cruise that lets children between the ages of 12 and 17 join the Coast tour as a separate youth group, which landed under the leadership of a youth counselor.
For example, the cost of a youth coast excursion in the Caribbean ranges from $40 to $80 depending on the tour and the port. 3.
Ships of all these cruise companies (
Except for small Prinsendam)
The loft is a dedicated teen district, similar to the artist\'s loft, with dance revolution video games and karaoke machines.
On all ships except Maasdam, Noordam, Oosterdam, Zuiderdam, muddam and Prinsendam, there is a special access to connect the attic to the Oasis Hotel with waterfalls, wading pools, juice bars and recliner chairs. E-
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