Busch Gardens: A guide to \"BG\" Williamsburg

by:HKKYO     2019-11-18

One of my favorite places in the world is Williamsburg, where history, land and Busch Gardens remind me of family, friends and good times.While writing a little guide about VA Williamsburg, I quickly realized that I had so much to say about Busch Gardens that I knew I couldn\'t write everything down in a small profileMy life is happy because my parents want to make sure we can see the country and be with the people we love.My first step was in Williamsburg and my first roller coaster was the big gray wolf (BBW no longer retired in Busch Garden after 25 years of horrible rider ), and created a lifetime of fun and memories.Family and friends always come to me for advice and information about Busch Gardens, which is the place I know and the back of my hand.Just last year (2011) my cousin came to me and asked for information about Busch garden for her boyfriend\'s birthday celebration!I\'m also planning to get around at the same time as this is BG\'s Halloween special howling --o-Scream.My fiance.©My family, my cousin had a great time with her friends!I helped her from tickets to tours;Make sure they see and do anything in the park!The trip was just a weekend holiday but it was full of energy and fun!Here I will make a guide for a week\'s holiday and a weekend getaway!up-to-http://buschgardens .It\'s been a while since my family.Busch Gardens offers a variety of ticket and pass options.It\'s good to buy a simple ticket for the first time to see if you and your family like the park.If you decide \"Hey, this is a place I want to visit all year round\", consider the season pass.Here I will start with the season pass as they really surprise you!Located outside the park entrance on the right side of the cross.Kiosk-One-Year, Two-The Platinum Pass sold online is an electronic ticket for \"Kiosk ready.They can be redeemed in our quick and easy selfTicket Booth service.Credit card tickets and annual tickets are also available at the ticket booth.Discounts or coupons cannot be exchanged at the ticket office.Turnstile-Single-Day (excluding group), moreDay and holiday package tickets purchased online are \"revolving door preparation\" tickets that can be brought directly to the park entrance revolving door.-1 year or 2 years a garden-Unlimited access to Busch Gardens/free general parking on the date of purchase of the pass (during normal business season and Christmas) /10% off at select shops and snack stalls (basically)/50% off for Christmas town ticketso-Park 2 years 2-This pass allows you to enjoy Busch Gardens and the American Waterland, and has the same benefits as a park pass.Platinum Pass-Are you planning to go to Orlando, aibusch gardens and SeaWorld?Unlimited admission to Williamsburg Busch Gardens, Orlando SeaWorld, San Antonio SeaWorld, San Diego SeaWorld, Tampa Bay Busch Gardens, Orlando Aquarium, San Antonio aquarium, Tampa Bay Adventure Island and Sesame Square in PA Langhorne.* Another great benefit about the season ticket is that the person holding the season ticket can get the season ticket holder day a few days before the open day and only the season ticket holder is free to enter the park!-For those who have just tried Busch Gardens, these tickets are likely to be the way to go before committing to season tickets.These prices were fairly stable as of 2012.Keep an eye on online specials and promotions-In 2011, my cousin, the participating store may have coupons, and her boyfriend and two of her friends received high discounts from the promotions Busch Garden is doing, all they have to do is bring a can of Pepsi!Single Day-Adult $66.99 Child $56.99 tickets for one day in Busch Garden.Bounce Ticket-Admission/general parking attached to the ticket for 7 consecutive days (from purchase)/valid March 24-Exploration ticket-occur March 24-Fun Card-Unlimited visit to Busch Gardens throughout the spring and summer/valid only for people on the cardo-2 parks/2 days-A deal for VA residents.2-day enrollment for online purchase only/USA Busch Gardens/water country or 2 parks (2 sheets for one day visit 2 parksBusch Gardens has a lovely page with some basic information about coming to the park.The opening hours of the park are changing every day.When visiting their website, there will be a state of park opening and time on the main page.BG is not fully open until June and goes back to Howl-September-o-Several weekends in November were closed due to the renovation of the Christmas town and will be reopened later this month.Bad weather may be a matter of shutting down certain rides and performances;no rain-Check or refund.However, on one occasion, the park was dark due to the previous hurricane and we did receive a rain --check.Parking is expensive unfortunately!As mentioned, one of the benefits of season tickets is free parking.Pet Care!Non-pass holder $10/season ticket member $7-There is open ventilation in the room but there is no temperature control/water provided but the owner is responsible for feeding.The tram from the parking lot to the park can also run or you can walk.A good suggestion to spend a whole day in the park is to pack lunch in the cooler and eat in one of the designated picnic areas.You can save money and have dinner in the park.When you go to the park, see if they have a picnic area.http://seaworldparks .Com/en/buschgardens-Williamsburg/ParkInformation/Accessibility /?Guests with hard plaster, braces and walking boots will not be allowed to ride specific rides in the park and should check the park\'s policies in the link above.-Taste delicious food and fine wine in the park.The scope of personal tasting and the date of the festival.Fest-Enjoy a beer festival tradition in September, tasting a variety of German food and craft beer.Spectacular fireworksDon\'t miss the fireworks show at 9: 30 p.m. on July 34.Summer Nights-Check out the site of Busch Gardens for the latest Park concerts!Howl-O--Let your dark side take over and face your fears with BG\'s Halloween feast!This is my personal favorite event held by BG...I am not only a fan of BG but also a huge fan of Halloween.The park is covered in the dark of Halloween and brings your craziest nightmare!From September to October.Halloween decorations are everywhere in the park.Cross the park and get engaged to the fear zone, performers, and enter the haunted house if you dare.Every year, when everyone else spins out and becomes a new panic, the fan favorite stays to scare the public!Not only has the park been \"renovated\", but the performance has also been \"renovated \"!Monster stom foot remodel and demons will rock you with the undead (these shows do contain some adult themes ).BG is very \"Kidsiderate\" during the day and you can turn on the lights and take the actors to some attractions without them!The land of the Dragon/interesting Sesame Street is open for your little one.\"The Earl\'s Halloween prank is a great day family friendly Halloween event where kids can come out and show their costumes!After six o\'clock P.M., the park enters Halloween mode and may not be suitable for people of some ages.Also, if you don\'t have a completely small attraction, the park map will provide a scream guide to guide you through the intensity of each attraction.I recommend paying extra money and getting a quick Que pass for the haunted house!This pass allows you to enter all the haunted houses in BG in front of the team.Howl-O-Screaming is a huge attraction, and the lines of the haunted house are very long!You may be waiting for a house with only two houses all night.See the show and ride a bike in the morning and in the day and hit the house with a quick Que.This will allow you to hit everything without having to wait in a ridiculous way!If you don\'t want to spend money on a quick plan for the future.The closer Halloween is, the more lively the park is!You can bring some jerseys too.If the weather is good, you can leave them in the car until the weather is a little cooler at night.-You \'d better be careful, you \'d better not cry, you \'d better not have p mouth, I\'ll tell you why Santa is coming...Yes, you guess it\'s Busch Garden.Enjoy the magic of Christmas with BG.BG has changed its magical wonderland again (happier this time ).Open from the end of November to the end of December.Thousands of flashing Christmas lights and happy d©Cole.Re-invent the show at Santa\'s toy store and show it to the public to fit you into the festive spirit!Germany becomes a beautiful artisan market;You can find great handmade crafts and delicious food on Christmas morning.Take a bird\'s eye view of BG\'s Christmas lights in the sky bucket.The route for this trip will be long as there is only one entrance to the attraction.Limited rides are open during this period.Since this year is the winter season, Busch Gardens are more regarded as summer attractions, so tied up, the weather will get cold!Howl-O-Screaming is the only event for a weekend, and apart from being completely open for two weeks, Christmas town is also the only event for a weekend!Make sure to check all event calendars for BG.BG offers so many tours and experiences that will create memories of a lifetime.These tours require an extra fee, from meeting wildlife to standing at the top of the Lion ffon bird.I personally only took one of these trips and loved every minute of them.2010 my family, my fiance©And then I started.Inside Tour of Hal\'s visitO-Scream.We are behind the scenes of a haunted house, in front of the lines of haunted houses, learn a lot about the fun facts about parks and Halloween events, enjoy dessert dinners, keep seats in two top shows, make up, and met with some performers.There are a lot of tours like this and you will be treated as a VIP for more information. Check out the behind-the-scenes travel page of Busch Gardens main website.As mentioned earlier, the opening and closing times of the park vary.But different parts of the park are also open at different times.Park map from Monday to Thursday, August England opens at 9: 15 a.m. Scotland opens at 9: 30 a.m. Ireland-France-New France-Festa, Italy, ten o\'clock A.M./10: 30 a.m. Italy/Germany-The park map is there when you enter the park.Once you enter the park, get ready for the first photo shoot.A friendly BG crew will take a picture of you at the entrance or on the beautiful fountain.There are 3 railway stations and 3 Tiandao stations.Here\'s a guide, if you \'ve been here for a week and want to separate it in a variety of ways, click BG in a day and choose where you want to get in first!The Globe Theatre, once home to the 4D cinema, plays 3D family friendly movies and adds special effects.Emphasize the importance and influence of music in our life.This show is a spectacular 25-minute live action show that mixes mobile video scenes and takes you to the surreal music scene.The British will rock with pop and rock bands in June 2017Nroll has been successful from 1960 to today!Big Ben is also one of the landmarks here, and it\'s a great place to party if you have a large group of people who want to be separated at any time!There are all kinds of shops, candy, food and merchandise here.One of the great things about BG is that they provide package pickup.If you buy anything through that park, you can choose the service and pick up your package or watch and photos here in the UK.The next place you\'re going is Scotland, and you have some options.Right-Go straight ahead-I found it a good idea to hit Loch Ness monsters at this time, and this line is often short for this trip, and none of the others have been opened yet.Loch Ness monster is now the oldest roller coaster in the park. it has been serving the rider for more than 30 years. It has two 114 rings, which is a little surprise!It seems to me that knowing that this trip is the oldest is probably the most difficult one.(Most of the other rides are very smooth and a plenary session can be a bit difficult if you are sitting there.Ireland is home to Europe in the air, where you can enjoy an Irish dance show called Celtic Fyre.Here you can have a pint and sit down for an Irish stew.There are 3 shops, a toy shop/a magic shop/A crystal shop.Europe in the air is a journey of movementIt was a smooth and easy journey but not my favorite in general.The journey used to be Corkscrew Hill, a wild and exciting adventure through old Ireland.Now you fly over the wonders and beauty of Europe, it\'s good to get rid of the heat, but the images are passing quickly and it would be nice if there were some comments.European airlines will soon get an upgrade to VR head set in 2018, which will take you to \"other worlds that humans can\'t see \"!Continue into the wild sanctuary of Jack Hanna.Here you can walk into a big bird cage and feed the birds.Watch a few pet pranks or learn about wolves.Eagles, wolves, snakes and other furry creatures are hidden in this wooden paradise.You can also take a picture of you with a beautiful eagle or a beautiful owl.Coming out of the woods, you can hear the romance of Paris and the screaming of 30 riders dropping 205ft at a 90-degree angle at 75 mph.Griffin is one of the most terrible rides BG throws at you.Some of the things to be aware of on the Griffin are that once you\'re at the top (if your eyes aren\'t closed), not only can you see most of the park, but you can also see the James River and the Anheuser Busch Factory.There are 3 rows on this trip but I admit the front row is the best but be prepared to wait.Here is another stop for Sky barrel!France is home to the Royal Palace Theatre, where you can see a story about the bravado of the three musketeers!Sitting is limited, and some have only one show at night, so be sure to plan ahead!Is it hot outside?Cool off with one of your favorite ice cream or duck in one of the stores!New France is the Canadian border town with a wide variety of shops where you can buy cool trinkets or personalized items!Watch your hand dip the candle into a beautiful artwork in front of your eyes.Hungry?The trap Smoke House is sure to fill you up and make a mess of your face.The Vikings are invading Busch Gardens to bring the first wooden roller coaster to the park!Viking theme roller coaster with 74-9 Air-foot dropsTime drops to a speed of 50 miles per hour;InvadR will be a nice roller coaster for beginners and families.As a fan of history, I found it very interesting for the park to put this trip in New France, aka Canada, which made the Vikings discover this new land around 1000.D.Before the fur merchants move in!Your STILL hot?We were successful in the traditional log riding in Le Scoot.Tired?Find a car at the train station here.Germany is probably my favorite park..There are many delicious food in Germany!Traditional German food and Park favorites.You can have lunch/dinner/snacks and performances here.Not only are there amazing food, but also the new show Oktoberzest.This new show, which opens on March 2017, highlights traditional German songs and dances in an optimistic show that guarantees you want to \"roll out buckets!Great place to drink soda, frozen lemon and beer!cravings.My favorite is The Pretzel Dog with cheese sauce and the Cinnamon Pretzel washed with frozen lemonade!(* Buying a souvenir cup is a good plan and for the rest of the season you can get a 99 cent refill on a fountain drink!Also, it is an awesome cup that must be filled with water all day.Become a child again and navigate the land of the Dragon\'s big tree house!Your child will be very happy!If you have kids, be sure to point out the area and note that the \"lost kids\" building is right here.Test your skills in multiple carnivals of arcade or any similar game!Grand prize = grand prize!It is a high-speed roller coaster full of twists and turns.You won\'t know what the sky or the ground is!Relax and breathe at 67 miles/hour and 195ft!There are many carnivals in Germany like swings, carousel and bumper cars!-A wild journey that mixes 3D with your journey!This is also a great way to get rid of the heat!Maheta takes you 245ft into the sky and gives you an amazing view to drop you down like tomorrow.!A lovely game on the German word verboten, this is a banned coaster!According to Busch Garden, this roller coaster will have many first!It will have a 88ft drop to the Rhine, twists and turns inside and outside, firing in one breath, not to mention a very interesting surprise in the dark!For the new roller coaster, Mahita is open in time, but it is being repaired when we get there.We did get on the bus, but it seemed to be intermittent all day., We had to wait for the car to be repaired, only a few minutes at least, but it was easy to turn to the car to shut down for a long time.I have seen other reviews about these rides and they do have trouble even though they are fantastic.If the ride is open, my suggestion is to get on the bus as soon as possible!in a while?Confused because you can find a specific cup mat?25 years later, the Wolf retired.It was the first time that the roller coaster was suspended in 1984.Many fans are sad to see it disappear.For a long time?Due to the rough, the fire has not occurred since 1998.Its train station is now used as a haunted house during Hal.O-Scream!It was a temporary trip from 1996 to 2003 as it was popular until it moved to Tampa, sister park Busch Gardens, Williamsburg.Leaving Bavaria Black Forrest, you will cross the Rhine, where you can snap an amazing photo on the right and left side of the Rhine boat, Alpengiest, Griffin and Loch Ness monsters.Dine and relax and mix the exciting explosions of music and color.Working in Italian villages, you can shop more or climb up the beaten car to fight for the biggest sound!Climb up Apollo\'s Chariot and rise and set the sun at 73 miles an hour!The drop of 210 will surprise you!When you climb up you can look right and see the James River again!The seat limit for the Apollo chariot is unique.The rider sits in a comfortable barrel seat, while the restraint bar pulls back from between the legs to ensure that the rider is below the waist and free your entire upper body to be the first of its kind!It\'s an amazing feeling!More of the chariots through Apollo are carnival rides and games, food, and another train station!The new work of 2015, arrived at the end of the spring, Busch Garden proudly added another WhiteRoller coaster.Driving at 63 mph, this bold car is 154 feet high with 3 launch elements and a unique cyclethe-Let your head rotate the cycle experience.Take a cool traditional subway water tour on the Roman Rapids or Escape from Pompeii on an indoor and outdoor water tour.Or challenge your brothers and sisters or friends to join the rope shooting water ball war.Sesame Street Forest fun, located between Italy and the UK, is another resort for children.Hop on the children-sized rides such as the tip of Prince Elmo\'s Tower (the drop tower of the children\'s size) and the Bert and Ellis Lake Adventure (the roller coaster of the children\'s size ).See Elmo and his friends on sunny days!Every part of the park tells a story.There is also a background story for each major journey!These stories appeal to you.Sometimes, these stories will make you feel creepy when you tie yourself to your seat and control your imagination.Some rides provide seating for guests on the business bus, and Griffin and Alpengeist tend to put those in the middle.When boarding Alpengeist, these seats are located under the Black Diamond sign of the station.It is possible to complete all these activities in one day!I have done it many times.It may be a day or a week before you go to plan your trip.If you stay for a week and are doing more than oneIn the days of the park, people can start activities!If you are just doing a day/weekend trip/pass on your way to the beach, you will plan the top events you want to do.Arrive at the park as early as possible.Bike in the morning or later in the evening-See the show and ride smaller rides during the day-In the summer, the show provides a nice cool break.I don\'t think the fast Que pass for the roller coaster is really worth the extra cost.If you stick to the three suggestions above, you should be fine and can put the extra cash in your pocket.There are always rain gear on hand and you never know if there will be a small shower...Try to go on a non-holiday or peak month/day.Take a look at what may happen in Williamsburg, such as the big lighting in the winter, and allow more visitors to visit the city and the park.
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