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Ningbo Haishu Qiao Stationery Co., Ltd. is dedicated to production and sales of craft kits. We are now well known in the business. Explained: The business scope of a Chinese company lists the services that it is legally permitted to supply according to its organization registration. A copy of business license may be offered if there is a need. It will clearly demonstrate the company categories.
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Qiao Stationery has productive bases strategically located around the China. Qiao Stationery's christmas craft kits series include multiple types. Different machining approaches are used in processing mechanical parts of HKKYO magnetic everywhere punch. These mechanical parts, including engine, motor, and hydraulic components, will go through thermal treatment, honing machining, or wire cutting based on their actual usages and structures. Thanks to its lovely shape, it lets kids easily focus on one thing. This product features precise workmanship such as dimension. It is processed by imported CNC machines which have flexible adaptability to different mold types. It can be used multiple times and be stored for a long time.

Paper punch shapes is one of the reason that customers choose HKKYO. Contact!

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