can you make a living from your hobby?

by:HKKYO     2019-08-18
Linda de Ruiter has done what many people dream.
She turned her hobby into a profitable business.
Five years ago, she took care of her children at home and woven them for entertainment.
But then a friend asked her to help at a booth, so she came up with the idea of weaving yarn.
She said: \"I started from a very small place and used a corner of my friend\'s booth to try my first product idea.
When they are in good health
I got it. I booked the first stall myself.
I bought my first stock with our savings.
\"However, it took two years for her to make money, and even so, every penny she made went back to business, tall yarn and story.
Now, she is part of an industry with an economic value of about 3bn in the UK.
\"I think it will always be a glorious hobby, but I still grow very fast,\" she said.
\"Britain is recovering in traditional crafts such as knitting, sewing, paper making and pottery.
BBC recently replaced the mixing bowl with a sewing machine and successfully made the British Sewing Bee.
Start with the popular British bakery.
The industry now has its own association.
In an industry consisting mainly of exclusive traders like Linda de Ruiter, The Craft Hobby Association --
The UK was created to support and connect creative businesses.
\"We are now very positive about crafting in the UK,\" said association director James Hersey . \".
\"Handicraft industry has always been very popular in Britain, and it is also an industry that is almost unaffected by the financial crisis --
If there is any opposite effect
\"Because people don\'t go out that much and they don\'t reduce a lot of luxury goods, they use hobbies as a way to escape from reality.
Caroline Hanks dug up her mother\'s old sewing machine and started sewing children\'s eco-friendly clothing, which was laid off instead of relaxing
Friendly fabric party bag.
With positive feedback from family and friends, Caroline grew-
She called the bag and accessories \"classic vintage twist\" and built her website Funk E Angels.
When asked if it is as easy as more and more professional magazines and e-commerce to turn hobbies into businesses
Business sites will convince us, she said, \"it\'s very easy to make a lot of cute things --
The hardest part is selling it and building a name for yourself.
\"Even in some wells
She said the known market may not make money at all for a few days.
\"It\'s frustrating when you pay for a table, take the time to go to a venue, create a booth that looks beautiful, but still doesn\'t sell anything.
\"However, for profit, Caroline remains positive about what she is doing --
It is believed that despite the difficult economic situation, there are still customers looking for the handmade products she created.
\"I think what people want is more unique than the commercial street and more affordable than the designer brand.
\"For budding artisans like Caroline, selling through the Internet can be a great place to test water.
One of the largest online markets for British designer manufacturers is Folksy, which has 1 million users per quarter.
Of its 12,000 sellers, many will sell their handmade products, while also doing paid work elsewhere.
James Boardwell, general manager, said it was an opportunity for them to reach mainstream audiences \"without expensive marketing \".
Knowledge is the key to starting a business, says CHA. UK.
\"You need to make sure you understand your customers and whether there is direct competition in your area.
\"Not doing your research will cost you a lot.
\"In addition to being prepared, the luck factor is also important in getting any business started.
Helen McAlester had to leave her job because of her poor health.
Bad luck gave her time to enjoy the passion of printing on the fabric.
She used a handmade mat.
Dyed natural fabrics and traditional scenes in the English countryside were recognized through the magazine competition, which brought her work to the attention of an influential customer.
\"Prince Charles commissioned his tenants in the Duke of Cornwall territory to use the mats,\" she said . \".
\"He chose five animals. we printed the coat of arms on the back of the Duke of Cornwall.
They are really one. offs.
This is our biggest time.
\"Six weeks must be suspended when producing commissions and business,\" she said . \". \"We screen-
Print mat, mix colors by handby eye -
Use stitching on many mats to make each one unique.
\"I\'m still surprised and happy that what was originally a hobby is now able to support me and my Helkat design team,\" Helen said . \".
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