ceramic tile art project for kids

by:HKKYO     2019-08-28
This is a perfect project for family gatherings, birthday parties for children, crafts for children in rainy days, or making special homemade gifts for loved ones.
If you don\'t have enough ideas to entertain the children at any party, this is a great way to interact with the children and allow them to entertain quietly for a long time.
For more information, see: 4 1/2 \"tiles and various permanent marks, allowing children to draw any creative pictures that inspire them.
If they don\'t know what to draw, let them start by picking out their favorite color marks.
Then give them ideas and help them start.
Some suggestions can be favorite animals, favorite sports, scenery, flowers, cars, tracking their hands, favorite words, a tree, a house, or anything that will make them excited about drawing.
Once the drawing is done, allow it to set up for a few minutes to make sure the mark is dry.
Then spray in a ventilated area away from others with a transparent finish.
Let the finish dry for about 20 minutes.
If you want to use the tile as a wall hanging picture, you can stick a large paper clip with glue and touch it on the back of the tile.
This can be done before or after the drawing starts.
Just make sure it is sealed and seal a clear finish in the permanent mark.
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