coimbatore gets christmassy - the hindu

by:HKKYO     2019-08-26
The stars, toes, and Christmas trees in the town hall want to say something to the busy pedestrians and whistle riders.
But nobody seems to listen to them.
It is evening and people are rushing home.
But when the night falls, the light bulbs hidden in these paper stars pop up one by one.
The whole street was illuminated.
This is when motorcyclists, truck drivers and temple priests notice them. Multi-
Colorful fluorescent stars with decorative inserts and decorations call for Christmas to come.
A man wearing a Santa mask welcomes you to the SK decorator at Raja Street, which has existed since 1996 and is --
Stop shopping for Christmas decoration.
Housewives flood into stores to see if they can find something unique this year;
A more colorful star or a higher Christmas tree.
School teachers comb cartons for their school drama and look for angel costumes.
The children dragged their reluctant father into the store and bought them the twinkling stars they had been longing for all year long.
The street is full of festive joy.
Rose Alice just bought seven.
Triangular stars decorated with mini Santa Clause.
Christmas is not just a day.
She said, \"it was the whole excitement before it-
From making wine and plum cakes to hanging stars and arranging baby cots.
Shopping is an interesting part of it.
\"All my Christmas shopping memories are related to SK decorators,\" she said . \".
The second floor of the shop is full of Christmas trees.
Fancy with LED leaves that light up the whole place when turned on.
Santa costume for twoyear-olds and 50-year-
The children were piled up in a corner.
There are even typical red sticks that Santa Claus holds.
Tell you the bells, toes, gift box colored globe, Santa doll and crib of the story of the birth of Christ . . . . . . There is a lot to attract Christmas shoppers.
Owner Abu is sitting on the first floor of the store. His father, S. K.
This store is opened by Umar.
\"He started with lottery tickets and stationery stores.
He used to travel around the country and to China.
It was from there that he shipped the craft and decided to transform the shop into a craft and decoration shop.
We import a lot of things now, so we have something unique.
\"Another favorite store in the city for Christmas shoppers is the Mumbai novelty store on DB Road.
Like SK, this store was originally a stationery store.
It seems like a Christmas spirit, Manoharlal K.
Khaturia, the owner, stood at the entrance wearing Santa\'s hat.
As more and more customers poured into the store to buy dinner, he made orders to his son loudly.
The family in Mumbai, Manoharlal, is a Sindh.
They settled in coimbato in 1947.
\"My uncle loves the climate so much that he is ready to close the business there and move his whole family to coinbado,\" he said with a smile . \".
\"The store used to eat with TNAU and students at Forest College, where they used to stop to buy glue, pens and paper.
\"So many bicycles will stop here,\" he recalls . \".
Later, the store began to sell cosmetics and then became a handicraft store with many imported craft bags.
With beautiful thread heads, small bags and gift wrapping paper, Mumbai novelty store is ideal for Christmas decorations. Many in R. S.
You can\'t go to Puram in town hall for Christmas shopping.
You may not be able to find stars and other Christmas items.
But if you are the kind of creative, you can use some magic with those colorful candles, glitter paper, bouquets, colorful lines and lanterns.
Some look great on Christmas trees as well.
More and more young people are celebrating Christmas recently, he said.
\"It is not just Christians who are immersed in the spirit of the festival.
For young people throughout the city, this is a good time to get together to celebrate.
As the night falls, more people walk into the store and view everything that is Christmas and colorful
Tassels, greeting cards, gift boxes. Why, even small
Colored silk can reproduce the Christmas spirit in their home.
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