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From sky blue to magenta, the kaleidoscope of various colors is dazzling in the first work of Crayola
Once engaged in retail business at Arundel Mills mall in Hanover, Maryland.
Of course, lots of crayons as well as marks, paint and clay are sold in this store called Crayola Works creatiento Studio and store.
But half 20,000. square-
Foot space is an art studio where visitors can buy craft bags, sit on a table and color, paint and personalize.
The concept of Crayola Works using entertainment retail--
One of the hottest trends in retail-
There, consumers can not only get products, but also have fun and participation.
Help companies build store experiences with brand loyalty.
Sold hot so far?
People can customize the color of football.
For Crayola, one of the most well-known brands in the United States, this store is the first step that could be launched --
Similar stores nationwide.
This is a bold new direction for 99-year-
Old Binny and Smith, Easten, Pa.
Manufacturers of Crayola products are more accustomed to the role of manufacturers than retailers.
Nancy DeBellis, retail director at Crayola, said the store will attract children who don\'t mind being sloppy when creating art.
\"Clean up, parents don\'t have to worry.
A path called \"colored river\" winds through the store.
Boxes of markers and crayons are placed on the shelves and walls.
A new Volkswagen Beetle. -
Half black and half white. -
Wait in a corner for people to grab the mark and write, draw and color on it.
A craft kit is available for just $5.
99, Grant visitor access 200-
Seats in art studio, art supplies are free and there is no time limit.
Since its opening in early June, the store plans to replace the craft kit menu on a regular basis to maintain a high level of interest.
Guy Smuck, 40, said: \"They\'re not just trying to sell you something and kick you outyear-
Old housewife from Severn, Maryland
She recently visited the store with her 12-year-old son Michael and 10-year-old Brian.
\"It\'s an activity you can sit here for an hour and a half.
There is not much place to go out with children and do something together without spending a lot of money.
\"Binney & Smith, a subsidiary of Hallmark card Inc.
The launch of the retail program was encouraged in part because of the success of the project at the Crayola plant in Easton, Maryland. , a hands-
At the visitor center where crayons are displayedmaking process.
But the private company, which earned about $0. 5 billion last year, was also pushed to the joint venture by Mills Corp.
Officials at the two companies said the owner of Arundel mills came up with the idea of a Crayola Store and then handed it over to the company.
\"Crayola is just a strong organization,\" said Mark J . \"
President and Chief Strategy Officer.
\"They are market leaders in the field of children\'s art and expression.
We like the partnership with the pedigree.
Arundel Mills is the ideal place of choice for Crayola.
The mall is a strong regional attraction that attracted 14 million visitors last year.
It sits between Baltimore and Washington in what Binny and Smith call the market.
There are 4 million children aged 2 to 12.
Using this demographic is key to store success, says Mike Rubin, retail consultant at MRA International Inc.
Philadelphia. Rubin, a well-
Well-known experts in the field of experience and entertainment retail, in collaboration with Crayola and Mills, have developed the business model of the store.
\"Our goal is to make parents very engaged,\" Rubin said . \".
The store allows children to color and draw with their parents, or parents can have their children go to art classes or workshops, go shopping at the mall and pick them up after 1/2 hours.
A corner of the studio plans to have a small coffee shop for parents waiting for their children to use.
\"It has to work as a business, but at the same time we want to drive the experience,\" Rubin said . \".
Officials at both companies said neither Crayola nor Mills would say how much money was spent in the store, but there was no exclusive relationship between Crayola and Mills. Gus G.
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