commemorating 50 years at the portage library

by:HKKYO     2019-08-21
From the drawer of the paper file card to the online book request, the Portage la Prairie regional library has changed over the past 50 years.
Richard Bi, the new chief librarian, said that the library continues to play an important role in the community, in part because it provides a variety of free services to the residents of the region.
\"This is related in a community,\" he said . \"
Former librarian Percy gregual, last December --
Voskamp retired after working in the library for 20 years.
Portage Library celebrates its 50 th anniversary this year.
Although the library retained by the local church dates back to the middle
In the 1850 s, the local Women\'s Council established the first real loan library in a community club room in 1920 and hired a lady. W. W.
Miller as a librarian
After that, the library moved to several places, including the former residence of Billy Richardson at 3rd.
SW, the former and present Town Hall, and the former bank Hydro-Electric building in Montreal and Manitoba, then settle down at 40B Royal Road. N in 1999.
It was designated as a regional library 15 years ago.
A committee of four volunteers is responsible for organizing the anniversary celebration.
The committee includes the current vice chairman of the Library Committee, Patti.
Patricia Brown, a member of the library\'s board of directors, Dorothy Murray, a former board member, and Pat Calder, a former assistant librarian, served as chairman.
Some events were held earlier this year, but now the committee is working on a mystery April 13 campaign for men.
\"We are trying to get children, adults, men and women to the anniversary celebration,\" Brown said . \".
As a parent, she and her young children visited the library for the first time.
Now that she has been on the board for about seven years, she says she has not yet realized the scope of the library\'s services.
\"It has become more and more complex in the past few decades,\" she said . \".
The library allows customers to use its five computers and free Wi-Fi, Bee said.
Print and copy services are available for a small fee.
Library collections include books, DVDs, audio books, educational kits for children, visual resources
Damaged people, archives of local history books and books written by local authors, and delivery services for elderly people and people who are unable to visit the library in person.
Library customers can also order books through the Internet
Library lending system in the province.
Morrish, who runs the delivery service with two volunteers, now offers books to about 10 regular customers in Portage city.
She said she got the idea of the service from visiting her mother in North Batford.
Found a librarian who was bringing books to her mother\'s apartment.
Morriish said that she or one of the other volunteers first met with someone who wanted to deliver the goods to the door, to understand their interests, to determine the type of book they wanted, and to identify any special needs, for example, a large type of book.
Community activities organized by Portage Library staff, including monthly cafes attended by local musicians and poets, book reading by Manitoba writers, film series for children and adults, children and teenagers, and young adult and adult book clubs.
The library plays a vital role in the community, Calder said.
\"The purpose of the community library is to serve as a meeting place and activity center,\" she said . \".
Bee says it also offers a job for local high school students, with four students currently re-employed
In addition to other duties, books and assistance are placed on the circulation table.
They joined five of the libraries.
Time and about six parts.
The library is an important employer in the local area.
There are also 10 to 12 volunteers.
The committee plans to hold an opening day and a volunteer appreciation event in May 11.
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