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Folding paper into origami swans has never been so comforting for a generation, otherwise they will be hooked on gadgets.
Process studio, workshop, Process meeting in Bengaluru-
Ups and enthusiastic craftsmen are making anything from mast and dream catcher to glass bottle lamp and recycled paper tablerunners.
Hand-made has become a therapeutic effect for adults who are addicted to hand-made weekends after graduating from high school
Working days in the corporate world.
Many people gave up high
Full time addicted to craft flight work, became a craft entrepreneur and brought others into the circle.
Crafting is \"my time\" for many people \".
For most people, this is a return to the basic instinct of hand creation.
For many others, craft is considered a good way to stay away from gadgets.
Adult craftsmen are rising.
The children are also unwilling to lag behind.
With Internet access, making ideas easy to find, online tutorials make life simple.
Sowjanya Cherukuri and Vinutha Rajendren run iCraft, J of the studio. P.
Nagar believes that after working five days a week in the company world, it is not enough to be a weekend craftsman.
Colleagues turned their passion into a business and set up a studio, \"to meet their desire for crafting.
\"They have children aged 4 and 60 --year-
The old people approached them.
School children, college students, doctors, teachers and special educators attend their workshops on a regular basis.
\"Art and craft are treatments. It provides me-time.
\"Production is educational, exploratory, and the most important thing is fun,\" said Sowjanya . \".
\"In our interactions at workshops, people often express how hand-made can help them break the monotony, keep their creative side, and show the artists within them.
New things can be explored every time, and most importantly, it provides a strong sense of accomplishment.
Handcrafting also allows individuals to use their technology/gadgets under current technology contamination
Free time to engage them on a physical level, and few have done so these days, \"Vinutha added.
Aparna Vinod, founder of the craft business team, likes to put things together from the things around.
I love renovating old bottles, loofah handles, painting on furniture and making jewelry.
Anything with color excites me.
\"In fact, when she started craft the caravan, she believed that children needed to learn by creating and exploring, not by rote memorization.
When it comes to children, she stressed, we still only regard crafting as a hobby space, not a learning space.
\"For all humans, working with your hands is the most primitive.
So manufacturing, creation, engineering are part of us.
This may be a way to go back to the roots to witness the need to connect deeper and stay in your self.
Also, these days our lives are full of technical and social chats, and only when one sits down to create, write, or silence the mind do we realize how healing this is.
She also used art.
Basic Learning in adult training programs.
Manveen Kaur is the founder of Hobby In A Box, A startup hatched at IIM
When she was studying in Bangalore
It caters to those who want ready-made craft kits that provide materials and instructions at their doorstep to pursue the craft of their choice.
Their studio can have candle making, batik work, or mosaic making, as well as hand-made and DIY crosses like you bring an old glass bottle and turn it into a lamp.
\"At our seminar, we had an average of two seniors and two housewives, about six of whom came from the corporate sector ---
Artisans who are tired of a bar binge or watching a movie on weekends, \"manvin summarizes her demographics.
She also successfully organized the craft meeting, where a theme was set, where people took their own materials and everyone sat together and made it by hand.
She said she was inspired by the manual marathon held in countries such as the United States, but the enthusiasm for not finding a match here was a bit disappointed.
Popular crafts: * glass art, mosaic making, glass painting * mask making, origami, paper-cut * making gifts, knick-
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