contract manufacturing & private label directory.

by:HKKYO     2019-11-27
How to use the information in this directory is provided by each company on a questionnaire sent by hapi.
To get as much information as possible in a limited space, we used some abbreviations.
Operation, size: if not given, it is negotiable to indicate the minimum and maximum values according to the product, container, etc.
Certification: if the company has a registration number in the Environmental Protection Bureau (EPA)
Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
This is indicated by OTC drug and drug certification, organic certification, or ISO certification.
CM capability: in many cases, the specific capability of the contract manufacturer is represented by the following key: A-Aerosols Al-Alcohol-
C- based productsCreams LC-
Liquid, cold mix LH-
Liquid, hot mix L-Lotions Pa-Pastes Po-
Powder to find the manufacturer, please refer to the list of private label household products and personal products after the company\'s written materials.
Companies that offer each product are listed in alphabetical order in each category.
Visit our website hapi corn to regularly update the contract manufacturing/private label catalog throughout the year. 2-2-
Room 2375, 92507 Third Street, Riverside, California Tel: 951-683-2912 Fax: 951-683-
0952 mailbox: yfishman @ 220abs
Website: www. 2201abs.
Com Contact: Yolan Fishman, CEO establishment: 1991 officers: Ian Fishman, president;
CEO am Fishman, CEO Specialties: A, LC, LH, C, OTC
RTC for Unico)
7777 Glades Rd.
Suite 100 Boca Raton, FL 33434 Tel: 561-338-
3338 Email: Message @ aworldofwipes.
Website: www. aworldofwipes.
Contact person: Avi Tansman, President establishment: 1992 Abbe Laboratory Co. , Ltd.
1095 Route 110 Farmingdale, NY 11735 Tel: 800-457-0990 Fax: 631-756-
0894 Email: info @ abbelabs.
Website: www. abbelabs.
Com Contact: Paul Ian Nuzzo, managing director: Robert Posner, CEO, 1990 officers;
Eleanor Posner, chief financial officer: 1 gallon to 300 gallons. 25 oz.
55 gallon barrel certification: FDA registered CM capability: Major in Al, C, LC, LH, L, Pa: Resistance
Introduction to aging, Gan-alcohol, polypeptide, acne, OTC, stem cell therapy company: Abbe laboratory, an FDA-certified US
Registered, cGMP-
Compliant manufacturers of private label, OTC and cosmetic skin care formulations.
Provide services to Spa, medical office and marketing staff. Paraben-
Free recipe.
Active substances include peptides, vitamins, AHAs, vitamin A, stem cell therapy,-oxidants, etc.
Cream, lotion, serum, gel.
Small to medium run filled in tubes, bottles and jars.
Your formula is ours.
Creative development.
ABCO 2450 S.
Fairfield Inn Watney Road, CA 94533 Tel: 707-432-2200; 800-678-2226 Fax: 707-432-
2240 mail: Sales @ abcolabs
Website: www. abcolabs.
Com Contact: David Barron existing personnel: 1964 President Alan Barron;
Vice President David Barron
General Manager Philip Snowden certification: Certificate of Jewish OTC drug license. , organic cert.
, Food manufacturer, export certified, halal certified, current GMPs specialty: tablets, capsules, creams, lotions, homeopathic, spice mixture, gland milk, broth mixture and nutrient powder mixture
9000 Smithville Road, New Albany, OH 43031 Tel: 740-549-0606 Fax: 740-549-
4199 website: www. accel-inc.
Com establishment: 1995 officials: Tara AbrahamCEO;
David AbrahamCEO and COO;
Dan Harms: OH, OH run, CFO branch: at least 5000 certifications: FDA, WBENC, GMCP compliance major: contract Packaging, Kit & Assembly, reverse logistics/sorting, commercial group 7575 East Ada, Fulton Street, MI 49355-0001 Tel: 800-879-2732 / 616-787-5578 Fax: 616-787-
5650 Email: accesstsales @ access group.
Website: www.
Access Business Group
Com establishment: 1959 branches: Ada, MI & Buena Park, CA Runs: personal care, home care and nutrition products.
Dimensions: 3,000 to 16,000 gallon mixing tank certification: ISO 14001 and ISO 17025 cm capabilities: personal care, home care, sun protection, hair care, oral care, skin care, laundry, kitchen, floor, body and bathroom.
Featured in the form of liquid, aerosol, powder, cream, emulsion, gel, paste: large capacity running Accupac 1501 Industrial Avenue.
Contact number: 19451-215256-7000 Fax: 215-256-
7009 Email: info @ accupac.
Website: www. accupac.
Contact: Vice President Mark Hinkel
Building sales and marketing: 1974 officers: Paul alvettel, President and CEO of chief financial officer Bruce Wright;
Vice President Mark Sinker
Sales and marketing branch: Continental, PA operation: 1000 to 10 million sizes: 1/8 ounces.
Tanker certification: FDA, dea cm capability: C, LC, LH, L, Po specialty: liquid, cream, gel, ointment, liquid and powder, packed into cans, dr. Crouse, Adamson analytical laboratory 220
CA 92879 Corona Tel: 951-549-9657 Fax: 951-549-
9659 Email: info @ adamsonlab.
Website: www. adamsonlab.
Com Contact: 4620 Cali Mesa St, Vicky automotive aerosrays. , D-
1 Las Vegas, NV 89115 Tel: 702-228-0140 Fax: 702-293-
0149 Email: info @ aerosprays.
Website: www. aerosprays.
Com Contact: Jim, general manager identified: 1995 features: 1442 Walnut St for personal care supplies, cosmetics, household products Aftelier perfume.
369 Berkeley, CA 94709 Tel: 510-841-2111 / 510-841-2111 Fax: 510-841-
2111, Email: mandy @ aftelier.
Website: www. aftelier.
Com Contact: Mandy Aftel, President establishment: 1998 officers: perfumaftel, perfume operator: small AIG Technologies, 13th Avenue, Northwest, 5001.
B Inn & Suites Deerfield Beach, FL 33064 Tel: 954-433-0618 Fax: 954-433-
8233 Email: info @ AIG technologies.
Net website: www. AIG technologies.
Net Contact: technical director Stephen daos establishment: 1997 size: 35-12,000 lbs.
Specialty: sunscreen,-
Aging and moisturizer, acne treatment, bathing and body, shampoo and conditioner.
Union Packaging Group 420 Road to technology soville, WI 53080 Tel: 262-268-0888 Fax: 262-268-
0891 Email: info @ alliance-packaging.
Website: www. alliance-packaging.
Com Contact: Tom Van Rance, sales manager established: 2001 officers: Linda Kamal, President;
VP Maher KameL run: 500 to 1,000,000 size: lip balm tube, face stick tube, l/2 oz-
Loz-8 ounce extrusion tube
16 oz bottle CM function: CM is suitable for any of our products Professional: lipstick, facial care, lotion, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, facial paint allure cosmetics company
30901 Wiegman Road
CA 94544 contact number Hayward; 510-489-8896 Fax: 510-489-
8861 website: www. allurelabs.
Com Contact: CEO Sam Dhatt set up: 1996 size: 75 cm capacity: Full Service Professional: Skin Care Alpha armatics 294 Alpha Dr
PA 15238 Fox church Tel: 800-295-5261 / 412-252-1012 Fax: 412-252-
1014 Email: info @ alpha armatics.
Website: www. alpharomatics.
Com Contact: Tim George established: 2000 officers: Arnold zlonick, owner run: 10 lbs per perfumeEnd Rd.
Totowa, NJ 07512 Tel: 973-890-9002 Fax: 973-890-
9778, Email: ambixlab @ aol.
Contact: Alvin Goren, President
Goren, President: negotiable certification: fda nj Department
Health, epa cm capabilities: AL, C, LC, LH, L, pa us private label, LLC 1700 North West 65th Street.
Tel: 954 plantation, 33313-FL678-4200 Fax: 954-678-
4201 Email: samantha @ american privatelabel.
Website: www.
American virginity.
Samantha pertruch, project manager: 2009 Officers: David Pollock, CEO;
Felipe Barrios, president: 5,000-
25,000 Average size: 15m1 to 100m1 average certification: FDA registration/safety cosmetics major: advanced smart core technology U. S. Spraytech 205 Meister Ave.
North Branch, NJ 08876 Tel: 908-725-6060 Fax: 908-725-
1932 mail: head of Post Office @ american spraytech.
Website: www.
Contact: Alan.
Chairman Lalwani: 1981 officers: Alan S.
President Lavani;
Bill Lueschen, R & D director, Robert Swiatecki, operations director: 10,000 size: 0. 5 oz. to 22-oz.
Certification: FDA-
Registered Professional: cosmetic and OTC aerosol and bag on valve spray Anderson 4545 components Dr.
Tel: 61109-Rockford, IL 815484-
8900 Email: Rheinland zke @ andpkg.
Website: www.
Anderson packaging company
Com: 1968 President and CEO Larry Beckman;
Tom Baca, president of consumer goods department.
Certification: FDA, epa cm capabilities: C, LC, LH, L, Pa, Po Andrew M
Martin 16539Main St.
Contact number: 90248-Canada, CA 310323-2000 Fax: 310-323-
2265 Email: info @ andrewmartinco.
Website: www. andrewmartinco.
Cliff Miller, president, 5000-
Size 1,000,000: 1/2cc-6 oz.
Certification: fda cm capability: Major in Al, C, L: liquid and gel
55 Dr. Peachtree ParkN. E.
Atlanta, GA 30309 Tel: 404-869-6475 Fax: 404-869-
6476 Email: info @ anisa.
Website: www. anisa.
Com Contact: Rachel Pickett, marketing manager: 1992 officers
Chair\'s office: Atlanta, Georgia;
Tianjin, China certified: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, WBENC certified professional: our product line includes makeup brushes and brush sets, bath and spa supplies, skincare accessories and a wide range of other products.
We provide strategic marketing guidance, rapid sampling and manufacturing processes, and high quality products. Apex 360[degrees]
1435 doctor of production
Tel: 41005-859 KY Burlington468-7115/859-282-9360 Fax: 859-282-6202 Mail: a. Rudder pivot @ apex36mpa.
Website: www. apex360.
Com Contact: Andy/owner (women owned)
Available: 2004 officers: president/owner Andi Gudgeon (women owned)Runs: 1-
1 million size: quality quick turnaround certification: WBENC--
Women with/certified CM capabilities: tags--in-
Internal printing: large format, label, advertising major: Sales sample, model, prototype, Kit, label, shrink, product rework Apollo 1850 South Cobb Industrial Avenue.
Contact number: 30082-770433-0210 Fax: 770-433-
0132, Email: aerosol @ earthlink.
Net website: www. apolloind.
Com establishment: 1970 branches: Dalton, GA operation: aerosol-
1,200 units and above; liquids-
1,200 units and sizes: aerosol-
22mm aluminum to 24 ounces. steel; liquids-4 oz.
55 gallon barrel certification: EPA, fda cm capabilities: A, Al, LC, LH specialty: complete range of aerosol and other unique packaging alternatives;
Own brand or Apollo brand.
Detergent, Polish, deodorant, disinfectant, pesticide, adhesive and industrial products.
In addition, customer products are filled and formulated with Arid Labs 31 Davis St.
Nanping field, NJ 07080 Tel: 908-755-4080 Fax: 908-755-
4153 website: www. ariellabs.
Contact: Peter Bohm officer: Peter Bohm, President professional: color cosmetics, including spray gun cosmetics from Arizona Natural resources2525 E. Beardsley Rd.
AZ 85050 Phoenix-1322 Tel: 602-569-6900 Fax: 602-569-
9697 mail: Sales @ aznaturals
Website: www. aznaturals.
Contact: Paul Dembow: 1972 officer: George F.
Dembow III and Paul.
Dembow, president run: 5,000 minutes.
To the size of millions :.
Monthly Oz, large capacity handbag/steel barrel certification: organic certified manufacturer, FDA certified
Registration, GMP, ATF major: R & D and contract manufacturing of routine and organic skin care, hair care, bath and body care, personal care products, CA 14021 Bolsa Lane Cerritos, CA 90703 Tel: 949-263-1400/800-462-7662 Fax: 562-229-
3137 Email: info @ aromanaturals.
Website: www. aromanaturals.
Contact: Jeffrey Wright CEO/COO: Eric Wright, president, 1990 officers;
Jeffrey Light, chief operating officer, international headquarters and manufacturing plant, Irvine, California operations: from 1-
1,000,000 size: Pour-in with cans and glass, pillars-
Certification for all sizes and shapes: natural and organic FDA, OTC specialty: Natural Candle & cosmetics Audrey Morris Cosmetics International 1501 Green Rd.
, J. Pompano Beach Suite, FL 33064 Tel: 954-332-2000 Fax: 954-332-
2001, Email: amc @ audreymorriscometics.
Website: www.
Audrey Morris Cosmetics
Contact: Caroline Roman, vice president
Sales Agency: 1965 supervisors: Wayne Morris, CEO branch: 2 in the United States and Canada
25000 features: private label manufacturing of cosmetics and skin care products
James Austin Post Box 827 + 115 Neville Road Mars, PA 16046-0827 Tel: 800-245-1942/724-625-1535 Fax: 724-625-
3288 Email: Message @ jamesaustin.
Website: www. jamesaustin.
Contact: John Austin, vice president
Existing sales staff: Harry Austin III, president, 1889;
Vice President Sales branch John Austin: NC, FL and MA Runs: small to large size: 22 oz to 192 oz package certification: OU, EPA, nsf cm capabilities: Al, LC professional: bleach (
Sodium chloride)
Detergent, detergent, detergent
Tel: 05452-Essex Junction, VT 802857-4733/802-857-4600 Fax: 802-857-
4601, Email: Sales @ autumnharp.
Website: www. autumnharp.
Com Contact: Abbott Stark, Business Development Agency: 1978 officers: Dave Logan, chairman;
Certification: John Logan, president of FDA (OTC)
Mentor Norton Pkwy, OH 8080 Tel: 44060-800944-
8511 mail: frna.
Info @ averydennison.
Website: www. averydennison.
Com Contact: Dan Galovic, Marketing & segment manager, establishment: 1935 branches: Label & packaging materials, retail brands & information solutions, Office & consumer goods specialty: stress-
B beauty manufacturing solutions company sensitive technologies and materials, retail brands and information solutions and organization and identification of products
13525 Dr. Denton.
Dallas, Texas 75234 Tel: 972-241-9665/972-993-8912 Fax: 972-620-
Email: Mali, 0715.
Lin @ Beauty manufacturing.
Website: www.
Beauty manufacturing.
Com Contact: Marilyn Squires, VP-
Sales are established: 1996 runs: 5,000 sets minimum size: 5g (. 17 ounces)
FDA drug labeling machine-1 gallon certification
Otc cm features: long lasting eye shadow for skin care, hair care, baby products, color cosmetics, local OTC drugs, mask, anti-aging, perfume
23263 Madro, Mission Viejo, Suite A, CA 92691 Tel: 949-457-2222/888-43-
BENEV Fax: 949-457-
2221 mailbox: benservice @ benev
Website: www. benev.
Com Contact: Rodney Roland professional: pharmaceutical makeup, nutrition, Biddiscombe International 11961 31 St Court N St.
Tel: 33716-St. Petersburg, FL 727299-9287/800-258-3313 Fax: 727-299-
0871 mail: Sales @ biddiscombe
Website: www. biddiscombe.
Com Contact: John Melville, President establishment: 1985 officers: John Melville, President;
Karen Swartz, office manager: 500-10000 size :. 5 oz-
55 gallon certification: NOP certified organic manufacturer;
Certified CM capability for EcoCert organic manufacturers: Formula, manufacturing, filling specialty: Skin Care, Sun free UV-
Free tanning products, tanning lotion, hair care productsBotanica, Inc.
75 Commerce Dr.
Tel: 11788-hoppug 631, New York231-5522 Fax: 631-231-
7332 Email: edelisle @ bio-botanica.
Com Contact: Ellen Delisle, technical sales manager, established: 1972 certifications: NSF, QAI professional: custom extraction bio-happening 296 Washington Avenue.
07601, Hackensack, New Jersey Tel: 201-678-1992 Fax: 201-678-
1993 Email: Message @ bio-occurrence-labs.
Website: www. biogenesis-labs.
Com Contact: Ann Rabbani, President\'s establishment: 1997 officials: Ann Rabbani, President\'s operation: Running from small to large.
The minimum price starts at 2500 pcs. per product.
Certification: FDA-
Registered CM capability: Product development, manufacture and on-site filling of tubes, jars and bottles.
Features: cream, lotion, Toner, SPFs,aging, anti-acne.
Bocchi 26421 Ruether Ave.
Santa Clarita, CA 91350 Tel: 661-252-3807 Fax: 661-252-
3987 mail: Sales @ bocchilabs
Website: www. bocchilabs.
Com establishment: 1989 branches: CA Santa Clarita run: 10,000 size: all size certifications: OTC, drugs, alcohol.
CM capabilities: Major in Al, C, LC, LH, L, Pa: Personal Care products focused on hair care and body care
4164 MN 55384 Coastline Drive Spring Park Tel: 952-471-9855, ext. 15 Fax: 952-471-
9870 Email: pnyberg @ boomeranglabs.
Website: www. boomeranglabs.
Com Contact: Paul Nyberg establishment: 1999 officials: Paul Nyberg, president run time: 3000 minutes. ; unlimited max. Sizes: 1 fl. oz. -1 gal.
Certification: fda cm capabilities: C, LC, LH, L specialty: liquid filling personal care, home products, shampoo, Bath care, cream, lotion, gel BPI Laboratory
No. 97, South Red Willow Road
WY 82930 Contact number: 307-Evanston789-7288 Fax: 307-789-
7932 Email: info @ bpilabs.
Website: www. bpilabs.
Com Contact: Cheryl Shirley, customer service agency: 1986 officers: Kenneth Shirley, President: 10 ml--
Five gallon certification: FDA-
Registered, cGMP-
CM capability to meet requirements: formulation development, testing, manufacturing, filling, labeling, packaging, including bottles, test tubes and cans Bradford natural organic soap, perfume
200 Providence StreetP. O.
Box 1007 West Warwick, RI 02893-0907 Tel: 401-821-
2141 Email: info @ bradfordsoap.
Website: www. bradfordsoap.
Contact: EVP-Chris Barkley
Set up business development: 1876 President/President John Howland;
Chris Barkley of EVP
Business Development;
Debbie McDonald VP-
Marketing Branch: Providence, RI; Columbus, IN; Calexico, CA;
Mexico certification: GMPc, FDA, Organic, RSPO, Rainforest Alliance, EPA specialty: Bradford is an innovative global resource for personal care products.
We offer custom soap and soap (
Vegetables, butter, syndet, organic)
Liquid, lotion, bath products.
Services include custom recipes, R & D facilities, product design sew Breeze products 7207 114 Ave B Largo, FL 33773 Tel: 727-521-4482 Fax: 727-521-
4311, Email: tpainter @ breezeproducts.
Website: www. breezeproducts.
Contact: Thomas Painter, sales/private label dir.
Available: 1999 police officers: Robert dowwell, vice presidentR&D;
President Michael lime
Brook Bennett, private label manager, operates: small and medium size: 0. 5 oz. to 1 gal.
Features: cream, hot filling, lotion, liquid, indoor sunbathing, R & D brush for Karen P. O.
Miñola, New York, 1547 mailbox 11501 Tel: 800-722-0528/516-739-7788 Fax: 516-739-
7711 Email: info @ brushesbykaren.
Website: www. Brushesbykaren.
Com CONTACT: Theresa Lauro, sales manager establishment: 1988 review Barbara PO Box 772 New Hyde Park, NY 11040 Tel: 800-338-1423/516-437-4080 Fax: 516-437-
4296, Email: @ review.
Website: www. brushup.
Officer: Barbara Panagos C-
Nursing 979 Corporate Avenue.
Linthicum Hall, MD 21090 Tel: 410-850-0035 Fax: 410-684-
2647 Email: info @ c carellc.
Website: www. c-care-company.
Contact: Ron Hoch, vice president
Operation established: 2000 officers: President Ulrich Metzler; Ron Hoch, VP-
Sales/operation; Andy Davis, VP-
Management operation: more than 5,000 units, depending on the agreed minimum batch size: milliliters to 1 gallon, containers of all types--
Certification: GMP, FDA-bottle, baby, jar, plastic bottle, aluminum tube, piston tank, Vial
Registration, organic certified cm features: aluminum, C, LC, LH, L, T-Rex: hair care, skin care, hair color, filling, mellow CA Botana 9365 Waples St.
San Diego, California 92121 Tel: 858-450-1717/800-872-2332 Fax: 858-450-
0610 Email: ca-healthy skinbotana.
Website: www. ca-botana.
Com Contact: Dorothee Roming certification: GMP, Oriental Wood, USDA-NOP--
Authorized organic major in NSF, CA: Results-
Scientific delivery system, lipids, peptides, enzymes, plant stem cells, herbal extract Cargille Tab-natural, organic skin carePro 4 E.
Cedar Knowles hotel Frederick square, NJ 07927 Tel: 973-267-8888 Fax: 973-267-
7998 Email: cargilletabpro @ att.
Net website: www. CargilleTabPro.
Contact: Scott Molinaro, established: Reorg.
1994 officers: John J.
Certification: epa cm capability: Po major: mixing, tablet, process (non-FDA), tablets-
8200 Katella Ave perfume Katbia.
Suite G Stanton, CA 90680 Tel: 714-799-5603 Fax: 714-799-
7312 Email: caribia @ attglobal.
Net website: www. hawaiianfan.
Com Contact: Harry McClaren, President: 1978 officers: Harry F.
Joan M. McClaren
McLachlan :(negotiable)
Specializing in the Mediterranean. Sizes: . 5 oz. to 55 gal.
Drum certification: fda cm capabilities: C, LC, LH, L, Pa, Al Case-
Mason filling company
No. 9101 huangbrick Road
Baltimore, Maryland, 1 suite 21237 Tel: 410-679-8900/410-687-0007 Fax: 410-679-
Email 2907: smiller @ casemason.
Website: www. casemason.
Contact: Scott Miller: 1974 officers
Mason, president/owner branch: Baltimore County, Hartford County certification: EPA, fda cm capabilities: A, LC, LH, L specialty: blister packaging, show Packaging shrink packaging Catalent cosmetics 14 School Road.
Somerset, New Jersey 08873 Tel: 888-765-8846 Fax: 732-537-
6480 Email: Solution @ catalent.
Website: www. catalent.
Com Contact: Stella Kadatskaya, director of strategic marketing at Softgel specs: multiple innovative delivery options at the CBI Laboratories 4201 diplomatic lab, consumer health marketFt.
TX 76155 Tel: 972-241-7546/800-822-7546 Fax: 800-352-
1094 Email: info @ cbiskincare.
Website: www. cbiskincare.
Com Contact: David Pair, chief operating officer, establishment Time: 1982 personnel: David Pair, chief operating officer;
Bill Basinski of EVP
Chief Financial Officer Rusty Oesch;
Cindy Anderson, professional director, private label sector: innovative development and manufacturing of Skin Care, Hair Care and OTC products4342 S. Wolcott Ave.
Chicago, IL 60609 Tel: 773-890-5790 Fax: 773-890-
1606 Email: info @ cedarconcepts.
Net website: www. cedarconcepts.
Net build: 1991 size: 300-
7100 gallon mixer and reactor certification: ISO 9001: 2000;
Ability: major in aluminum, C, LC, LH, Lo: raw material manufacturing, mixing, peeling, stirring, misc
Distribution of repackaged chemicals at Chase 2727, Gardner Rd.
Contact number: 60153-IL 708 Broadview865-1000 Fax: 708-865-
7041, Email: Sales @ chaseproducts.
Website: www. chaseproducts.
Com Contact: President/CEO Judy albaqi was established: 1927 officers: Judy albaqi, President/CEO;
Idargotin, Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer: Yatao, Kim Jong Il\'s: required size: required certification: US Environmental Protection Agency, pesticide 498 cm capability: featured: custom aerosol packaging ChemAid Laboratories, Inc.
100 Mayhill St.
Saddle Creek, New Jersey 07663-5302 Tel: 201-843-3300 Fax: 201-843-
5579 website: www. chemaidlabs.
Com Contact: Mark Reina, president established: 1971 officer: Mark Reina, Joseph attensio run: 5000 (min. )-
3,000,000 size: 0. 1 oz. (samples)-
Gallons, barrels, or barrels (bulk)
Certification: fda cm capabilities: Major in Al, A, C, LH, L: Performance skin care and hair care, professional hair care and prestige bath and body treatment, fine fragrance assist products.
Company Chemolee lab
3820 conflagon Road
Irving, Texas 75061 Tel: 800-338-8006/972-986-2000 Fax: 972-790-
3497 Email: info @ chemolee.
Website: www. chemolee.
Com Contact: Christine Lee, product developer: 1986 officer: John Lee, vice president/owner hwanlee Lee
Professional in operation: Skin Care, OTC pharmaceutical manufacturer, BOV filler ChemRite CoPac, Inc.
Dr. West Edgewood, 19725.
Tel: 53046-Lanong, WI 262255-3880 Fax: 262-255-
4153 Email: Marketing @ chemritecopac.
Website: www. chemritecopac.
Com Contact: Todd Freier, sales manager: 1976 executives: Ron Whitt, CEO/founder;
Darrell Smith, chief operating officer: 400 to 5,000 gallons. 25 oz.
55 gallon barrel certification: FDA, EPA, OTC approved CM capability in compliance with gmp: Major in Al, C, LC, LH, L, Pa: description of OTC, personal care, home, industrial automotive company: ChemRite Co-Pac, Inc.
It is an award-winning contract manufacturer that is able to prepare, mix and package a variety of liquid, cream, lotion or paste products.
Our record of non-bending quality, customer satisfaction and value makes ChemRite CoPac an ideal choice for production and packaging support. Call us today!
Chester lab section 1900th
Cincinnati, Ohio 45237 Tel: 800-354-9709/513-458-3840 Fax: 800-235-
3995 emails: jack
Chester Armstronglabs.
Website: www. chesterlabs.
Contact: Jack Armstrong, vice president
Existing sales staff: 1939 Vice President John Armstrong;
Chief Financial Officer Tom trynlin
Vice President Tony Grimaldioperations;
Vice President Jack Armstrong
Sales operation: 25k units running to high volume size: 1 oz to tanker certification: FDA, ISO 13485, ISO 9001 cm capabilities: liquid mixing and filling specialty: lotion, cream, mouthwash, body wash, hand sanitizer (alcohol gels)
285 Christine bridge Road ultrasonic gel Christine Valmy.
Pine Brook, New Jersey 07058 Tel: 973-575-1050; 800-526-5057 Fax: 973-575-
1355 Email: info @ christinevalmy.
Website: www. christinevalmy.
Com Contact: EVP Marina de Haydu was founded: 1965 features: 9530 DeSoto Ave, OTC classic cosmetics.
Chatsworth, CA 91311 Tel: 818-773-9042 Fax: 818-773-
9029 Email: info @ classiccosmonics.
Website: www.
Classic cosmetics.
Com Contact: Kim Peire, sales and marketing director, established: 1988 run: 3000 size: different certifications: OTC drug manufacturing license major: color cosmetics, personal care supplies
117 Avalon Ind. Pkwy.
Tel: 63385-MO wintsville 636332-7909 Fax: 636-332-
7955, Email: classicladypkg @ earthlink.
Net website: www. classicladypkg.
Contact number: Eugene Scheffer, General Motors: 1996 officers
Xie Fu, Chairman; E. W. Schaeffer, sec. /tres. Runs: 100-
100,000 and size: 1/4 ounces. -55 gallon; powders: 1 gm-1 lbs.
Certification: EPA, WBE, fda cm capabilities for drugs and food: Al, C, LC, L, Pa, Po, A, LH specialty: short run-
Cobe color cosmetics 1016 S multi-size, label printing function. Vail Ave.
Tel: 90640-Montebello, CA 323721-4281 Fax: 323-721-
4286 mailbox: Sales @ cobecolor
Website: www. cobecolor.
Establishment of the committee: 2003 officials: Sergio Quinones, chairman: number of enquiries: 0. 12-oz. to 55 gal.
Drum certification: FDA, EPA, CA Department
Health Service Bureau, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms CM capacity: C, LC, LH, L, Al, Pa specialty: mineral powder, base, lip, color of eyes and cheeks 5344
Tel: 32254-FL 904-693-1200/805-208-
3069 mail: Brendapeterson@us. Thecolomer group.
Website: www. colomerusa.
Com Contact: Brenda Peterson, sales director: 1969 officers: Matthew Ryan, vice president
Operating branches: Spain, Italy, Mexico, Vista, CA Runs: 5,000 Min size: 0. 25 fl.
Oz to 1 gallon certification: FDA, otc cm function: hot filling, relaxation agent, lotion, shampoo, Perm, scrub, professional: National hair care, hot filling, wax salon styling products, spa Company description: colmer is a top contract manufacturer with full-service spa services
Serving the world\'s largest consumer goods company.
Colomer offers Formula development, filling, packaging design, bottle and jar manufacturing, decoration, supply chain management, compliance support, and warehouse and distribution services under one roof.
Color Factory, No. 11312 Penrose Street
Tel: 91352-CA Sun Valley 818767-2889 Fax: 818-767-
4062 website: www. colorfactoryla.
Al Booth, President and CEO;
Senior Vice President of Color Lab cosmetics 1112 Fifth Avenue, Judy jegaleli.
Tel: 61104-Rockford, IL 815965-2001/800-790-2417 Fax: 815-965-
2007 Email: info @ colorlabmanufacturing.
Website: www.
Color Label manufacturing.
Com Contact: CEO Mary Swaab established: 1996 runs: low minimum runs for most product certifications: cgmp cm features: From lipstick, lipstick, lead pendant, balms and stains
Loose/Pressed Mineral shadows, blush and foundation, masking agent, eyebrow wax, cream and lotion, liquid foundation, cream to foundation, bath salt/powder and more!
Major: R & D and new product development/product re-development
Make, fill, label, package.
Dr. Timothy, Columbia 1661
Tel: 94577-San Leandro, CA 510562-5900 Fax: 510-562-
3544 Email: info @ columbiacosmonics.
Website: www.
Com Contact: Gretchen Orston was established: 1978 officers: Rachel lender, president of the branch: Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Burbank pa, Po features: mineral Cosmetics 661 Quequechan St, Commonwealth soap and cosmetics.
Luohe, MA 02721 Tel: 508-676-9355 Fax: 508-676-
9430 Email: rdurand @ cstsoap.
Website: www. cstsoap.
Contact: Robert Durand, vice president
Complete Sales of private label soap from pharmaceutical and packaging companies
490 route 46 East Fairfield, NJ 07004 Tel: 973-882-8484 Fax: 973-882-
8338 mailbox: 13 @ yahoo.
Com Contact: Barry Berman, director establishment: 1985 officer: Barry Berman operation: 1,000-
Size 1,000,000: 1/2 ounces. -
Gallon certification: fda cm capabilities: C, LC, LH, L, Pa, Pb, Al, contemporary cosmetics group20-10 Maple Ave.
New Jersey Fair Lawn 07410 Tel: 973-423-5999/800-828-2676 Fax: 973-423-
2317 mail: Sales @ contemporary cosmetics.
Website: www.
Contemporary cosmetics
Com cosmetics development laboratory 4733 Torrance Avenue, 974 Torrance, CA 90503 Tel: 310-539-4100/310-941-0092 Fax: 310-539-
4190 Email: helen @ SkinnCDL.
Website: www. CosDevLabs.
Com Contact: Helen d Ambrosio, account manager: 2002 officers: Dimitri James, owner, running: 20 to 1000 gallons hair care major: custom formula, private label and contract manufacturing for skin care and hair care.
Nature and
Product aging, free of charge, free of charge, no sulfate, free of charge, free of charge of triclosan and no animal test cosmetics Essence No. 2182 35 South Holmdel, NJ 07733 Tel: 732-888-7788 Fax: 732-888-
6086 website: www. Beauty Essence.
Com Official: Matthew Heuer, vice presidentsales; William F. Zreblec, Sr. VP-
R & D: Edison, Ridgefield and Cranbury, New Jersey and VA Roanoke
National release certification: FDA, OSHA-
CM capability of certification order fulfillment center: Major in Al, C, LC, LH, L, Pa, Po: Perfume, cream/lotion, color cosmetics laboratory
No. 10618 Shoemaker Avenue
Santa Fe Springs, California 90670 Tel: 562-941-1114 Fax: 562-941-
1125 Email: info @ cosmeticlabinc.
Website: www. cosmeticlabinc.
Com Contact: Jimmy Song, marketing manager, cosmetics Laboratory, USA 20245 Sunburst St.
Chatsworth, CA 91311 Tel: 818-998-3511 Fax: 818-349-
9749 mail: Sales @ visualpak.
Website: www. cla-cosmeticlabs.
Com/Contact: Andrew Koenig, vice president
R & D and business development: 1972 officers: GM Oscar saldarica operations: 25,000 Min size: 1 ozto gal.
Certification: fda cm capabilities: Major in Al, C, LC, LH, L: hair and skin care products, perfumes, liquid basic cosmetics solutions in 6101 Park, Commercial Avenue.
Boca Raton, FL 33487 Tel: 561-226-8600 / 888-883-0540 Fax: 561-226-
8700 Email: info @ naturalskincare.
Website: www. Natural skin care.
Com Contact: Mervyn Becker, President/CEO establishment: 1991 officers: Mervyn Becker, Warren Becker, Irwin Grams certification: FDA-approved, cGMP-
CM-compliant function: low-
Specialty: Mass production
Finally effective skin and body care, professional hair care essence Company Profile: Manufacturer of skin care contract with its own brand.
Cosmetics solutions are the industry\'s leading country in science-of-the-
Provide art skin care products for well-known skin care leaders and doctors, well-known cosmetics brands and up-and-
Entrepreneurs of the future
Cosmetic solutions, supported by cutting-edge R & D and manufacturing facilities, provide world-class services including R & D, packaging and design, manufacturing and delivery.
From concept to shelf and all stages in between, the broad experience of private label manufacturing for cosmetic solutions is the solution to meet all your skin care needs.
Specialty laboratory of cosmetics
210 southwest Texas Avenue
Lawton, OK 735018196 Tel: 580-355-2182 / 800-364-2182 Fax: 580-355-
1195 Email: jennifer @ aloe-vera.
Website: www. aloe-vera.
Com Contact: Jennifer Leith officer: Hennessee Edna ·;
Odus Hennessee, president, cosmetics packaging procurement, TN 170 Commerce Way Gallatin, TN 37066 Tel: 615-452-
9633 mail: Sales @ csimed
Website: www. csimed.
Com establishment: 2001 certification: ISO 9001, professional in compliance with gmp: liquid, cream, gel universe laboratory 480 EArrow Hwy.
Tel: 91773-San Dimas, CA 909971-9832 / 909-971-9816 Fax: 909-971-
9812, Email: Barbara @ cosmobeautilab.
Website: www. cosmobeautilab.
Com Contact: Marketing manager Barbara Cui establishment: 1997 run: size run size: 1m1--
Batch certification: FDA-
Ability to register CM: Major in Al, C, LC, LH, Lo, Pa, Po: Skin Care, Hair Care, body care, nail care, oral care Cosmolab 1100 Garrett ·
37091 Tel: 931-Fort Lewis, TN359-6253 Fax: 931-359-
8465 mail: www. info@cosmolab.
Website: www. cosmolab.
Com contact: Sally Libs, Marketing Coordinator: 1930 officers: Holborn Montgomery, general manager: 5000 PCs.
Certification of each color: EPA, fda cm capability: LC, LH, Po specialty: cosmetic pencil, mascara, lip gloss, liquid eyeliner Cosway20633 S. Fordyce Ave.
Carson, California 90810 Tel: 310-900-
4100 extension 150 Fax: 310-900-
4101 Email: smccarthy @ coswayco.
Website: www. coswayco.
Contact: Susan McCarthy
Establishment of new director of business development and marketing: 1963 officers: Rick Hove, President and CEO;
Dennis CabreyOPS;
Doug Smart, chief financial officer;
Susan McCarthy of Sr Dir Mktg & New Bus Dev;
Bruce Farrell, Dir quality company;
Raul Camacho of the factory rngr;
Jose Lozano, vice president
Engineering operation: 10,000 units of 1 million units per operation Specification No. : 5m1, monthly gallon certification: us fda registration, cGMP standard, authorization from Oriental Timber Company, standard cm function of OSHA and EPA: specialty of personal care: professional hair care, skin care;
General and professional body care; sun care, self-
Loose powder and salt for leather and ironing; home fragrance; pet care; paraben-free, sulfate-
Dr. Coughlan Products Co. , Ltd. 102 Life Sciences
Tel: 18447-PA 914592-3130 ext. 118 / 973-904-
1500 Email: info @ processechnologies.
Website: www.
00 ughlanproducts.
Com Contact: Annette Sanger, director of business development: 1900 runs: various sizes: various certifications: EPA, FDA, USDA organic CM capabilities: LC, LH, Pa, Po professional sugar/salt scrub, shower/bath, bath powder/granules, salt, soaking water, AZ 460 South Benson Lane Suite 3 Chandler 85224 body oil and essential oil mixture, nail/pedicure, solid perfume and body butter balms CoValence Lab 480 Tel:-897-0551 Fax: 480-897-
0547 website: www. covalence.
Contact: C00/VP Melinda warshnell
Marketing staff: Linda Walker, President/CEO, 1989;
Melinda Walsh, chief operating officer and vice presidentmarketing;
Chief Operating Officer/Vice President Pete Vlcek
Production Branch: Chandler, AZ operation: 4 to 1000 kg production batches: 300-
500 minimum certification: FDA-
Registered and gmp-
CM capability to meet requirements: Manufacturer of skin care, OTC, professional contract and private labelFree, phthalate-free, sulfate-
Free and animal-free CPC 9300
Chicago sangamont, IL 60620 Tel: 773-341-7700 Fax: 773-341-
7750 mail: Sell @ cpcpack.
Website: www. cpcpack.
Contact: Terry ROV, vice president
Established sales: 1974 officers: Alica Campos, Amit Shukla branch: Chicago Division: 50,000 to 50,000,000 sizes: all certifications: OTC, cGMP, ATF, enzyme major: high speed packaging of hair care, personal care, home and light industry products into bottles, tubes, cans and bulk custom aerosol packaging 543 Staunton St
Tel: 45356-pipu, OH 937773-1824 / 800-
Faxed by AEROSOL: 937-773-
6009, Email: eheckman @ customerosol.
Website: www. customaerosol.
1969 officers: Robert A.
President Heckman; Mary E.
Hackman, Secretary/Treasurer; Eric T.
Rickman, vice president: short to 1/4 ounces.
To super packs certification: epa cm capabilities: A, C, LC, L, Pa, Po specialty: cleaning agent, liquid and powder soap, shampoo, powder custom HBC Corporation 888 Industrial Drive.
Tel: 55387-Waconia, MN 877442-9881 Fax: 952-442-
9124 Email: info @ custom HBC.
Website: www. customhbc.
Com Contact: Larry William, president\'s establishment: 2000 officials: Larry William, president;
Jessica William, chief financial officer;
Rachel Anderson, vice president
Business development and sales;
Mary Pernula, marketing director;
Rod Prochaska, director of operations: 25 gal. min. Sizes: 1. 0 oz. -128. 0 oz.
Certification: FDA, epa cm capability: Al, C, LC, LH, L, Po specialty: short-term D. Arcy lab 2015 SW. 2nd St.
Pompano Beach, Florida, FL 33069 Tel: 954-334-1000 Fax: 954-334-
1001, Email: nicolo @ darcyskincare.
Website: www. darcyskincare.
Com Contact: Richard Nicolo establishment: 1979 officers: Richard Nicolo, Amy Nicolo operations: 5000 certifications: FDA/OTC, deep sea bulk materials 21 East 17 alcohol CM capacity
Tel: 36201-Anniston, Alabama 256236-4447 Fax: 256-236-
1447, Email: MudQueen @ DeadSeaBulkMaterials.
Website: www.
Com Contact: Tammy Doering, founder and Formulator: 2002 officials: Tammy Doering, President;
Jim Durin, vice president of professional: Dead Sea ingredients and natural alternative hair, skin and nail products for private label Decworks 333 East Airy St
Contact number: 19401-PA Norristown, PA 610209-8994 Fax: 610-277-
2479 mail: jsilva @ decworks
Website: www. decworks.
Contact vice president John Silva
Sales staff: John Silva, vice president, 1971sales;
Walt Cosgrove, operations manager certification: gmp, fda cm capabilities: rehabilitation work-
There are four facilities in Pennsylvania dedicated: kit packaging, gift assembly, POP Display, club store packaging, shrink pack and strap, bagging, sealing, sorting, binding, insertion, sampling procedures, blister packaging, labeling, color matching, glue application, bulk mailing, removal and inspection services in-
Pick-up House by truck
Professional in Ups and delivery: All misc.
Rally at Delbia Do 2550 Park Avenue.
New York, NY 10451 Tel: 888-DELBIADO / 718-585-
2226 Email: darryl @ delbiado.
Website: www. delbiado.
Com Contact: Darryl Do Established: 1968 officers: Darryl Do, VP run: Test the pilot batch size from market to production batch: vial, 30m1, 50m1, 100m1, totes certification: FDA, I Kosher, Organic, ISO 9001: 2000 specialty in filling and packaging of luxury perfume: mixing and filling of alcohol solution, cream, lotion32 Henry St.
Tel: 07608, NJ-201-288-5858 Fax: 201-288-
9466, Email: Wendy @ Dermaceuticallabs.
Website: www.
Contact: EVP-Chang Wendi
Marketing and Product Development: 2011 officers: James Chang, President; Renato M. Jose, CEO;
EVP-Chang Wendy
Scale of marketing and product development: 5,000 and 2 ml-
500 ml certification: FDA-
Registered CM capabilities: Major in skin care, hair care, bath and body care & Cosmetics: innovative lotion technology Dermazone Solutions, Inc. 2440 30 Ave. North St.
Tel: 33713-St. Petersburg, FL 727446-
6882x204 Email: rdowdell @ dermazone.
Website: www. dermacm.
Com Contact: Robert Dowdell, Executive Development Director, established: 2001 runs: minimum 5000 pieces size: flexible certification: FDA-registered, Rx-
Certified CM capabilities: C, LC, LH, Lo to bottle, tank, tube major: Patented Nanotechnology, custom Dermolab Pharmaceutical Co. , Ltd.
1421 Nobel Saints Street
Canada J3E 1Z4 QC J3E Julie Tel: 450-649-8886 / 514-867-0664 Fax: 450-649-
2357 Email: jcolas @ dermolab
Website: www. dermolabpharma.
Contact: Jean Colas, 1985 Official: Robert P.
Jean Colas, President Boisvert and Vice President
Sales and marketing certification: pharmaceutical, health care products CM ability: Cream, LC, LH, Lo, Pa Professional: Cosmetics, pharmaceutical, health care products DeSoto 900 E. Washington St.
Joliet, IL 60433 Tel: 815-727-4931 Fax: 815-727-
4333 mail: losuds @ aol
Contact: William Boucher, vice president
Sales and Marketing: James L.
President Jackson;
Dell McCann, vice presidentfinance;
Anita Jackson, vice presidentadminstration;
McDonald Ray, vice president
R & D;
William Boucher, vice president
Sales and market operation: negotiable specifications: small to club certification: development features of minority enterprises in Chicago: Dhaliwal Laboratory LLC 11910 Shiloh Road, liquid and powder cleaner.
Texas State Dallas 130 suite 75228 Contact Phone: 214-446-5862 Fax: 214-446-
5863 Email: info @ dhaliwal-labs.
Website: www. dhaliwal-labs.
Contact: Jason Dhaliwal, vice president
Established Business Development: 2008 officers: CEO Tehsel Dhaliwal operations: flexible scale of operations, from 5,000 to 250,000 certifications: minority Owned, HUB certified, cGMP, OTC, alcohol license CM features: Major in Al, C, LC, LH, L, Pa: AP/deodorant, alcoholic products (non-ingestible)
Acetone, ethnic/ethnic group
Cultural products, skin care, hair care, bath and body care, personal care, hot filled diamond wipes 4651 Schaefer Ave.
Contact number: 91710-800454-1077 / 909-230-9888 Fax: 909-230-
9885, Email: dwsales @ diamondwipes.
Website: www. diamondwipes.
Contact: Mr. Jiang, vice president
Package of sales contracts established: 1994 officers: Eve Yen, founder/president;
Tom Hill: SVP/general manager; William Li, VP-
Sales and contract packaging branch: Chino, CA (HQ);
Bucyrus, OH certification: FDA and EPA registration; FSC certified;
CM capabilities for women and minorities: Full Service turnkey wet wipes and filling production specialty: personal care, cosmetics, food services, healthcare
Wharton 07885, New Jersey Tel: 973-328-1600 Fax: 973-361-
4029 Email: info @ dminj.
Website: www. dminj.
1973 officials: Eugene Silver, CEO;
President Douglas silver;
Brian bendawi, director of sales certification: fda cm capabilities: packagers for blister grooming, stretch grooming, coloring, vacuum molding, RP \'sealing, club store packaging, product recall, and consumer goods such as waterless, water and alcohol products.
These products include color cosmetics, HBA and OTC products.
14570 Monte Vista Avenue, Diversapack, California.
Contact number: 91710-909517-
2442 Email: info @ diversapack.
Website: www. diversapack.
Com establishment: 1985 officers: Alan Chrystal of Andrei Yang III branch: Contract Manufacturing: Diversapack, Chino, California; Batavia, OH; Monroe, OH. Co-
Packaging: Orland, IN, flexible packaging and printing: Cincinnati sapack, Tyrone, PA, Marengo, IL, Cincinnati, OH run: 1 (hand samples)
To more than 1,000,000 sizes: Visit our website @ www. diversa-pack.
Com certification: ISO 9001: 2008, ASI excellence rating EPA high speed tube filling, high speed rotary filling, bag filling and sealing registered in select facilities, OTC and FDA-registered select facilities, MBE company CM features (liquid & dry)
Cosmetic filling specialty: innovative Formula development, molding, filling and sealing flexible packaging (packettes)
, Enzyme management, on-site microbiology, USP grade water system, alcohol manufacturing and filling (ATF registered)
300 Nixon Lane Edison, NJ 08837 Tel: 888-287-7909 / 732-287-
2300, Email: Sales @ dotcomdistribution.
Website: www.
Network distribution.
Com establishment: 1999 officials: Bill Follett, Maria Haggerty branch: 1 facility on the East Coast, planned to open factory Kitting in Nevada in 2012, from 100 to unlimited CM capabilities: realize and distribute B2B and B2C, major in warehousing: Assembly, kitting, embroidery, return to Empire Avenue 3435, Draga Lab LLC.
Atlanta, GA 30354 Tel: 404-762-1131 Fax: 404-762-
6170 mail: Sales @ dragalabs.
Website: www. dragalabs.
Com Contact: Angela Williams, president establishment: 2005 officers: Rafael Williams, Angela Williams certified: professional member of the GA Minority Supplier Development Committee: dynatabs 1933 East 12 St, hair care and skin care product manufacturer.
Brooklyn, New York 11229 Tel: 718-376-
6084 mail: Sales @ dynatabs
Website: www. dynatabs.
Com Contact: Harold Baum, general manager: 2005: Sarah Ghani certification: GMP, SOP, halal features: Natural Nutrition skin care products E Ecocare 3243 Easton Avenue.
Bethlehem, PA 18020 Tel: 610-814-0391 Fax: 610-814-
0392 mail: Sales @ ecocare
Website: www. ecocare.
Com build: 1998 runs: 48 to 30,000 times per day size: 5m1 to 250 gal.
Tote CM features: Major in Al, C, LC, LH, L, Pa, Po: hair care, hair color, home perfume eco
1830 Lamon Avenue
Chicago, IL 60639 Tel: 773-745-7700 / 773-732-4800 Fax: 773-745-
6400 Email: aaron @ ecocoinc.
Website: www. ecocoinc.
Com Contact: Aaron Tiram, president, Concord Street, Ecometics 19. S.
Tel: 06854-Norwalk, CT 203853-7856 Fax: 203-853-
6408 Email: Selling @ ecometics.
Website: www. ecometics.
Com Contact: Michael Lowenstein, vice president establishment: 1972 officersLowenstein, J.
Lowenstein, Michael Lowenstein Runs: Any Size: any certification: EPA, FDA, dea cm features: perfume and hair color Ei Inc. Al, C, LC, LH, L, Pa North Cannon Avenue 2865.
Tel: 28083-Napoli, NC 704939-4300 Fax: 704-933-
1010, Email: dritch @ eisolutionworks.
Website: www. Eisolutionworks.
Contact: Roger Martin, vice president
Established sales and marketing: 1983 runs: 5,000 to 1 million sizes: 1 ml to 1 gallon certification: Rx, OTC and cosmetic skin care CM features: a, C, LC, LH, po features: all open-
QC testing, method development, stability program and field lab for micro test Elcos 720 Palisade Ave.
Englewood Cliff 07632, NJ Tel: 201-227-0059 Fax: 201-227-
0355 Email: mjoo @ e-elcos.
Website: www. elcosgroup.
Contact number: Michelle Joo element herbal Po Box 203 Morro Bay, CA 93443 Contact number: 877-239-4667 / 805-528-
4000 Email: info @ elementalherbs.
Website: www. elementalherbs.
Com Contact: Ryan Ritchie, selling EMS contract packaging 1560 Industrial Road. P. O.
Box 380 Hatfield, PA 19440 Tel: 215-412-8380 Fax: 215-412-
8450 mail: Package @ emsdiasum
Website: www. emsdiasum.
Com Contact: Stacie Kirsch, President establishment: 1960 officials: Stacie Kirsch operation: certification from small to large: FDA Englewood Lab 88 WSheffield Ave.
Englewood, NJ 07631 Tel: 201-567-2267 Fax: 201-567-
2280 Email: info @ englewoodlab.
Website: www. englewoodlab.
Com Contact: Ken Park establishment: 2004 officers: David Chung, Dan Park run: 2000 to 1 million filling tube sizes: 50 kg pilot to 2100 kg production batches fda otc compliance CM capabilities: major in A1, C, LC, LH, Lo, Pa: Skin Care Cosmetics.
Sunscreen, other OTC basic laboratory, 2211 Nicolai Street, Northwest.
Tel: 97210-Portland, OR 8779EW-LABS / 503-722-7557 Fax: 503-905-
7390 Email: info @ ewlnatural.
Website: www.
Basic wholesale.
Com Contact: Officers Badcock, vice president officer: Portland Humke, President branch: Portland, OR run: 500-
1,000,000 unit and batch run size :. 15 oz -
32 oz and bulk box certification up to 330 gallons: USDA certified organic processor, FDA-
Registered CM capability: high speed filling line (50,000 u. /shift)
, Tube filling line, Sample Package filling, puke filling line, 60,100,150,200,550,100 0,5000 gallon tank and kettle features: natural and organic personal care, bathing, body and hair care, mineral cosmetics, Advanced Skin Care, exaxol 14325 60 St N Clearwater, FL 33760 Tel: 727-524-
7732 Email: info @ exaxol.
Website: exaxol.
Com Contact: Joe Papa, senior chemist, established 1988 branches: Genoa Italian branch: to 5000 sizes: to 1qt certification: internal QC program, documentation, QC testing major: EZ Brite Brands, Inc. shampoo/low viscosity washing
806C Sharon Dr.
Cleveland, OH 44145 Tel: 440-871-7817 Fax: 440-871-
7786 Email: ezbrite @ sbcglobal.
Net website: www. ezbritebrands.
Com Contact: Edmond Aghajanian, President\'s establishment: 1989 officials: Edmond M Aghajanian, president Runs: 1,000, maximum size: 1 oz to 275 gallons specialty: household cleaning supplies, cleaning supplies, cleaning supplies, liquids and paste;
Soap and lotion, liquid and foam wipes (
Cans and barrels);
Professional applicants; cleaning kits.
Customized product development.
Brush 70-F m-02 72nd Pl.
Glendale, NY 11385 Tel: 718-821-5939 Fax: 718-821-
2385 mail: info @ fmbrush.
Website: www. fmbrush.
Com Contact: Gregory Sable, VP-
Sales establishment: 1929: Gregory Sable, VP-
10A minknining Road sells gas stations.
Fleming, New Jersey 08822 Tel: 978-375-3545 Fax: 215-794-
3988 mail: Sales @ fillingstation
Net website: www.
Gas station.
Net Contact: Christopher White, president Established: 1998 officer: Christopher White running: small, medium, large size: 5 k-
1,000,000 certification: cGMP, fda cm capability: C, LC, LH, Lo, Pa specialty: Flexpaq 550 Hadley Rd for difficult creams.
Nanping field, NJ 07080 Tel: 908-753-7300 Fax: 908-753-
7959 website: www. flexpaq.
Contact: Jim-Jim gabiran
Sales and Market Building: 1988: Ludovic Anceau, chief executive officer; Marc-
Andre hukes, president and chief operating officer;
Jim gabiranis of Jim
Sales and marketing branches: Thouars, Socoplan in France, Socopol in Poland, Flexasia operation in China: test market to country size :.
5gm/m1 to 1 liter certification: EPA, fda cm capability: Major in Al, C, LC, L, Pa, Po, Ai LH: sample product FMI 100 cascade Dr unit dose/test size
Tel: 18109-PA Allentown 610266-7580 Fax: 610-266-
7586 Email: info @ fragrancemfg.
Website: www. fmi.
Son Contact: Sonya Millington establishment: 1992 officials: Kevin H.
Rhodes, presidential campaign: 100,000 size: 0. 5 oz. -
1 gallon certification: FDA, EPA, PA-
DOA, alcohol CM function: Al, C, LC, LH, L, Pa, Po specialty: hair care, skin care, personal care, OTC, home products, perfume FNC
No. 5600 Everglades Street
Tel: 93003-Ventura, CA 805644-7576 Fax: 805-644-
0777, Email: cservice @ fricmedical.
Website: www. incmedical.
Com establishment: 1990 officials: Branch of Theresa Lodevico: Ventura, CA operation: minutes. 5,000 pcs.
No maximum certification: fda cm capability: Major in AL, C, LC, L, Pa, LH: skin and hair care product formulation company 4432, 98002, C Street, NE Auburn, WA Tel: 800772-7005 Fax: 253-880-
0185, Email: sell @ formulacorp.
Website: www. formulacorp.
Com Contact: Chas Werner, president\'s establishment: 1983 runs: 144 units-
100,000 size: 4 oz to tanker truck certification: EPA Safra, GMP, alcohol, CM capacity: liquid, powder, emulsion, 4 oz-
Tanker truck professional: Personal Care solution developed by I & I, 11775 Starkey Rd.
Tel: 33773-Largo, FL 727373-3970 Fax: 727-398-
1524, Email: websales @ formulatedsolutions.
Website: www.
Contact: Ken Wanner, vice president
Sales establishment: 2000: Eric Dane, President and CEO, Kenneth Warner, VP-
Thomas Dane, vice president of sales
R & D operation: Negotiable--
Full pilot Laboratory
The production capacity has increased to more than one million units. Sizes: 0.
5g tube or bag with a volume of 55 gallons.
Includes plastic or laminated tubes, foil bags without wipes, aerosol of traditional or BOV El barrier system, bottles, airless or jars. Liquids, semi-
Solid, cream, lotion or gel.
Certification: FDA registration (
OTC, Rx and medical devices)
National organic certification, Health Canada and other international registrations.
CM capabilities: A, Al, C, LC, LH, C, Pa specialty: valves produce and develop aerosol and bags on Forsythe 10 Niagara Avenue.
Liberty Port New York Tel: 800-221-
8080 requirements: Information @ cosmeticgroup.
Website: www. cosmeticgroup.
Com was established: 1979 majors: nail polish, lip stick, lip gloss free radical technology 4167 Avenida de la Plata 116 ocean side, CA 92056 Tel: 760-940-2626 Fax: 760-940-
2629 Email: jgarruto @ radicaltechnology.
Website: www.
Radical technology
Contact: John Garruto, President: 1998gS.
131 Pullman Street
Livermore, CA 94551 Tel: 925-583-1426 / 925-371-5000 Fax: 925-960-
1400 Email: contact @ gscos.
Website: www. gscos.
Com Contact: Gogi Sangha, President & CSO establishment: 1998 officers: Gogi Sangha, CEO, President & CSO certification: MA-
Registered, cGMP-
Organic handling procedure CM function in compliance with USDA certification: Resistance
Anti-aging cosmetics, OTC skin care including sunscreen and anti-aging agentsacne products; body care;
Natural OrganicBasic skin care; and hair care.
Specialty: defense
Age makeup and OTC skincare GAR Labs at 1844 Massachusetts Avenue.
Tel: 92507-951, Riverside, California788-
0700 Email: Message @ garlabs.
Website: www. garlabs.
Com Contact: Tom Raffy, president Established: 1984 officers: Peter Curtis, R & D chemist: 5,000 to 5 million pieces size: 1/4 ounces
Certified organic specialty: Custom Private label hair care & Skincare Company Description: GAR Labs is a large solar contract manufacturer that customizes private label hair care & skincare products for mid-range customerssize mass-
Market Projects, low-cost bulk discounts starting with 5,000 PCs. (Sony No Make-Up)
Mureau Rd Garcoa 26136.
Calabassas, California Tel: 800-831-Hair x833/818-225-
9251 Email: info @ garcoa.
Website: garcoa.
Com/Contact: CEO Gregory Rubin was established at 1983 executive: CEO Gregory Rubin;
Terry Williams of Terry
Kip Bowers, new product development branch: Chicago, Toronto, Chatsworth, CA
Dimensions 50,000,000: 1-64 oz.
Certification: many FDA, OTC, EPA, din cm functions: professional in A, Al, C, LC, LH, Pa, Po: skin, hair, body, mouth, OTC, infant Dan medicine GDMI, Inc. local administration of powder and OTC
Dr. Marquis, 2763.
Garland, Texas 75042 Tel: 800-299-8980 / 972-494-7477 Fax: 972-485-
9529 mail: ginagdmi@airmail.
Net website: www. gdmiinc.
Com Contact: Gina Ferrall, vice president, COO: 1982 officers: Gina Ferran Runs: Min.
Batch size of 20 gallons, up to 1,000 gallons: 3 ml and larger, including batch manufacturing certification: FDA, OTC-
CM capacity for drug registration: Major in Al, C, LC, LH, L: skin and hair care Grafton cosmetic 3600 SCongress Ave.
Boynton Beach, FL 33426 Tel: 800-662-5387 Fax: 561-738-
2160 Email: info @ graftoncosmonics.
Website: www.
Contact: Susan Carroll, vice president
Sales Greenblendz 4520 Auburn Hills Glen Mead Lane, MI 48326 Tel: 248-499-
6051 Email: info @ greenblendz.
Website: www. greenblendz.
Contact number: Steve Berry Established: 2008 certification: GMP, organic major: Green/natural Greenway research laboratory 14301 Burnsville Pkwy Burnsville, MN 55306 Tel: 952-707-6904 / 800-451-0305 Fax: 952-808-
0213 Email: sskelton @ greenwaylab.
Website: www. roccoaltobelli.
Contact: Susan Skelton, vice president
Sales and mktg establishment: 1996 specialty: Candle Company for hair, skin care, bath and body, household cleaning products H Hanna Tel: 800-327-
9826 website: www. hannascandles.
Com/Harrison, No. 15 university Road
Guangdong, MA 02021 Tel: 781-828-8180 Fax: 781-828 -
4057 website: www.
Harris specialty.
Com Contact: Russell Fontaine, GM establishment: 1961 officers: Russell Fontaine, GM Branch: Major in Webster, MA and Chino: Al, C, LC, LH, non-custom contract manufacturer, l, Pa, Po
Aerosol burn Rd A. Downey, CA 9634 aerosol HBA and OTC products Health Professional 90241 Tel: 562-940-8300 Fax: 562-940-
8310 Email: info @ healthspecilty.
Website: www. Major in health.
Com Contact: Neil Badlani establishment: 2004 officer: Neil Badlani certification: Cosmetics, otc fda cm capabilities: Al, C, LC, LH, Lo, Pa hand sanitizer, fragrant atica grass 1900-CW. Stone Ave.
Fairfield Inn Los Angeles, LA 52556 Tel: 641-209-3500; 888-928-2121 Fax: 641-472-
8672 Email: sonja @ herba-aromatica.
Website: www. amrita.
Net Contact: Sonja Oslund, office manager: 1989 officers: Dr. Christoph StreicherD.
President/CEO operations: Any Size: any certification: Oregon Tilth CM capability organic certification: Al, C, LC, LH, L, Pa, Po, A major: real plant treatment ingredients
1504 W San Pedro Street.
Tel: 85233-AZ Gilbert 480892-8220 Fax: 480-892-
8240 Email: info @ herballyyours.
Net website: www. herballyyours.
Net Contact: Establishment of president Mimi Potocnjak: 1983 runs: 500 sizes: from sample 0.
5 oz to batch certification: nsf gmp, NFS certified sport, Jewish specialty: nutritional supplements and personal care products
Technology conversion 1699 King Street
Tel: 06082-Enfield, CT 860265-2633 Fax: 860-265-
2774 website: www. high-Technology conversion.
Com Contact: Claudio Orefice, president of CM, capability: wiping products and almost any type of consumable items for clean room, assembly line, laboratory and manufacturing.
HNC products
283 Dr. Cromwell
Tel: 61727-Clinton, IL 217935-6845 Fax: 217-935-
8938 Email: info @ hncproducts.
Website: www. hncproducts.
Contact: Vice President Chim Podini
R & D Agency: 1989 officials: Srila Podini branch: CSP packaging, 2 Lafayette Ct.
Bloomington, IL 61704: 500-
10,000 size: 4m1 to 400 ml certification: fda cm function: C, LC, LH, Pa specialty: ointment, cream, lotion, liquid Hogan Spice Co. , Ltd.
130 East 18 New York, NY 10003 Tel: 212-598-4310 Fax: 212-477-
4711 mail: ray @ hoganff
Website: www. hoganff.
Com Contact: Ray Hogan, President: 1985 officers: Kathleen Ryan, vice president, Specialties: Housechem Inc.
07463 Contact number: 201-Waldwick 25 Industrial Park, New Jersey-445-8808 Fax: 201-445-
2810 Email: info @ housechem.
Website: www. housechem.
Com Contact: sales manager Rogelio Ayala established: 1986 run: 25,000 unit minimum size: all certifications: EPA major: toilet care & air care products Hydron Technologies 4400N. Suite F St.
Tel: 3371-St. Petersburg, FL 727342-5050 Fax: 727-342-
5058, Email: Samantha @ Haichang.
Website: www.
Com Contact: Samantha pertruch: David Pollock, CEO, 1956 officers; Dr.
EVP run: 5 m/10 m/25 m size: 0.
Ability from 25 oz to 8 oz CM: C, LC, LH, L specialty: Self
Adjust the time delivery of skin care, patented technology, anti-ultraviolet rays
6500 N. Biological Laboratory of wrinkles, pharmaceutical makeup and cosmeticsW. 12th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309 Tel: 954-491-02001800-776-0555 Fax: 954-491-
2291 Email: mbtakiff @ hygeniclabs.
Website: www. hygeniclabs.
Com Contact: Monica Blau Takiff, President establishment: 1973 officer: Monica Takiff & Susana Blau branch: FL rodefort specialty: advanced skin and body products, hair care, imported seaweed, aromatherapy Company Description: Hygenic Labs has 40 years of experience and has been providing a unique formula for the face, body and hair for the personal care and beauty industry.
We provide a full range of services to our customers, including innovative and natural recipes, R & D, various packaging solutions, and marketing and distribution tools, bearing in mind their success. I I.
Shay cosmetics 12911 Cerise St.
Tel: 90250-Hothorn 310, California644-0600 Fax: 310-644-
2135 Email: info @ ishaycosmonics.
Website: www. ishaycosmetics.
Contact number: Nick Ehsan was established: 1984 President Nick Ehsan;
Kambiz Aftassi, VP-operations; Ryan Ehsan PhD. , VP-
Sales: 500 to 25,000. Sizes: . 5 oz.
Batch certification: OTC license CM features: C, LC, LH, L, Pa, Po specialty: hair care, skin care and detergent IGI laboratory, 105 Lincoln Avenue.
Buena, New Jersey 08310 Tel: 856-697-1441 Fax: 856-697-
2259 website: igilabs.
Com Contact: Nadya Lawrence, executive vice president, sales and marketing officer: Charles Moore, president and CEO;
EVP-Nadia Lawrence
Sales and marketing;
Specialty: Innovative concept laboratory for skin care 3253 Grapevine St.
Mira Loma, CA 91752 Tel: 951-681-4422 / 951-681-4433 Fax: 951-681-
4404 Email: iclabs @ iclabs.
Net website: www. iclabs.
Net Contact: President and CEO Frank Arias established: 2005 runs: unlimited size: Open Certification: gov, state, city, ATE, CM capabilities: 30 million features with a large capacity in the lowest year: hair, skin, body, alcohol, spa salt, powder, essential oil, baby, natural and organic product innovative color lab month De Forrest St.
Tel: 11701-Amityville 631, New York843-0230 Fax: 631-815-
6208 Email: Message @ iclnails.
Website: www. iclnails.
Com Contact: Jay Factor, President\'s establishment: 1981 officer: Jay Factor, President\'s operation: 12-
Size 1 million: 1/8 ounces. to 4 oz.
CM capability: LC;
Specialty in liquid, powder, silk screening, decoration: nail polish, liquid filling, cream, lotion innovative cosmetics laboratory 19845 Nordhoff St.
Tel: 91324-Beiling, CA 866950-1425 / 818-349-1121 Fax: 818-349-
1131, Email: Sales @ novativecosmonics.
Net website: www.
Innovation model.
Net Contact: Sarah Acosta establishment: 2005 runs: 2000 PCs minimum certification: OTC manufacturer specialty: small batch natural formula Intercon 1100 Dr Central industrySt.
Tel: 63110-Louis, MO 800325-9218 Fax: 314-771-
6608 Email: info @ Interchemical.
Website: www.
Chemical Industry.
Com Contact: Jim Epstein, President: 1982 officers: James A.
President Epstein;
William Biddle Peter Brown, chief operating officer, Vice President: short or longoz.
Certification: EPA, FDA, USDA Specialty: Product development, start-
Ups, cleaners and personal care at Interfashion cosmetics32 Henry St.
Tel: 07608, NJ-201-288-5858 Fax: 201-288-
9466 website: www. ifcosmetics.
Com Contact: Business Development Center, Ion Laboratory, 5475/5459 North Qingshui, 115 Avenue, FL 33760 Tel: 877-990-4466 Fax: 727-527-
6758 Email: info @ ionlabs.
Website: www.
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