country wood crafts - how to make a rustic checkerboard

by:HKKYO     2019-09-02
If you happen to have a wood of 1x10 then you can make some rustic wooden crafts.
Why burn the remaining pieces from the project, or send it to the dump when you can create great recycled crafts for yourself, for gifts or for sale.
If you like to paint or create, then the housing construction site can provide you with a large number of free supplies for your country crafts. (
Even though ask first, even if it looks discarded, it\'s better to check it first! )
It makes a good surface for painting.
It\'s a great change from the canvas, and you can get real ideas the way you show it.
Below is a rustic craft I created and sold at a craft show, homemade original style board.
Actually, I dragged this thing out of the fire pit before it was burned. (
I actually found a lot, but these are other projects! )
This is a 1x10 inch pine tree about 2 feet long.
This particular piece is used as the form of the base and when it is outside it also gets a little older, which adds to the look of the countryside.
This is what you need: in order to make this original craft, all you need is a piece of 1x10 (
1 inch thick 10 inch wide)
Cut into 2 feet long.
Wooden wheels (color and white)
Buy in hardware or crafts store)
For inspection pieces. thin dowel (
Store checkers in)Pin cap (
So that the checkers will not fall)
If you want to measure your board in the center and use 1 inch squares as the game board, you can hang it on the wall.
Paint the board red and white (
Or the color you like)
Then decorate the rest in any way you want.
I drew a scene of a farm fence on both ends and I lightly stained the wood with faded acrylic paint and wiped it off.
These are interesting to make because you can get your ideas based on nature and recycle the wood into crafts.
Then I went to the hardware store and found the small wooden wheels that were used for model projects, etc.
They are cheap.
I then bought some pins and drilled some holes that will remove a few inches of fine pins from the board at both ends.
I also purchased a hat for the top of the pile.
You can also buy grid pieces online or create ideas with shapes! Drueke 831.
Price: $43. 23 $12.
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