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The annual West Limerick fashion show will be held at the Devon hotel on Wednesday, October 17 to help the parish pilgrimage to the invalid part of lourde.
Celia Holman Lee and her models will showcase the fashion of local boutiques.
Cheese and wine reception will be held at 7.
After 30 in the evening is the eight o\'clock P. M. fashion show.
Tickets for each of the 10 tickets will be provided at the door.
Dance courses such as Waltz and jive.
Continue every Friday night at nine o\'clock P. M. in the community center.
Everyone is welcome. TRAIL;
The Great Southern Trail Committee would like to thank all those who have contributed to their recent collection of church gates. OPENING;
The new Tesco supermarket will open on Monday, October 15 in Abbeyfeal.
GAA: Fr Caseys is 1-7 to 0-
In the final of the West Limerick Junior Football Championship on Sunday.
Football: abéfele beat Azal 4-
On Sunday morning, he won the first place in the Minster Youth Cup.
Joe Weir of Kevin Sheehy (2)
Paul Dougherty is a senior player on the football team.
The campaign for the ABBEYFEALEs Munster League started unsteadily at the start of Sunday, with the senior team down 29-
Tralee who opened fire on one
The last time they met, abéfeler was convincing enough to beat their opponents, but since it was an away game, they knew Tralee had an advantage.
> Starting with the first game, Tralee wanted to prove that it was their turf and the strong driving allowed them to try for the first time in 4 minutes.
Missed conversions keep the score at 5-
When Abbeyfeale tried to refuse,
Dave Curtin, thanks to the quick pass for No.
The audience knew they were going to play an exciting game.
There is no simple conversion.
Black Charteris, the game is on the moon-
Abbeyfeale returned to the game.
The boy in yellow continued to find good breaks on the Tralees line, but then there was a spat and No was lost.
Adrian ohlolan played a yellow card with a player from Tralee.
In addition to defense, only 14 players have become a difficult task, with Tralee ending in their first line.
Liam McKenley managed a deal and went bankrupt.
Unfortunately Tralee was given the first penalty in front of the post, but a bad foot made Abbeyfeale in front of the post.
However, Tralee quickly gained possession and quickly went to their route. after successful scrum, despite some desperate tackle, he was able to play in AB.
Tried and converted to put the home side back in front, but only after a minute the gap was closed to 12-
Charteris\'s punishment was successful.
As the half approaches, the game becomes more intense as Tralee realizes that their opponents are starting to find their rhythm.
Another row led to the treatment of two players by red cards, including abéfelice Daniel angelouta.
Only a few stages later, Abbeyfeale was fined, the charter party was approved, and the other stage was just before the intermission, they were 16-ahead-12.
Tralee started the second half as they did for the first time, with a runaway attempt in the first three minutes.
A successful conversion increased the gap by two points, and then the home court began to set up a camp in Abbeyfeales half.
Spent a long time in scrum, which was only 10 metres from the Tralees goal, the audience was frustrated with the referee\'s appeal.
In the end, the front row of the two rows was locked and Tralee found the break they had been looking for, but a missed conversion meant they were only 8 points ahead of Abbeyfeale.
With 18 minutes left in the game, Abbeyfeale struggled to control Tralee, but the home court seemed to plan to add another goal before the full time game.
They want to score again in 64 minutes, but a bad pass leaves Abbeyfeales off.
Visitors desperately tried to put their first point on the blackboard in the second half, but after Charteris missed the penalty, they knew they would face 10 minutes of hardship if they tried to overthrow Tralee.
The home team approached their team again and trying their record again meant they had won.
Shane Curtin, Abbeyfeale manager, said the team started slowly and it has become an unfortunate habit.
He said that after the goal of Abbeyfeale, they began to adapt to the game, and the halftime was too early for them because it broke their rhythm.
In the second half, whenever we get the ball, we can\'t get rid of the 22-year-old game, and the away game will always be different.
We played well last time, but it was at home.
Curtin said some injuries were disappointing for the team, as were some suspicious decisions made by the referee.
Abbeyfeale will meet with Kanturk in the second division game next Sunday. Half-time score: 16-
12 to abiflefour-time score: 29-
List of 16 pairs of traleeplayer: 1 Declan Wolf 2 Ian McMahon 3 Adam Luch 4 Adrian ohlouran 5 Mike Murphy 6 Liam 11 David Collins 12 Coleman deli 13 Connor plondeville 14 Connor Ginney 15 Dave Curtin Reserve: willie Walsh, Mike Reddy, James O.
Abbeyfeale played the first game of the new season at home. 6th Oct.
Against the Killani RFC
The weather is good and the conditions are good.
Killani is a short man, so abefler also agreed to play with 14 people.
In the opening minutes, the two strikers tested each other\'s strength in midfield.
Abbeyfeale is determined to see them push Killarney back and Abbeyfeale kicks off at 10 m offline.
From the resulting ruck, Shane Murphy broke out against the United Nations on the opening score in the corner.
After the restart, Jack led the abbefeiler forward to collect the ball, the bag controlled the game, and a quick ball from PT to the waiting guard allowed Dean Harnett to run 40 m, participated in the attempt of Abbeyfeale 2nd.
Abbeyfeale continues to dominate all areas of the game, with the forward carrying out a big tackle, leading Shane Murphy and hard-working Chris Leahy to make another three attempts before half-time, dan G made the conversion.
Abbeyfeale made some changes during halftime because we were comforted by seven young people who were eager to queue up.
Thanks to Killani, they showed up like a different team at the 2nd half, and from the start of the kick-off, they ran a long way to try to score.
With the new optism digging deep into their ranks, Killani once again found the trial line after driving from their striker.
However, Abbeyfeale discovered their early state again, and Keith Harnett\'s two great runs let Abbeyfeale see Jake & Chris on the trial line to try.
Killani continues to fight for every ball that lets them touch again twice and adds a conversion.
As the race entered the last 10 minutes, Levi\'s back showed great power, and Jack and Kevin each made some great attempts, this was done by another wonderful personal effort of the match man Shane Murphy. Try Scorer\'s -
Sean Murphy month, Harnett, dean of Christopher Leahy month, Jack quark, Lane Levi and Kevin O Mahoney monthly. Con -
Dan G. Hannett and Keith Harnett each have 2. Panel -
James O Mara, Philip Daley, Shane Murphy, Jonathan fitzguild, Catherine Broderick, Brian Griffin, Christopher Leahy, Jack levi Ryan, Keith Harnett, john Murphy, Liam O Connor, Darragh Walsh, Jack Breen, Dean Enwright Gavin Dillon Danny Flynn
Seconds: score-
No. 7, No. 17.
Abbeyfeale played a few seconds of friendly at Tralee last Sunday.
We missed some players for other reasons, but the team did very well.
Abefler tried Mike Enwright, who was converted by Paul Murphy in the first half.
Mike Roche, Willie Cremin, Willie Walsh, Kevin Foley, Michael Nash all performed well and the new Paul Collins stood out very well.
The team is as follows: Aidan Murphy, Willie Cremin, Willie Walsh, Kevin Foley, Mike Grady, Mike Nash, Brian Collins, Jimmy O\'Brien
Roche, Paul Murphy, Aidan wove, Michael wove, Mike enlet, Mike Redi, Kiran McCarthy, Patrick twormi, Paul ·
ABBEYFEALE under 16 years old: Abbeyfeale 22 Killani 19 years old.
On Saturday, 16-year-old abéfeler took part in Killani at the Simons League under 16.
Abbeyfeale started very slowly and one of them switched three attempts.
The only thing that came back from abefler was the penalty from Kono Alli, who left the score at 19 and a half3.
In 2nd Games, Abbeyfeale began to get stronger and after 10 minutes they tried Brian Scannell for the first time and were converted by Conor OLeary.
The game started and lasted for 10 minutes without any side really taking the lead and 15 minutes later the abéferler forward did a great job but did not switch.
The score at this stage is 19 points.
Support Killani.
Abbeyfeale felt that the victory in their nostrils accelerated the pace of the game and really moved forward with the Killani striker.
Seven minutes from the end of the game, John Lane kicked and was subsequently prevented from scoring, and the referee awarded a penalty shot to be converted by Connor o\'rey.
Sam Coulson, Brian skannell, Larry Roche, Kevin maclegott, John Lane, Conor alre, and Scott Gerrard had a blast in 2nd Games
The team is as follows: 1.
Kevin maclegert, 2 years old
Matthew O\'Connor, 3. Larry Roche 4.
James mceney.
Brian skannell
Daniel MullinsD McAuliffe 8. Sam Coolson 9. John Lane 10.
Connor, 11.
Thomas Smith
Stack 13.
Mickey O\'Connor 14
Joeseph dinning month.
Scott fitzgerrardSubs: 1.
Kevin maclegert.
Submarine: Arthur welfare, Craig Smith
O\'Sullivan, Michael Kelly and Emon Keane Chernobyl rescue
Next Saturday night, Tralee\'s welfare dog night will help raise funds for an orphanage that serves 300 children. Please support.
Tickets for Greyhound and Pet World, Abbey Street and square bathanitz are on sale.
A bus left Newcastlewest at six o\'clock P. M. and picked up at Devon Road at 6.
Church Cemetery at fifteen o\'clock P. M. and 630pm.
If you would like to travel, please contact Bridget at 069 84240 or 31232. Fashion Show -
The annual West Limerick fashion show will be held at the Devon hotel on Wednesday, the 17 th, to help the parish pilgrimage to the invalid part of Lourdes. October.
Celia Holman Lee and her model will showcase the Annettes boutique, Esthers casual wear, Bella Sola, all seasons, Glin brides, impressive outfits, kimona\'s, talent for hooligans and shoes.
7 cheese and wine reception
Fashion show starts at eight o\'clock P. M.
A lottery will be held that night to select on-site prizes.
Tickets for the E10 will be available at the door. Rosary -
October 1 is called the Rosary Month. on each night of October, rosary will be recited at the sacred holy church at 7: 00. 30pm.
The ceremonial Exposition will be held every Monday to Friday night from six o\'clock P. M. to eight o\'clock P. M. at the Chapel of the holy rites. Church News -
Mass at 8 in the morning every working day.
At fifteen o\'clock A. M. , Canon Neville lives in the Church of the holy rites.
Mass in the church from ten o\'clock A. M. Monday to Friday, and mass at eleven o\'clock A. M. in the sand.
If there is a funeral mass, then it is held at eleven o\'clock A. M. and there is no mass at ten o\'clock A. M.
Confession after Mass at eleven o\'clock A. M. on Saturday
Sunday afternoon Mass at seven o\'clock P. M.
30 Noon and 12 noon.
The mass at seven o\'clock P. M. next Friday is the first anniversary mass of the late Peggy Moloney and de romanterana Harnett.
The reader next weekend is the 9-year-old vigil mass Maura O\'Donnell.
David, Kate Leahy, at 12 noon.
Poland\'s monthly mass is held at eight o\'clock P. M. on Tuesday.
All the people can pay for the station.
The first Eucharist meeting has begun.
Further information for Fr.
O\'Shea 068 31157
Church Gate series
The annual collection of the Irish brain wave Epilepsy Association will be held next weekend among all the people. .
Red Cross students
Last weekend, the local Red Cross student team took part in the 2nd m race at the All-Ireland emergency championship in Dublin, which made us proud.
The grandchildren of the SonnyDoody, New St.
In addition, 2nd industrial competitions were held.
The trainees and their leader Micheal O\'Donoghue Jnr received great honors.
It is the official location of Collins Park and now lives in the old mill of Newcastlewest.
Funeral support-
The \"growth season\" adult bereavement support program will begin in SaintIta\'s Hall (upstairs)
Tuesday, October 17 from 7. 30pm to 9pm.
This programme will help all those who suffer bereavement from death or separation.
Everyone is welcome.
Contact Information: Catherine 31262, Sheila 31741, Sr.
Andrea 31203, Sr.
Elisabeth 51984Come Dancing -
This time of year again, so polish your best dance shoes and come to the center of the new holy community
Learn how to waltz, jive, shoes for donkeys, and more at nine o\'clock P. M. on Friday night.
Beginners are welcome.
West first oil poetry speech-
The first and third Wednesday of each month of the local club is held on the 8 th at the West Desmond complex in Newcast. 30pm to 10. 30pm.
New members are welcome.
Meeting next Wednesday 17October.
Bridget further information about 087 2343227. Multi-Cultural Choir
More new
The Cultural Choir will perform on the Pobal show at 5 this Sunday. 25 on RTE 1.
The group consists of members of the church choir, the Fealeside training center and participants of the West Limerick resource migration liaison support group.
These three organizations are performed by silimerick resource volunteer support service organizations, and we are all the same, written by Karen O\'Brien, a participant at the Fealeside training center
RTE recorded the group at the Fealeside training center last month and now wants to build a permanent multi
The town\'s cultural choir. ArdfertST.
BRENDANS throwing club; U-21s. Our Co.
The tournament v Crotta will take place this Saturday. Oct.
It\'s four o\'clock P. M. in Crota.
We wish the team and management of Liam Hersey, Phil Stack and Liam O\'Connor all the best in their efforts. U-
16 years old was defeated by Crota in the partition. 2 Co. League semi-Final last weekMINORS; Co.
Small shield St.
Because Kenmare/Kilgarvan pulled out of the race, Brendans v. Kenmare/Kilgarvan did not continue the race. U-15 N. K.
B. The Championship v Duagh won a victory for St.
Brendans last Saturday. U-
The 12-year-old was due to play in Kilmoyley on Friday night, but the game was canceled, a sign of respect for the Leahy family Abbeylands. U-
The 14-year-old will play back-to-back with kilmolli this week. JACKETS: St.
Brendans jackets and polo shirts are available for sale (adult sizes)
By contacting Gerard Hussey Sackville or any throwing club officer.
Lotto: the lucky draw at Abbey Tavern last week accumulated E 1525.
The numbers drawn are 1, 2, 8 and 25.
The consolation prize was awarded to Patrick W.
OSullivan, Barrow West, Mike Hussey, Tubrid, Joan Harmon, Churchill, Tim Harmon, Walter Sean of Churchill and Walter.
The independent observer is Mike Leen (Jnr)
View of calements at aldefete.
Thanks to all those who support Lotto, this week\'s sweepstakes are held at McElligotts with a cumulative bonus of £ 1600. The 5-
Weekly tickets are also available next week, so please look forward to the ticket seller calling.
Congrats Kerry hurdler who won all the awards
Irish Senior B competition 1983.
The team was introduced to the crowd at Austin Stack Park last Sunday.
On the last day, we would like to congratulate St.
Phil Stack, player of the Brendans team, Sackville, who is currently part of the management of our team under 21.
Also congratulate the new 2007 company.
Little champion Kilmoyley and senior Co.
Champion Lixnaw.
Special congratulation to the board of directors of norkry Hulin for the excellent production of the company
The last show
Best wishes to Sir
Boys and Girls of Tom hanafen and alderfett N. S.
They were selected to compete in hurdles, camogibi and Sat teams in monstershire. next.
The exhibition will be held at half-time.
Take a break at M.
Donnelly between provinces (
Munster and Leinster)
Football and hurdles championship
The last game of fimoy
Sympathy: We conveyed our officers, players and members sympathy for Cyril\'s death to the Leahy family Abbeylands.
We also express our sympathy for Paddy Bill Gavin\'s family, Barrow, who died.
ARDFERT playground: all had a great night in Banna last Friday night --
Thank you very much to all the families who supported this evening.
Thank you so much to Banna Beach Hotel, classic Hotel, Big Jim at the door and Billy for donating their services to the playground for free.
The Commission was pleased to announce that evening that the playground had been granted planning permission on that day.
Therefore, it is a huge motivation to put funds in place now.
The next event on the fundraising agenda is the children\'s Halloween party at Ardfert community center on October 31.
There will be more details next week.
Shane Griffin and John Egan are helping the playground run the marathon and will be seeking sponsorship in the coming weeks, so please be generous.
In addition, the weekly stalls in the market on Sunday are in progress and are well worth a look between eleven o\'clock A. M. and two o\'clock P. M. next Sunday.
Cobra Basketball Club: A meeting will be held on Wednesday at Causeway complex
At eight o\'clock P. M. , the new committee members were officially identified and the club\'s issues were discussed.
Parents are welcome to attend.
Training for children under the age of 12 this week will be transferred to Thursday 6-7pm.
There are still places for U12 Girls (
Born on 1996 or 1997)
So, if you haven\'t joined yet, please come to the training this Thursday. San Brendan AC-
Beaufort 7th Oct gold-average age cross country resultsBoys u14 team-
Conor slytheri, Morris Okaro, James Lane. Silver-Boys u10 team-
Christopher Heffernan, Eric Leen, Iarla Courtney, Owen O\'Sullivan. Bronze-
Sharon O\'Mahoney-
Christopher heffernan-2 km
Eric Leen-u10 600
U10 600 m, Conor Batten-u14 1. 5km,Luke Evans-u16 3km.
And Shane Lowth, who did well that day [u12 1km], Colm Austen-O\'Sullivan [u12 1km], Una Marley [u14 1. 2km]
Kerry sullivan [novice 6km].
The weather is clear, dry, sunny, the course is very firm and there is not much hanging and thorns!
Thank you very much to all the parents traveling with the children and the officials who participated in the event --Monday, October 1
Chairman of the club committee
Patrick o\'leidanChairman-John Clifford. Secretary-
Laura O\'Sullivan. Treasurers-
Mary and Liam Marley
Public relations and IT Officials
Jill Austin sullivan
Child protection officer
Colleen Nolan, Dee o\'roll. Head Coach-Shane Delaney. Registrar-
Committee members-
Charlie slytheri, Bernie omahoni, Brendan Courtney, Pu Shanahan, Sinead O\'Connor, Chris O\'Shea, Burda ·
Thank you Jimmy Brown for using Kate Brown at the annual general meeting and for your attendance. [21 people]Uneven age[
U9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19]
On Sunday, October 14, across the countryside from the cathedral, demense Killarney.
We want to have teams in all categories, so it\'s crucial to have as many athletes as possible, as it\'s a county tournament!
The car will leave the hall at 10. 30am sharp. [E3 entry]
Wear the right clothes for the weather of the day.
Training time: 24x7 in Banna on Thursday night. 45-9pm. [e3]Saturday 10-11am or 2-
Sandy Sand Lane at three o\'clock P. M. [e3]. The 2-
If there is not enough attendance this week, the three o\'clock P. M. meeting will be canceled.
Training was canceled this Sunday due to off-road races, but will be from 2-
Four o\'clock P. M. u12 at Banna all-weather stadium
Shane Delaney 085-7597305.
Laura sullivan 087-
Parents of the 4184641 youth club should note that some members will not actually sign in to the hall until nine o\'clock P. M.
The youth club starts at 8. 15.
The leader is not responsible for what happened outside the hall.
There were reports last week that eggs could be thrown at leaders.
Although several cars threw eggs at them;
The youth club members in the hall did not do so.
Please make sure that if you send your child to the lobby they will sign the Halloween disco at ARDFERT Hall on October 26 --
The disco will end at eleven o\'clock P. M.
However, since Ardfert is the host club, our members will be excluded when all other clubs and buses leave.
This is for the safety of all members.
So please pick up your child at 11. 30 -11.
40 that night.
2007: 28 th Sep t on Friday.
The enthusiastic audience provided us with a very interesting football match.
Aldefete won the game and decided to hit the sowing mountain in the first half.
We had a good start and our winger James Lenny scored a good score in the second minute.
Van Nong Kavanagh scored in a free game after a foul against Ryan Dugan.
After kicking out, Kevin Shanahan won the possession and passed it to the unmarked Fion Cavana who scored.
A few minutes later, Listowel opened their account with one point.
However, corner gearsheehan responded quickly with his second goal.
Later, Kevin Shanahan, a Chinese and foreign wild man, had a pointed head on his boots.
Ardfert leads in 2 points-3 to 0-
1. it certainly seems to be a day of frenzy.
However, Listowel I didn\'t come to enjoy the view of the cathedral or monastery, they played some excellent football from her to half the time because they scored Ardfert during this period of rule, left the two sides at the most break7, Listowel 3-6.
Ardfert had a good start in the second half, and Gearoid Sheehan pulled away with a good score, which was done by Eoghan Courtney.
Eoghan then made the most of a precise pass by Michael OLeary, who is now working at the center back, and skillfully completed the work of a puncher to the Listowel net, which is the fourth goal of a very interesting game.
Ardfert is five points ahead for the third time, and with Listowel losing midfield due to injury, Michael Stack, Ardfert seems to be a good fit to drive from here.
However, the Listowel boy trained by Brendan Gianni fought back with 4 points and balanced the game again.
Ardferts\'s fifth goal gave Ardfert boys a new burst of energy: James Lyne reacted fastest to Ryan Duggan\'s high pass and spilled the ball online.
Eoghan Courtney, Padraig Kearney and Daniel Shanahan all added points, and Padraig Kearney struggled to score in the sixth goal in the afternoon.
Listowel responded again with a goal and a point, but it\'s too late now because the referee Paddy white blew the final whistle and Ardfert took 6-10 to 4-12.
Team: padrigg Casey; Thomas Nolan;
Padrig corny;
Up to LA in Mike the InnLiam Dalton; Michael OLeary;
Jack navalining
Courtney; Kevin Shanahan; Ryan Duggan; Edward Nolan; James Lynch; Fionn Kavanagh;
Daniel Shanahan
Gear transmission system;
The submarine used Braidan O\'Conner and Joshua Barnes.
Last Thursday, October 4, Ardfert NS recorded their third win of the season, with Cumann Na mBunscol\'s full victory over a depleted Gaelscoil Mhic easmain
The game was very good on the Na Gaeil stadium, Mr.
Declan Quill referee ability.
Gaelscoil started well and got three points before the Ardfert boy started.
After Fionn Kavanagh\'s wonderful goal, the same player set up Padraig OConnor for the first of his three lathy goals.
Padleger found himself one-on-one with the gellesko goalkeeper, who skillfully scored the goal.
Gilles Cole responded with his own goal, but alderfete then dominated the rest of the second half with scores from padrigg O\'Connor, who was our afternoon
2 points for Michael OLeary and Kevin Shanahan each;
Padlegg Casey 1 pt and Ryan Delaney and Ohan Courtney 1 gl. each.
During the second half, all the team members did not run out to win like Ardfert and lead the group in the rest of the game.
Next, we will play the list and the semi-finals have been confirmed.
Well done bhuachaillí.
Football: last Sunday at adfeldt, our seniors played Kerins ORahillys at home in the penultimate round of the county league with a score line of 1-5 to 13pts.
Lead 1 in half the time-
3-5 points, goals from Damien Wallace.
Our last game was against Gert on the road.
AsdeeSHOEBOX call: Samaritan wallet action Christmas children\'s call will start and run soon and will provide a little chance for children in Third World countries to have a happy holiday.
Last year, the local national school actively participated in the project and had a lot of fun by participating.
This is an excellent simple opportunity for children and families to send gifts to young people who will never receive any gifts at Christmas.
The project has been very simple from the beginning and has become the world\'s largest attraction for children\'s shoe boxes.
The Christmas Children action is a Christian ministry that is open to people from all walks of life, beliefs, races and ethnic backgrounds in donations and recipients.
Christmas children\'s action sends a message of hope to children in desperate situations around the world through gifts
Full of shoe boxes and Bible story brochures.
It focuses on the true meaning of Christmas Jesus Christ, God\'s greatest gift.
In more than 2006 7. 4 million gift-
Send filled shoe boxes to some of the poorest boys and girls in more than 100 countries around the world.
Take a shoe box of the average size, cover it with Christmas wrapping paper, fill it with paper, pencil, toothbrush, toothpaste, toys and candy children all over the country can prove that they think those who are more unfortunate than themselves.
Samaritan wallet International has developed an infrastructure nationwide for collecting, sorting boxes and shipping them to Eastern Europe.
Working with national churches and charities, regardless of nationality, political background or religious beliefs, these gifts are all delivered in return to children in Global Hospitals, orphanage, refugee camps, homeless shelters and poor communities who do not need anything from them, their families or their communities.
Because it\'s Christmas and then, wherever culturally appropriate, again working with the local people, the children will also receive a Bible story booklet in their own language, explain the gift of Jesus Christ from God Christmas to his son.
It is easy to participate in the event, by filling the shoe box with a series of small items suitable for your chosen gender and age range, you can send a box of love to Eastern Europe or southern Africa.
Countries benefiting from the annual appeal include Romania, Belarus, Croatia, Ukraine, Armenia, Mozambique and Swazi.
The annual appeal for the North Kry region is co-coordinated by Bill\'s Margaret Hannon Gleason, and a batch of container shoe boxes will be shipped to Eastern Europe to bring a little joy to the poor children for Christmas.
So it\'s time to look at the old cabinets and subscribe to any unused toys.
From now until November, collect them, and then organize the shoe boxes so that they can reach the children in time for Christmas.
AGM: AGM of St
At eight o\'clock P. M. on Tuesday, October 16, Joseph\'s school dance Parents\' Association will be held at the school.
Parents are invited to attend.
Death: The death occurred at Kerry General Hospital in Jerry Kennedy (61)
Located in Dundee, Scotland, formerly Tullahinell gate.
A few years ago, Jerry lost his capacity for a stroke, and he lives in the St. Joseph\'s ward at the leitoville Community Hospital.
Jerry has lived in Scotland for a long time and made many friends in Dundee.
Although he does not often go home, he is still very interested in what is happening in the area.
At the beginning of 1960, Jerry left ashdi and went to Scotland until his health declined.
He traveled through Scotland, Wales and England through his work route.
He had a stroke back in 1992 and recovered well, but in 1998 he was knocked down by another.
The grand rally eventually paid a final tribute to his body moving from the O Carrolls Funeral Home in listerville to the Lesterville parish church, and once again to John Paul for the second cemetery of Requiem listerel
Express his deepest sympathy to his brothers John, parzi and Donnell sisters Maureen, Ellie and Catherine, as well as to all other relatives.
The community is saddened by the news of Joan Ahern\'s death (Bobmc Elligott)
The mountain of Beale was formerly from culleriglesterville.
Joan, a very well-known and respected member of the local community, has been ill for some time and died after a patient illness.
Joan is a very respected local family member and a great family woman who also helps at the family farm.
Anyone who calls has received the best hospitality.
Joan likes to play bingo with neighbors and friends.
She lives with good Christian virtues and is a good neighbor to everyone in the area.
She is also very interested in Gaelic football, which is not surprising because his husband, John fransey, is one of the founders of the current bill club.
The respect that Joan and her family received on the ground was reflected in the huge and widely representative gathering, the rallies were at her family\'s home and at the time of the relocation for the last time in honor of her body being delivered to St. John\'s Church in ballbyunion.
There was an overflowing congregation at the mass of the Requiem, and the main celebrant was Fr. Martin Hegarty, who was assisted by Fr.
John Kennelly, Causeway Bay and Canon Linnane Listor day.
A large group of people accompanied him to the kilconley cemetery for detention.
To her husband John fransey, son Dan Paddy, Johnny and Jerry, daughter norlene, Mary and Margaret, sister Peggy and Mary, 25 grandchildren and all other relatives
May she rest in peace.
Sympathy: also offer condolences to Eilish Ruddle of Glounawillan, whose mother died in Tralee.
Late Tom Joe Walsh: In the obituary of Lahesrough\'s late Tom Joe Walsh in the past few weeks, gremstrom is working and some of his family
Apologize for the error that occurred.
The obituary was supposed to be that Tom Joe was killed before his mother Molly last year, and his brothers, Pedi, David and Timi, sisters geralding, and Catherine, survived, mary of kilcoleman and Uncle Jimmy Carroll and aunt noryn kilcoleman expressed their deepest sympathy to them.
HURLING Final: due to strong local connections, the local people are more than just interested in the Sunday County Championship Hurling final between Lixnaw and Kilmoyley.
Mary, the mother of the winning Lixnaw team\'s goalkeeper, Martin Starpool (Collins)
Originally Craughdarrig.
And his father Peter is from Lixnaw.
All his relationships in ashdi and Ballydonoghue, as well as in the Ballyduff area, sent him to Tralee for the big celebrations after the match. ASDEE HALL A. G. M.
: The annual meeting of the Asdee Hall committee will be held at hall on Thursday, October 11, at nine o\'clock P. M. P. M.
In the past 12 months, there have been many improvements in the hall, and the Commission hopes to make further improvements in the coming year.
The workload has been left to a small group of people over the years, so anyone who wants to participate in the committee is welcome.
The lobby is busy all year round as it is the headquarters of the daisy chain preschool education and local community employment program.
It also hosts dance classes and conferences for local organizations, so it is important for the community to be involved in its operations.
It also hosts several wonderful concerts of the North Chris Cole competition and is also the base of the local youth club.
It would be nice to see some younger generations participate in the committee.
Halloween dress: This year the parish will celebrate Halloween in a traditional style, and the October bank holiday weekend will re-enact some of the old traditions of the past.
Jesse James Tavern will be a ghostly place on Saturday night, October 27, when a grand night of makeup will be held to celebrate Halloween.
At seven o\'clock P. M. , the children\'s party and the dress parade began, and all age groups were entertained.
Then, later in the evening, those with slightly longer teeth will be on the T-stage, and the contestants who will attract the attention of the judges will receive the grand prize.
Joe Dee is drafting a panel of judges to oversee the proceedings, and anyone who is concerned about the spooky atmosphere can get some Dutch courage from the bar.
According to all reports, many locals shop at Tralee on weekends and wear weird costumes, so there is a very spectacular and colorful night on the agenda to celebrate Halloween.
So, if you don\'t buy clothes for the evening, put it on your shopping list without delay.
Anniversary: during the first year of his tenure at the Jesse James Tavern, the party hat held a grand celebration in the village.
This is a stand-up space for a grand night with only one-eyed Jack and Meeks disco music celebrations.
The best hot and cold food is served, everyone is dancing at night and enjoying the best live music entertainment.
Once Joe Di cut the birthday cake and everyone was happy to plug in and wash it off with the best local alcoholic beer.
Security alert: seniors on the parish side will be happy to know that local community alerts have been funded to install security alerts in 69 homes in the area.
A survey was conducted in the area to determine how many systems need to be installed and will be installed in the coming weeks.
Tom O Carmody of Ballylongford ADI Alarms is installing an alarm.
It will take 5 to 6 weeks to get along with everyone, so there is no need to worry because everyone will be accepted.
If people have any questions or questions about the installation of the alert, they should contact Jim O Connor of the Asdee community project (087)6765022.
Bally races: I met Jimmy Collins on Saturday night and he told us that the annual Ballylongford Races will be held at the racecourse in Lenamore on Sunday, October 21.
Unfortunately, last year\'s meeting had to be canceled due to bad weather conditions, and the racial Council has been praying that climate conditions would be advantageous in this case.
Jimmy has been involved in the Bally race because his knee is a little higher and he has done a lot of work for pushing the baffle race over the years.
He told us that a full-scale competition project has been lined up with an E6, 000 wallet ready to compete on the same day.
The white flag for the first game was raised at one o\'clock P. M. and a great afternoon entertainment was guaranteed.
Everyone has the opportunity to participate in the post-match analysis on Sunday night, and the puddles in the village are always filled with a strong atmosphere.
This is the history of one of the county\'s oldest conferences, the bally race, dating back more than a century, and it has been an opportunity for the entire local community to enjoy local social and sporting activities.
In recent years, with the large increase in the number of horses in the North Kry area, many new stables have been established, all of which are usually competing in Bally, added a very good competitive advantage and fierce local competition for this occasion.
The comprehensive scheme of the car was lined up again --
Featured event Lenamore Derby will showcase all the top horses in the area.
A full set of betting facilities will be provided on the same day, providing children with rich entertainment.
Development Team: Jeremiah tykins and Darren Russell will be very busy on the sports front soon as they will be playing Montague under 14 years of age Gaelic football in Watford County on October 13
They are all very talented players who are very interested in all kinds of sports.
After the course, both boys received a very good Kerry kit.
The Tydings and Russell homes in Ballynoneen and Asdee West have a wealth of sporting gear, and now they will fly the Kerry flag again, with Jeremiah and Darren Russell heading to Watford on another sports trip
Together, we wish Jeremiah and Darren the best members of the Council of lucky parents. G. M.
: The annual general meeting of the parents committee of Talbert comprehensive school will be held at the school at eight o\'clock P. M. on Wednesday, October 10.
The school requires all parents with students to attend.
Christmas craft and food fair: the second cancellation of the Christmas craft and food fair will be held from November 4 at the community center in ballbyunion.
Contact John on the reservation form . (087)2910586.
Due to limited space, it is best to book your table in time.
Dance class: Please note that weekly dance classes at the local community center have started and will continue at eight o\'clock P. M. on Thursday evening.
Last year, the weekly social activities were very popular and everyone is welcome to participate.
Community Games: the annual general meeting of Asdee/Ballylongford community games will be held on October 16 next Tuesday evening at nine o\'clock P. M. in the Eddie camodie hall of Ballylongford.
Most importantly, as many parents as possible attend and it would be nice if there were several new people joining the committee and reaching out to help.
Golf news: On Saturday, the Sand Piper Golf Association traveled to Sikeli and to the castergregory golf course.
Weather conditions are perfect for this occasion.
The turnout was high and some very good scores were recorded.
Everyone gathered at the Casanova bar in ballbyunion for the awards ceremony.
The winners were 1st Paddy Holly, Donnie Keve and Andy Somerville, 2nd Mike Sullivan, John Bambury and Jerry Kelly.
On Saturday, October 20, the association will have an outing across the strait in Lahinch, West Clare.
A coach will leave the baseball team to pick up all the players in the village.
Everyone can spend the night in Ennis, including dinner on Saturday night and breakfast on Sunday morning.
In the days of the new social T-shirt, everyone will look very fashionable.
Remind all players from the ashdi area that the coach will arrive at ashdi at 8: 30 in the morning.
ASDEE vagrant jacket: the official Asdee vagrant Phoenix head jacket is now on sale, Jesse\'s Tavern.
They are very stylish jackets and the price is e35.
Lottery click on E5, 300: On the evening of Monday, October 1, the weekly lottery ticket for Asdee Rovers is held in the store and the accumulated bonus is not in. 10 11 -
The lucky dip winner is John O Sullivan E50 on littleroad-
Rebecca Carroll, number 25, littleroad, Hanlong ashiddon Moss.
Jack Js held this week\'s sweepstakes on Sunday night but did not win the prize.
The figure is 3 11 16 22.
The lucky dip winner is E50 Celina Kelly, Phone (086)
Raha, Anne Healy Tula Hiner.
The Jesse James Tavern will hold a draw for next week with the jackpot of the 300 lottery E5: asdee Rovers Club will provide an opportunity for the local community to take part in the 12-month weekly draw for the E100, or a 6-month weekly draw for the e50.
What all registered people have to do is subscribe and choose 4 numbers between 1 24, they will take part in the lucky draw every week and have the opportunity to win attractive bonuses.
Club members will be out at the end of September to promote annual membership and will call all houses in the area.
This will give everyone the opportunity to join the sweepstakes from their comfortable home and to win a very attractive bonus.
The club will also lobby the exiles of the parish in London and New York, and will send overseas application forms for participation in lottery tickets, where some exiles agree to promote sales.
People can also participate in the draw by downloading the form from the Asdee Rovers website.
The club faces even greater financial pressure this year as the club has three underage boys in the Kerry Boys League, aged under 11, under 13 and under 15.
The club plans to host an all-weather race at Craughdarrig Park and install floodlights, which will help to play in the evening.
Therefore, the most important thing is to try to promote lottery sales in order to fulfill the financial commitments and hope that a good response will be made locally.
The local community has been a big supporter of the lottery for many years, and all those associated with the Asdee Rovers club are very grateful to the lottery.
Starting this weekend, club members will call the house in the area and everyone will have a chance to join.
Important football meetings: at nine o\'clock P. M. on Saturday evening, October 10, a very important meeting of the ashdi Rangers Football Club will be held at the club house of Craughdarrig.
Intermediate final: Last Sunday, Asdee senior footballer traveled to Bruce South Park Moyvane to play Listowel Emmets B in the intermediate championship final.
This is the club\'s 3rd consecutive finals in this game, defeated in the first two games, they travel with a very positive mood, hoping to break the record in this game, bring this to the club\'s Kiran Coridan Memorial Cup on 2001.
The team opened fire on all cylinders in the first half, and completely controlled almost every area on the field in the opening 30 minutes or so, leading 6 points at rest, however, when the team came back in the second half, they were just a poor shadow of the team and their opponents were separated in the first half.
It\'s almost impossible to blame what went wrong, because the whole team just simply crashed and wasted some gold scoring opportunities throughout the game would definitely exceed the bill, noel Long\'s injury in the first half also made a big difference because he was the head and shoulder of everyone and another factor in the failure must be that the defense was not good enough to take advantage of by Emmets.
The failure for three years in a row is certainly a difficult pill to swallow, but let\'s look at the bright side, a young team with great potential that will definitely bounce back, leaving this result far behind, it is a very experienced Emmets team, many of their players are playing and winning at the advanced level, they are a strong supporter of this game, at the end of the day is the winner.
In the first half of the game, EMUs started scoring early, and ASDI goalkeeper James Kelly finished his first great save in an hour.
However, when Eoin Kennedy shot from close range, he replied quickly.
Kennedy later became a supplier, and when he set up Cyril dining, who scored a thrilling goal in 10 minutes, the pair and Connor Cowell ·
By 23 minutes, ashdi was at the commanding heights and was well worth their 1-5 to 0 -
Leading, scores from padrieg Ruddle, Charles Dalton, Essien Kennedy and Cyril dining put them in this position.
Listowel did reply, but Asdee finished half-time at half-time with two Eoin Kennedy points, Asdee1-7 Emmets 0 -4.
At this stage, Asdee plays with their skin and it\'s hard to see where Emmets gets inspiration in the opening 30 minutes of the game.
However, Emmets has never panicked and has introduced alternatives that have revised their lineup and gradually moved into the lead position at the Asdee mastery, asdee found it almost impossible to break the teak tough Listowel defense.
The football of golden oldes Emmets, Jerome stack, Paudie Barkley and special drybranches torknoll have so many services that still inspire their teammates and lead methods here.
David Hay came off the bench in the second half and he equalised the score with a good goal in 13 minutes.
Although Asdee stays in touch, they find it difficult to withstand the pressure exerted by Emmets, and at this stage of the game they are just sticking to it.
Emmet went further ahead, with only Paul O Carroll leading all the way from his defensive position, scoring only the second half in 22 minutes, narrowing the gap to 1 point.
But from here to the finish line, the Emites just keep moving on the road to victory and let Asdees\'s victory wish break again.
After the excellent first half, the situation in the second half changed so much that it made it more difficult to choose the best performer.
However, the team is a very young team, with more experience, their big day will come in the near future.
The final score is 1-1. 14 Asdee 1 -8.
Team and scorer, James Kelly, Emon O\'Connor, Sean Stack, Paul Carroll, 0-
1, Sean MUVI Hill, Brian Hanren, Auin Carol, Noel Long, John Dolan, Padrig Ludel, 0-
Tom moonhill, Charles Dalton, 0-
1 Cyril Dillen, 1-
1, Eoin Kennedy, 0-
Connor Cowland
Substitute, Brian Cowland of Connor Cowland, Neil Dolan of Sean moonhill, Donnell Carroll of Tom moonhill, Sean Stack
Champion under 14: as a curtain call for Moyvane in the middle championship final, he has a home court advantage, which is great for a brave Asdee/Ballylongford team.
Jeremiah Tydings opened the score on the combo side, but Moyvanes\'s response was immediate and far ahead of the rest.
Asdie/Ballylongford added their game in the second half, with Jeremiah Tydings and Mattie O Connor each scoring one goal, reducing the deficit and giving home a lot of concerns.
Moyvane, however, again determined further points to complete the winner that was well worth it.
Darren Russell, Emon maclegert, Tommy Macken, Tom Kennedy, and Luke O driedkol are other impressive people.
Moyvin 2-Final Score
14 ashdie/Ballylongford 2-4.
Special thanks to Jackie Walsh and Jeremiah tinding for the excellent work they have done for this team over the past year, and to all the parents and supporters who traveled and supported the team, thank you very much.
The team broke up with the scorer, Michael Jackson, Luke O driedkol, Kang camodie, Tom Kennedy, Jimmy omahoni, 0-
1 Emon eligote, Kelan Kelly, Jeremiah Tedin, 1-
3, Darren Russell, Shane Sullivan, Marty O\'Connor, 1-
John Neville, Tommy McCann
Darag dining, Sean Keane, Darag Keane, Essien Tedin, Sam Dodd
Ballydonoghue/LisseltonPARISH Magazine: If you haven\'t already made this project for this year\'s magazine, hand it in as soon as possible.
The committee meeting was held on Thursday night at the lyselton school. Time 8pm.
Death: sympathy for Margaret and Frances kennelli, Lacca, and Joanne MUVI Hill of dromeilin for the death of Tom John Dowling (1 3), Seán Browne (1 2)Megan O\'Connor
Substitutes: Sean Griffin, Seamus Tiger, Shane moonhill, Chris moonhill, Tommy O\'Conner and gilno kindelen.
Collection: The Kerry branch of cystic fibrosis would like to thank all those who have contributed to their recent collection of church gates.
The amount charged is e734.
53 thanks also to those who participated in the collection.
Friday, October 19-Sunday, October 21, 2007, a weekend of traditional Irish music, songs, dances and storytelling is held in Listowel.
The festival will include musical instruments, dance and singing workshops, concerts, ceilings, bar meetings and storytelling.
On Friday, October 19, it officially opened at 8: 00.
Zero o\'clock P. M. at the seanchai center in Listowel.
For more information, please call (068)22212.
Kdys listowel: the FETAC Level 3 and 4 classes will be held at KDYS in Listowel, both courses open to all children aged 14 to 19.
The cost of each course is E35, which can be obtained from (068)23744.
Ellan night: on Saturday night, October 13, the Ballyduff branch of Comhaltas ceotiri Éireann will hold Ellan night in OConnors Bar Ballyduff.
All musicians, singers, dancers and storytellers are welcome to come at night.
41-card drive: The new 41-card drive season at Hooper Inn Causeway Bay coastal road will begin at 9: 00 on Tuesday, next October. 30pm.
Everyone is welcome.
Shannon Rangers: It\'s unfortunate that Shannon Rangers lost to donkley in the first quarter --
The final of the British national women\'s football division championship was held in Farranfore on Sunday.
The Rangers defaulted on 0 6-0 4 at half-time. at the end of the third quarter, this leading advantage increased to 0 9-0 5.
David coolan has only five minutes left in the penalty shoot, but the game will be extra-
At that time, donkley gained a fairly soft freedom, and the resulting kick was converted to a narrow 0-10-1-6 in donkley.
Padraji Hersey, Kather White and Jason bowler started 15 people, with Michael Hersey, Thomas slytheri and Nicholas Lane on the bench.
RATTOO Cemetery: hold a meeting on Monday, October 15 at your manse bar Ballyduff at 8.
About 30 points to fix Rattoo cemetery.
Interested people are welcome to attend.
Boxing club: Ballyduff boxing club training at the community center every Tuesday night at 7: 00. 00pm.
New members are welcome.
Rattoo rovers: in the Munster Youth Cup, Rattoo Rovers finished 1-1 in a match with Tralee Celtic last week in Tralee, monskwick Park
However, in the terrible penalty shoot-out, Tralee advanced to the next 2-1.
In the Premier League last Sunday, Rattoo A traveled to Ballyhar to beat the local generator team 6-2.
Brian Okaro and Liam Boyle scored two goals throughout corm, and Mickey Boyle each scored one.
On Sunday, October 14, la Toro A played Limerick at the home of the FAI Youth Cup.
The match at Ballyduff will start at 2. 30pm. USED CLOTHING.
Clothing, footwear, bedding and curtains of all types
On Tuesday, next October, the use and recycling of Africa will be collected in the church parking lot in Ballyduff. 30am and 2. 30pm.
If you would like to process any of the above items, can you put them in a plastic bag and bring them to the collection points listed above?
Funding the Children\'s Foundation of St. Mary\'s day care center (
For poor children)
Gerston, South Africa
All collection inquiry calls (087)6437984.
Schedule: Saturday, October 13, Ladys Walk v Kilgarvan, final of the thCounty intermediate throwing tournament, held at fitzgerrard stadium in Killani, Sunday, October 14, north CROI U15 at 1 in Lixnaw at ballyheiegaa in the hurdles league final Ballyduff V Kilmoyley. Ballyhe on Sunday
Ballyheigue 1-Full Score9 Kilmoyley 3-15.
Christopher James Sean Casey Danny Casey Tommy omahoni Frank gentleman Alan lucek 0-
1 Mark Reagan Sean Corgan 0-3.
John ohlouran Ronan Kenny 0-
3 Brendan Hogan Shane Lawler 1-
Richard OMahony 0-1 Kevin Reddy 0-
The 2 submarines used the Dermot luzek Joseph halolan PA Reagan John McCullough fixture
At four o\'clock P. M. on Saturday, the final Ballyheigue v. Mrs. dorney under the age of 15 in North Curry, Saturday at four o\'clock P. M. , check out more.
LOTTO: gaa lotto 1,11, 13,23 came up with the following figures last Saturday night. The jackpot 400 bonus did not win.
The cumulative bonus will be reduced in the coming weeks.
Two E50 winners are Kileran Mahony chahanebawn.
Mary in cover Lynn in Corinthians na han dynasty
The winner of E25 is m.
Ryan\'s c/o Lynch
Card: 41 card drive will start at the Kilmoyley community center on Wednesday, October 10 at nine o\'clock P. M. P. M.
Draw results on Sunday 7: 12, 13, 14, 20 did not have a cumulative bonus. the ForgeE50 Stacey Higgins c/o PJ GodleyE25 won E 4100 in the week of Mike ailegoth CastlelawnE25 T Kenny c/o PJ GodleyNext.
The draw will be held at the stadium on Sunday the 14 th.
If no jackpot is won, there will be 15 sweepstakes, including 5 E100 sweepstakes and 10 E50 sweepstakes.
BallylongfordOYSTER Festival: from Friday evening, September 14 to Saturday evening, September 15, the village will hold its annual Oyster Festival, and now everything is ready.
This year, a lot of work has been put into providing a wonderful action-filled entertainment program that will be aimed at young people and the elderly.
However, considering the arrival of the weekend (
Irish football final week-end)
The committee has developed an excellent programme.
There is only one slight change in this year\'s event, which is related to the seafood buffet usually held on Saturday night. due to the whole of Ireland, this weekend has changed this year, so it has now been rescheduled on Saturday, September, instead of the buffet on Saturday, the 15 th.
So with this new arrangement, everyone will have enough time to buy tickets.
Tickets are already on sale and can be purchased at 43186 from Josephine Denihan as there are only limited places where you are advised to book tickets on time and avoid disappointment if you go too late.
The activities for this year are as follows: Friday, September 14: eight o\'clock P. M (Sharp)
Masquerade: Ask and advise the children to assemble at the Carmody community center where the award will be made. 8.
45: through the makeup parade from the village to the open platform, the oyster crisis will officially open at nine o\'clock P. M. this year (Sharp).
This will be after 9.
At fifteen o\'clock P. M. , the winner will receive 150 euros in the women\'s oyster swallowing competition.
The men\'s final will begin immediately and the winner will receive € 150 again.
Speculation by the Supreme People\'s Court is common. J.
The fiery favorite of reservations and explanatory statements, won the championship.
A lottery will be held at ten o\'clock P. M.
At ten o\'clock A. M. on Saturday at the Carmody community center, this is the early start of a very busy day: this is the bakery race time, there are three age groups of matches, starting with the children of the National School, they were invited to bake and decorate Rice Krispie bread.
Middle school students are invited to bake and decorate Queen\'s cakes, while adults are invited to bake egg tarts or scones, prizes will be awarded to all three categories of winners.
There will be coffee in the morning. At 10.
30 p. m. at sarin Pier, the annual Sea fishing competition is underway (
If weather permits. .
Also at eleven o\'clock A. M. , Claire Healy will give a speech on herbal life and nutrition at the Carmody community center, and everyone is welcome.
Two o\'clock P. M. : home car treasure hunt assembled in the church yard.
At five o\'clock P. M. , the annual raft race will begin at sarin pier and end on the bridge.
Competitors who are interested in participating in the raft race must enter their names there one week in advance, plus an entry fee of 20 euros per raft.
Marie Hanrahan O Neill has now taken the entries and will not accept them after Saturday, September 22. Get more details by contacting Marie (068)43501. 8.
30pm sees the annual children\'s disco in the parish hall, which is strictly aimed at school children with a completion time of 10 minutes. 30pm (Sharp).
As mentioned earlier, the seafood buffet was postponed until September 29.
Activities begin at 9 on Sunday.
30am, selling car suitcases on the grounds of Pat Lynch Bridge Street.
Gates opened at 8: 00 and all traders were very popular.
30am charges insurance fees for E10 car traders and E15 truck traders.
This will end at one o\'clock P. M (Sharp).
More details can be sought from Ann Jackman and Ann can contact at 087 9055854 (
After six o\'clock P. M. , please only)
So everyone has their own taste in this very complex event project.
The local bar has a wide variety of oysters and other fish dishes throughout the weekend.
The organizers specifically asked me to be there to express my most sincere thanks to the large number of people who sponsored the festival again, in fact, simply because of their generosity, the festival could not continue and thank you all very sincerely.
So, make it a date to visit the famous Bally Oyster Festival.
Welfare night: Thank you very much to all those who attended and supported the special welfare night to help Paul O\'Hanlon, who continued at the Gerry O\'Connors bar in Ballylongford last Saturday evening, September 8
This video game night organized by local G. A. A.
Paul\'s club, one of the most dedicated and loyal players of late.
The event received strong support from local people and many people from other fields.
Our adjacent Asdee club is well represented and members of Tarbert, Moyvane, Listowel and other surrounding areas are also very popular.
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