Craft Ideas For Kids Drugs In February

by:HKKYO     2020-07-01
February is here package it comes an associated with holidays and fun. This wintertime, we have been hit with plenty of snow, especially up in the northeast. Getting an involving snow days can result in parents feeling lost with what to do with the children cooped up all day. Here are several crafts projects for your kiddos and you to produce a together to cure a bitter winter blues. Valentine's Day Valentine's Day is approaching quickly in addition a handmade craft from your little kiddo is the perfect way for for you to tell someone they love them. A couple of a couple crafts for kids to make to celebrate those they love. Handprint Heart Magnet (great for younger kiddos!) Materials: Red Washable Paint, White Card stock (preferably, or similar thick paper) or White Construction Paper, Paint Brush, Red Crayon, Sticky Back Magnet, Black Sharpie or Permanent Marker 1. Paint child's hands with red paint, or have them dip their hands in red fix up. 2. Make child's handprints on the white cardstock. *NOTE: When doing the handprints, make the thumbs and index fingers meet-this forms a heart shape (upside down). Remember that need a perfect heart shape, wine beverage to tilt the hands to get this to shape. 3. Allow paint to dry. 4. Place handprints the wrong way up and highlight the heart shape by drawing an outline of the thumb/index finger heart build. 5. Write 'Always keep hold of my heart' within the center shape or on the handprints with permanent marker 6. Cut around the handprints and stick a magnet within the back. 'Thumb'ody Thank you Picture Frame Materials: Popsicle Sticks, Wood or Hot Glue, Red Ink Pad or Red Paint, Child's Photo, Foam Heart Stickers or Candy Hearts, Poster Board or Thick Cardstock. 1. Glue child's picture on a high quality square section of poster board. Please note: The photo is required to be cut down or sufficiently little to fit within a popsicle stick frame (4 popsicle sticks making a square). 2. Have child stick foam heart stickers or candy hearts around their picture. Positive to they don't stick them on their picture! 3. Glue 4 popsicle sticks together to develop a square body. 4. Press child's thumb into red ink pad or paint and press onto the two vertical (sides) popsicle twigs. Do 5 thumb prints on popsicle sticks each. 5. The top (horizontal) popsicle stick, write ''Thumb'ody loves you.'. On the bottom (horizontal) popsicle stick, write 'That 'thumb'ody is anyone!'. 6. On top of the 4 corners of the popsicle stick frame, put heart stickers. 7. Glue popsicle stick frame onto photograph from earlier. 8. On the back among the poster board/photograph, write 'Happy Valentine's Day 2011!' Black History Month In school, your child will be learning about significant African Americans that made an impact in our world from Martin Luther King to George Washington Carver. Bring the educational home with black history crafts for an kiddos! I Have a Dream Materials: Construction paper, Black Permanent Marker, Crayons and Coloring Tools 1. Write ' I have a dream which usually.' on a piece of construction paper. 2. Convey to your child what Martin Luther King meant by dream-his vision for planet. Ask your child what they need to happen in the complete world. This can be silly answers such as candy houses to something more serious too. 3. Instruct your child to draw what they told you. 4. For younger kids who short-term scribbling, ask the child to identify the things in image quality and label them. Garret Morgan and the Traffic Light Materials: Black Construction Paper, Glue, Paint Brush, Red, Yellow and Green M & Microsoft. Prior to Craft: Explain who Garret Morgan was, that he invented the traffic light and why it's extremely important. 1. Formed a wide rectangle on a black construction paper. (a traffic light shape) 2. Trace 3 equal circles on top of the black traffic light. 3. Have child apply glue (a good amount) on the three light circles-one at an occasion. 4. Have the child glue red m & ms on top, yellow in the center and green on backside and of course let youngsters snack on some m & ms too! I i do hope you enjoy these fun crafts for young kids. Expect more for each month of last year. Have Fun!
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