We design and produce craft kits for kids, teenager and adult. We could provide one-stop service for all kind of craft kits such as STEM Science and Educational kits, ECO Recycle Series (we provide the components and kids have to collect the empty water bottle, milk carton, egg holder toilet roll ,and carton and make the stuff by themselves by following our instruction sheet), String Arts, Dream Cather, Felt Sewing Craft Kits, Fabric Sewing Craft Kits, Felt Hoop Kit, Embroidery Hoop Kits, Plush Cushion, Sock Animals Sewing Kits, Plush Animal Sewing, Foam Craft Kits, Crochet & Knitting Kits, Yarn Animal Kits, Pom Pom and Chenille Puppies Kits, Latch Hoop Kit, Paper Craft Kits, Sticky Mosaic Craft Kits, Sequin Craft Kits, Foil Craft Kits, Scratch Craft Kits, Jewelry Making Kits, Painting Kits which including Window Art Sun Cather Kit, Rock Painting Kit, Ceramic Animal Painting Kit, Plaster Animal Painting Kits, Poly-resin Animal Painting Kits, Fabric Bag Painting Kits, Wooden MDF Painting Kits, Styrofoam Animal Painting Kits and so on. , bread has been known as the epitome of life and human society. Its history can be traced back for thousands of years to the ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks.

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