craft sale a labour of love

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A lady in Winnipeg turned her love for crafts into a successful business, and now her first crafts sale.
Kristie levseur runs Kristie\'s crayon art, specializing in fashion-
Crayons in the shape of the children. On Sat. , Nov.
8. levseur and about 40 other suppliers will take over Canad Inns (
The Pembina Highway is 1824 kilometers. )
First sale of Christmas crafts. Levasseur hand-
Select each supplier to ensure a first-class experience for your customersnotch.
\"I want to make sure there will be a variety of different types of crafts and the quality is high,\" she said . \".
Some items for sale include: pottery, soap, jewelry, cards, wood, knitting, firing glass, baking, scarves, fabric art, clay, wood, Christmas decorations, soy candles, gifts for kids and babies, and of course baking.
\"It will be a warm atmosphere,\" levseur said . \".
\"Another big feature is our two $200 prize packs, each of which consists of 20 items per vendor at hand.
\"Children are also encouraged to participate.
\"I decided to add a\" Craft Corner \"to the kids during the Christmas holiday crafts sale,\" levseur said \".
\"For their entertainment we will have a place where they can make their own work to take home.
This is free of charge and all people over the age of three have handmade items.
This will provide some interesting things for the kids and include them in the event.
More than a year ago, levseur introduced the art of crayons. It was a no-
A good idea for her. at-home-
A mother who loves art.
\"I want to stay at home with my children while my husband Paul is working on a PhD and I want to make a little extra money,\" she said . \".
\"Because I like to make crafts and want to come up with a product that my own children Jeremiah and Jessica can love, I\'m also thinking about what creative products other moms want to offer their children, I had a brainstorming session and designed trendy crayons for the kids.
\"It\'s been a while since levseur.
\"I grew up here all my life,\" levseur said . \". \"My parents (
Henry and Lorna Holmes)
They live on it for 100.
They made folk art in the countryside with wood.
They will sell their goods all over Canada.
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