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by:HKKYO     2019-08-21
A few years ago, a company called print paks used software to create a variety of interesting projects for children and parents, winning a lot of fans. . . .
From holiday decorations to windmills.
The company is now part of Mattel and has helped to create a new fashion magic series for toy giants.
Judy McDonald
Founder of Print paks, now vice president of Mattel new technology. . . .
\"Girls especially like to make things with color printers, so stylish magic disc brand, this is the new brand for girls this fall, we made three titles, one tattoo kit, we have a stylish and magical hairstyle and charm kit and we have a stylish and magical Tanktop kit.
Wear your hair. . . .
You create a design with software and print it out with special plastic material. . . .
\"Then cut it off.
You put it in the oven at a speed of 300 for five minutes and it shrinks to less than half the size and becomes thick, hard and sturdy.
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The tattoo kit uses a film material covered on the skin with a medical adhesive.
\"You can use digital images.
If you want, you can take a picture of yourself on your arm.
Photos of pets or grandma.
The Tanktop kit uses an iron.
The kits cost less than $20.
You can find more information in mattelmedia.
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