crafts (and paris hilton) take center stage at trade show

by:HKKYO     2019-08-22
Hilton Paris attracted an hour\'s attention on the first day of winter craft and hobby Assn.
The trade show held in Anaheim this week created a controlled \"locust day\" scene with hundreds of people crowded around the booth, she was there to endorse her new collection of fabric trim and scrapbook kits for the make-up and teen.
Although Hilton has brought a little charm to an industry familiar with rhinestones and glitter --
But not so much for big.
Name of celebrity
After she left, attention quickly returned to the new art and crafts products involved in the exhibition.
CHA is a sacred place for artisans.
Take it with you even if you can\'t buy anything (
Is doing trade, so only wholesale account)
See new products and hang out with craft manufacturers, designers and retailers as close to heaven as you can get.
While browsing the aisles with hundreds of booths set up, I found some great new materials and tools and noticed some industry trends as well.
The Accuquilt Booth immediately caught my attention and it had a new die-cutting machine made specifically for quilting machines.
Manual and electronic die-cutting machines have become an important part of the manual world, used by paper workers, scrapbook manufacturers, jewelry manufacturers and now quilting machines, cutting complex shapes from a variety of materials with little or no effort.
Consumption mode Accuquilt go!
The fabric cutter allows cutting six layers of fabric at the same time in tons of shape, including basics such as triangles and squares, as well as more detailed decals designs such as birds, leaves and flowers.
The bundled cutter package with die-cutting pads will be retail for about $349, and the price of a single mold will be around $24. 99 to $54. 99 (
There is also a large professional model).
I stopped at the studiflux booth and found a great discovery --
Kit for making combined metal jewelry and learning how to use a jeweler saw, a rare sight in the craft world.
The suit comes from Thomas Mann, a famous metal jewelry designer.
The object sandwich kit found includes metals and other components that make the combined jewelry, and the learning saw kit includes saw rack, Blade, materials for saw, as well as DVD and books.
It\'s a good time for Mann, jewelry and mix
Media art is becoming more and more popular, and materials and teaching are often difficult to find.
He gave me a quick saw tutorial and I can happily report that I only broke one blade.
On the fiber side, Artfelt is a new way to mix the elements of the needle and wet felt technology into a simple process with the help of the clothes dryer, make a gorgeous scarf, bag and coat of wool.
The fabric and ribbon can even be incorporated into the design.
Lion Brand Yarn because they are in big-
Box crafts retailers like Jo
Several new specialty yarns, such as 100% cashmere and organic wool, are presented by Ann and Michaels
Usually not found in acrylic
The aisles in those places are crowded.
David Blumenthal, president and CEO of The Lion brand, said that consumers\' understanding of luxury yarn is slowly deepening, and they are also driving people\'s desire for more environmental protection.
The friendly fibers, like the recycled cotton yarn of the Lion, are booked-to-be-
Make a mess of cotton.
\"The world is moving in this direction. We want ecological civilization.
Blumenthal said: \"very friendly.
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