crafts as toys- $1 craft kits for kids

by:HKKYO     2019-08-14
Tired of TV and video games?
Looking for something new, but works well for your kids?
Have you ever thought that crafts are creative toys?
I recently went to my local michael micha craft store and found all of these items for just $1 per piece.
On and off, I \'ve always been a life-
My sister and I have been away for a long time.
Crafts can be interesting and promote many skills for development.
Children can work in visual perception skills, fine motor skills, and creativity and imagination.
Crafts have also prepared great gifts for Mother\'s Day and Father\'s Day for parents and grandparents, which can be souvenirs for many years to come.
When my grandmother died, we found the card my dad made for her in elementary school.
These wooden 3D picture kits have several pre-cut shapes that can be punched.
A variety of animals and marine life.
The assembly is challenging and requires visual recognition of the various shapes and dimensions of the part as well as spatial relationships to properly locate the part.
Of course, fine motor skills are used to punch in and assemble parts.
Necklace KitsA has a wide range of necklace kits with many designs and themes.
Including everything you need.
Children use visual recognition skills to match and sort shapes with directions, or can be creative and come up with their own variants.
Fine motor skills including Palmto-
Finger translation skills
There are many plaster statues such as animals, fish, butterflies and cars.
The kit includes statues, 4 paint colors and brushes.
You can use the extra craft paint and gloss sealer on the statue.
Skills include the coordination and operation of the paint brush.
Holding the statue with one hand and brushing with the other requires bilateral hand skills.
Provides a foam model KitsWooden model for wood model kits, cars, aircraft and building structures.
Foam model kit is also available.
Children use visual discrimination to match parts to assembly instructions, spatial concepts to locate parts and vision-
Painting and assembling motor and fine motor skills.
Hand skills include Palmto-
Pan, move and rotate your fingers.
Children can be creative in painting and decorating their models.
Some of these kits are very cumbersome to assemble and require patience and are not suitable for children under the age of 8.
Balsa Wood puzzle, frame and stand-
UpsThere has plenty of wood pictures to decorate: flowers, unicorns, horses, fish, dogs, dolphins, bees, jungle animals, castles and princesses.
Small puzzle, frame and stand
Numbers are available.
The kit comes with a small section of the markup, but of course you can add more categories from the one you have at hand.
You can also use paint.
Vision for children
The motor and fine motor controls are kept within the coloring line.
Make animals, flowers, or endless other items with these colored plastic tubes.
When you\'re done, cover it with wax paper and eat it together with a warm iron.
Plastic beads or tubes are very small and therefore too frustrating for children under 6 years of age or with difficulty in exercise.
Children use visual discrimination and spatial relationships to copy pictures from the design.
Processing beads uses ultra-fine motor skills.
Use the tweezers practice tool.
Design a mug to provide your own mark or paint to decorate many of the available kit pictures with a lot to choose from.
Get ideas and use visuals
Sports skills, starting with white paper, draw the color of your own design.
You can also cut or tear out building paper or paper towels to create a custom design.
Posters and mini posters have countless posters and mini posters designed, including many Disney characters, Pixar\'s favorite and other popular movie characters.
Use the marks provided or provide your own marks, crayons, colored pencils or paints.
Children use visual perception and vision
Complete the motor skills of the picture.
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