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Holiday Craft shoppers have a wide variety of options all over the state waiting for him, from Sussex County in the north to Camden County in the South.
There are galleries offering the highest level of collectibles, shops full of unusual practical goods, handicraft cooperatives that penetrate into the mainstream of business --
For example, at the riverside square in Hackensack, Essex green mall in West Orange and the department store in Morris Town-
There are attractive ethnic items in the museum store.
Here is a list of institutions specializing in original contemporary crafts, each in alphabetical order: Gallery of American homes, Bergen County, 24 Tenafly Washington Street, one will find Nancy Herman plunging-
Glass sculptures by Larry Fields, crochet animals by Andrea Uravitch, ceramic decorations by Richard and Pat schneder, and stone-studded jewelry by Ulle Lepasar.
The ads also feature functional cutlery, pillows, wooden accessories and some wearables at affordable prices.
Arts and Crafts of artists
Run shop at 12 Van Brunt Street north of Englewood is celebrating \"feast and festival\" with a punch\"
A bowl to be prepared by every Porter member.
Specializing in kitchen utensils at reasonable prices
A lot less than $25.
This institution has also declined.
Glass jewelry, handmade puppets, wooden toys, Kaleidoscope pendants and handmade stationery.
Advertising gallery Kornbluth, 7-
21 fairlaon Avenue, fairlaon Avenue, with exhibition of star works
Roster of 70 contributors.
Including glass artists Dale Chihuly, Michael Pavlik and Marni Bakst and Whitney Kent (
Imaginative wooden box)
Judith Ingus (
Ceramic wall film)
David Greenbaum (
Polished clay container)
Gloria Doyle (
Gold and silver jewelry).
Camden County, 142 east of King\'s Highway, Haddonfield, is \"selling gifts for men\", which includes wooden table accessories, handmade leather slippers (
Small, medium and large)
And metal cufflinks.
There are also musical instruments, microwave ovens with clay casseroles, glass perfume bottles, garlands and jewelry made from natural materials by Lisa Martins, \"bigger and better than ever \".
In Essex, 6 Montclair Church Street, mark its 10 th anniversary with the \"old and new favorites\" holiday collection of country and contemporary crafts.
The former includes white gold and cobalt glass perfume bottles from Wayne Ferrand, a glass of wine from Randy Strong, a glass of assorted brandy and champagne, and a jewelry scarf from Randall Darwell --
Like color and old
Old wooden vehicles for children.
There are also natural baskets, porcelain plates decorated with animals engaged in winter sports, and Ruguang vessels decorated with metal by Janet and Rick Nicholson.
The collection of dolls, including Tracy Gallup\'s \"preppy\" bear, is a specialty here.
At Doubletree Hotel, 76 Church Street, Montclair, an invitational exhibition shows useful decorative items such as quilting bags, copper bells, belts, carved birds and a selection of ceramics at a moderate price.
The ad also saw Silk wearables drawn by Josiah St.
Jacques, the work of Ronni Gerstel\'s \"basket\" and gallery members: Perger Miller, the lacquer;
Jeweler Joanna Marcus and clay sculpture sculptor Annabella Scheffer.
Sheila nuswaum Gallery, 358 Millburn Avenue, is presenting the latest works of gallery artists in a variety of media and prices.
Peter duster\'s supersized clay ware and John Nexen\'s sandblasted glass are one of Colorado\'s selections.
The famous artist is Judith.
His jewelry combines ivory, ebony and leather with precious metals.
The \"gift\" includes a wooden letter opener and a pewter salad server.
Whwhichcraft, 52 Vose Avenue, South Orange, will hold a reception from 2 to 5 next Sunday to open its holiday PotpourriM.
Sculpture dyeing
Julie Shaw\'s glass kaleidoscope, new ceramics from Carolyn Sales, glowing graphic surfaces and innovative jewelry will be on display.
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The gallery upstairs will feature a large group of unusual animal sculptures by Todd Warner (
For example, a 7-foot-
Tall giraffes, a herd of horses and pink flamingos that transcend the cliché of the front yard).
The Hunterton County arts center at 7 Clinton Center Street now has a lighter, brighter look to trigger more inventory, including the work of a dozen new exhibitors.
There is a wide variety of gold and silver jewelry, along with the fiber pins of Nancy Innis and the clay and semi-gem beads of Susan Schabel chawal.
There are also wearables, Don Gonzalez\'s glass, Xu\'s ceramics, and Liz Micolas\'s natural-shaped basket for prices ranging from $30 to $150.
In the comparison of Monmouth County, 49 Broad Street on the Red Bank, there are functional and decorative items ranging from $4 for clay candle holders to $1,500 for tapestries, usually $250.
There are many glass glasses, paperweights and perfume bottles on the advertisement.
Clay includes Renne Margolin and pit-
Fired from Nancy Mikel and a honey pot, plate and casserole.
Morris National Lee Skal Gallery, 14 South Street, Morristown is on display works by gallery artists, including glass decan water heaters designed by Michael Cohen
Like melted marshmallow
Ceramic vessels made by Heino and Vivico Otto start at $80.
Greg Batsios\'s newly designed handmade Hanukah candle holder is a special holiday item.
Clay, glass and jewelry are the main ones here, but there are also some woven scarves and shawls.
Ocean County Limited Edition, 2200 Long Beach Avenue, Surf City, showcases an updated version of a range of children\'s items, such as hand-made chimes, alphabet puzzles, historic byhorses, and handmade leather booties, pastel colors and natural colors.
Adult knitted hats and scarves, porcelain and titanium jewelry are also provided (
And gold and silver)
A complete functional pottery inventory and \"many bird things.
\"The room at the whole House Gallery, 32 Main Street, Kingston, Somerset is filled with baskets, ceramics, glass, wearablesone-of-a-
For example, a patchwork velvet suit --
There are also some wooden things, such as paint boxes.
All kinds of jewelry from Laura Markle\'s high
Linda Hesh\'s whimsical crystal and brass \"drop fauc\" earrings are designed in silver.
Peters Valley store, Sussex County, at the intersection of Leiden Route 521 and Route 615 (
Near Stoke State Forest)
, Has a variety of unusual functional items such as hand shaving kit, hand mirror, exotic woods, sheepskin bike Hood, forging
Iron boot scraper, wooden clip board and Penn quilt.
The advertising toys include handmade teddy bears, Kazus and muqin.
Christmas decorations for paper, woven wheat and glassthose are $15 -
Also on sale. P. S.
Visitors are welcome to this rural outpost.
1838 East Second Street, Plains of Scotland Union County Beautiful things factory held a holiday exhibition in the gallery upstairs, presents a group of creative adult toys from \"designer bear\" William Accor and-of-a-
Ceramics and jewellery of Tom Reese and Seth Duberstein by the owner Henry Leton and Paula golhart.
Downstairs is a variety of pottery, delightful jewelry made by Sandy Lehman
Pins are $7 to $12-
Josh Simpson and magazines such as cards and porcelain ornaments.
Last week, the opening date of the WBAI Holiday Arts & Crafts Fair held at Columbia University\'s Ferris Booth Hall, Broadway and 115 Street was incorrectly given.
It will open on Thursday and will open every weekend for the next three weeks.
The hours are 5 to 9 p. M.
Thursday and Friday and 7 noon to nightM.
Saturday and Sunday
A version of this review was printed on page NJ11 of the National edition on December 2, 1984, with the title: Crafts; CRAFT-
Holiday guide for buyers.
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