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by:HKKYO     2019-08-14
It\'s not just retailers that cut holiday shopping prices this year.
Many artists and organizers of the holiday arts and crafts exhibition are also creative about the price.
Some artists are reducing the cost of supplies in order to keep them low.
Others, like Lauren Berman, a Newton jeweler, are celebrating Newton!
Holiday Arts and Crafts Festival in December.
7, is turning to more affordable raw materials.
I have been creating more jewelry at a lower price.
Cost but interesting stone, away from high
She is more likely to use chalets than blue topstones, Berman said.
This means that my design has to be more creative, which drives me from an artistic point of view.
So, as the mother of invention, this is a good thing.
Karen Mondale and Diana Galson-Newton quilting machine
Literally, koooy is scaling down.
We decided to do something smaller.
\'We have regular quilting Wall hangouts and are now making mini landscapes that cost a lot less, \'said Mundell, who also shows this in a performance celebrating Newton!
An event held at Newton South High School.
Here are some highlights of the Craft Expo: celebrate Newton!
The annual Newton PTO Fund-
Raiser offers more than just a wealth of legal fine arts and crafts.
There are also live music, cafes, handmade activities for young people and many unusual gifts during the festival.
Highlights of this year include manual
Dyed linen, trendy rubber stamps, Linda Goldberg\'s dream --
For example, a mini single car, and Jean Lindsay-
Devor\'s hands are cute.
Knit teddy bearDetails: Dec. 7, 10 a. m. -4 p. m.
Newton South High School, 140 Brandeis Road.
Tickets: $2, or $5 per family. 617-558-3695, www. perugi. com/newton.
Newton arts and crafts
Five New England artists and a chocolate maker of inventions will gather to attend the exhibition, which will be reviewed.
This exhibition with thousands of gifts includes arts and crafts from small earrings to bulky furniture.
Notable items include African Violet growers at Porter Mark Benz.
Chocolate Heaven will also be tempted with chewy cherry chocolate-
Crushed cookies and white chocolate and dark chocolate caramel corn.
Support Urban Art Projects. Details: Dec. 13, 10 a. m. -5 p. m. ; Dec. 14, 11 a. m. -4 p. m.
Located at Newton Cultural Center, 225 Nevada Street. , Newtonville. Admission $3; $8 per family. 617-796-1540, www. ci. newton. ma.
In the United States, click on the cultural affairs under the Department link.
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