crafts for kids: a diy lava lamp that\'s hot on pinterest

by:HKKYO     2019-08-26
We brought you another batch this week.
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Now, we bring you one of the most popular
All fixed crafts about summer fun--
A simple DIY lava lamp that the whole family likes to make.
Look at this psychedelic project from S. L.
Photo by Smith: StephanieL.
Smith Photography
No wonder why this idea has been repeated thousands of times on Pinterest.
This lava lamp is not just a low.
The cost way to keep the kids busy, but it\'s also a really cool idea that can be made with just some water, bottles, edible pigments, vegetable oil and AlkaSeltzer.
Add these ingredients together, like magic, and you have a groovy light that you can customize based on your choice of food color.
We especially like the bold blue!
So go to S. L.
Smith photography provides a complete tutorial for this lava lamp and other great crafts!
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