crafts for teen boys

by:HKKYO     2019-08-16
Looking for craft projects for teenage boys seems like a challenge.
However, a wide range of crafts, including wooden crafts, wire carving, leather tools and clay crafts, offer entertainment and interest to boys aged 13 to 17.
Such crafts can be developed
Can be used to make custom decorations or gifts.
Wood is a versatile and valuable craft medium for teenage boys.
Wooden crafts can range from simple carpentry to paper-cut patterns for decoration.
Wall shelf is a simple woodworking project that involves not only the construction of the shelf, but also the polishing and painting of the surface.
This completed project can be hung on the wall of the boy\'s room and presented with prizes such as precious items or medals.
Other woodworking crafts include wood block or birdhouse for outdoor use or indoor display.
Wall art can be made with a magazine cut that is glued to the wood and covered with a deglued glue.
This simple craft allows the boy to add a unique decoration style to the room or give away as a gift.
Wire engraving for jewelry making is a process that requires little extra material.
For the wire carving project, the boy only needs the wire and the bending tool.
Boys can bend the wires into whatever shape they want with silver or gold lines.
The wire design can be displayed on the chain or rope for wearing.
While some boys may want to set half
The center of the wire sculpture is precious or precious stones, and more complex designs can be made without modification.
This craft is perfect for boys who want to give gifts to female relatives or friends.
In soft, unpainted or pre-painted
Dyed leather and leather tools provide hours of enjoyment for teenage boys.
Various designs and graphics can be processed on the leather, including basic floral or geometric designs, as well as more complex images that boys can copy using tracing drawings or wax paper.
Depending on the maturity of the teenager, parents may wish to supervise the use of a rotary knife to cut the image into leather.
Other tools for leather tools may include mallets made of wood, PVC or raw skins, as well as beveler, pear shader and camouflage tools.
Clay crafts are suitable for almost all ages, including teenage boys, who can make sculptures or pottery with this material for presentation and gift giving.
Polymer clay can be fired in a common kitchen oven and works well
Suitable for teenagers as this program will last once hardened and fired.
In addition to basic pottery or sculpture, boys can make beads, even small-scale ones --sized models.
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