daniel in the lion\'s den: simple bible crafts for kids

by:HKKYO     2019-08-31
Like Daniel in lion hole crafts, hands-on activities are a great way to extend Sunday school classes and help children internalize concepts.
The more engaged their senses are, the deeper the learning experience is, and the longer the course is retained.
One of the crafts includes making an edible lion cupcake, so be sure to check the student\'s food allergy record.
This is an old piece of art, but the children always like it.
It only needs some simple supplies and can be quickly modified according to the level of motor skills in different categories.
You need a paper tray (
These are better than foam)Art media (
Look at the appropriate age suggestions below)
Give each child a paper tray and encourage them to decorate it with the lion\'s face and mane\'s hair.
For those young children who are still developing fine motor skills, the yellow and brown coarse crayons are the best choice for coloring lion Mans.
Preschool kids can glue on wounds
Put the yarn together, or dip it with a yellow finger paint, and press it on the edge of the plate to form an unusual look.
Tip: parents like to get crafts including their children\'s handprints, which they will treasure over the years.
Be sure to write each child\'s name and date behind the plate.
Lion cups making edible Bible crafts is one of the best ways to teach a class without sounding like you\'re preaching, and as a reward, kids can eat their crafts.
To make a lion, you need: A cupcake for each child (
Make or buy before class)
A can of white frosting, a tube of yellow food, before class, grab kitchen scissors for a pack of chopped coconut, a box of raisins, a pack of Red Licorice striped cashmere paper towels or napkinsPlastic knives, cut the licorice into thin strips, representing the lion\'s mouth.
Pour a small amount of coconut in one bowl and put the white icing in another bowl.
Let the children sit at the table when you are ready to start making.
Show them the color of the yellow food and talk about the color of the lion\'s fur.
Add a few drops of edible pigment to the white icing to let the children mix in turn (
If class size allows).
Continue to add the color of the food until the sugar cream reaches the desired color.
Give each child a tissue or napkin and a cupcake.
Scoop a small amount of icing on the top of the cupcake and encourage them to spread the icing with a plastic knife or spoon.
When they finish the icing, give everyone a small piece of coconut and show how they should sprinkle it on the edge to make the lion\'s mane.
Raisins for eyes and wounds-
Licorice strips for oral cavity.
When children enjoy their snacks, read or tell them stories about Daniel and the lion\'s nest.
Although these Daniel\'s activities and crafts in the lion\'s nest seem simple, they have had a huge impact on the children.
You will be surprised that they have such a deep memory of the story of Daniel and the lion in the coming years.
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