daytripping to almonte

by:HKKYO     2019-08-22
Laura Byrne pacquiette rides on Highway 417 and finds Almont more way to go than James Naismith and basketball.
I spent most of the day hanging out in the beautiful larnak County town of Almonte, planning a little Christmas shopping. Well, sort of.
I did buy something, but it\'s all for me, to be selfish.
Small and wide
A wide range of Mill Street Books, I picked up a book that I had long wanted to buy, written by Ottawa writer Dan Rubinstein.
Then I had a pleasant chat with the owner Mary and Terry Lumsden about some of the upcoming events in the store. (
Tomorrow, Claudia Smith, a writer in the County of Falk, will sign a copy of her new book. )
Not decadent at all.
I mean, it\'s about exercise.
This will help compensate me for another purchase: a jar of cookie butter.
It was my reaction when I saw it on the shelves of kitchen supplies and gourmet shops pches ches & Poivre.
When I heard a shop employee behind me offering cookies butter samples to other shoppers for free, I was checking the jar.
This cute platter imported from BelgiumI kid you not—
Made from pureed speculcookies cookies, the taste is as delicious as it sounds.
You can scare your dentist for $6. 99.
Well, of course . . . . . . If I haven\'t opened it yet. Yes, lots!
A shop called Hello Yellow is a bright, pleasant place with throw pillows, bird feeders, fun coffee cups and other beautiful gifts.
Across the street, blackbirds are filled with good things like candles, decorations, blankets and honey --
Body care products. For the under-
12 sets, Kent Children\'s Inn
Clothes and shoes of the size, as well as clever toys and handmade kits.
Tin barn market sells vintage, redesigned, handmade or other unusual household items
From country-style chairs and clever chandeliers to chalk paints and other DIY items.
Earlier this year, Li Gu tools opened a company called L. G. Lee & Sons.
Its oak display cabinet, wood floor and original tin ceiling feel like an old one
Vintage hardware shop
Of course, you will find woodworking tools, kitchen gadgets, lanterns, shoe corners, fishing gear, games and more . . . . . . Hardware included.
Dorey\'s habit is to sell eyes.
Grab the women\'s and accessories, including flowing Uniik Tunik tops and dresses, as well as a range of elastic but stylish yoga jeans.
At the Crush market, Bos\'s unique boots and shoes can distract you.
& Co, Fly London and other European brands, but footwear may not be the easiest gift to choose for others.
Continue into the store and browse through niobium Holly Yashi jewelry from California as well as cool wallets, scarves and home decor items. Me, too!
Fortunately, Almonte has many restaurants to choose from in a small town.
I really liked the scones I bought at the crepes on Mill Street, which were stuffed with ham and cheese --
So much that I can only drink a small cup of honey --
Vanilla ice cream.
Again, they are quite different.
The best in town-
The famous former resident is James neismith, who grew up there in his 1800 s and then invented a little game called basketball that you might have heard.
Almonte, once known for its textile mills, now has apartments and shops in many textile mills.
You can learn about the industrial history of the town at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum, which also displays a series of changing exhibitions.
The current program is mainly composed of artists Diane Lawdy and Robin Law.
Field incorporated everything from silk, yarn, paper and clay into their multimedia works.
The show officially opened from two o\'clock P. M. to 4: today. m.
When you leave town, you may pass through the Equator coffee bakery where you can get organic fair trade beans for your coffee friends.
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