decorating eggs for easter: amazing designs to try at home

by:HKKYO     2019-12-31
This Easter, it\'s time to get away from the boring old paint, think outside the box and create a masterpiece.
Lace Easter Easteregg eggs eastereggs happyeaster easterdecorations easter2014 painter painting paintedegg Ankawa Handmadebyme handmade butterflyappliqueA photo published?
Aquab? (@ruaa. giliana)
3: 37 PM, April 15, 2014 PDT run hard-
Boiled eggs or hollow eggs with lace patterns to create a decorative center.
Cut the lace trim into long enough straps, wrap the eggs, and then fix the lace with a rubber band.
Then dye your eggs, cut out the rubber bands, and unlock the lace.
When you have them dry, you leave brightly colored eggs with intricate designs and patterns engraved on them.
Photos released by Diana Ramos (@luvmylilmila)
At 7: 45 p. m. on April 19, 2014, PDT made eye-catching sparkling eggs with this simple technique.
Dye the eggs to the desired color, then apply half an egg with glue, then sprinkle with glitter.
Once the first half of the egg is dry, please repeat it with the other half.
In any case, Easter is coming soon.
How about making it Easter @ marthastewart this year?
Aren\'t those eggs spectacular? ?
Jota released photos of the Golden Copper Family Hotel marthastewart luxury @ marthastewart goldeggsA for Easter metal eggs (
@ The_lucky_elephant)
At 7: 47 a. m. on April 15, 2014, PDT metal eggs added a touch of light to the regular display of Easter.
Blow the eggs out and paint the eggs to size-
Adhesive material-
Do it.
Then cover a piece of golden leaf on the egg and smooth it with your fingers.
Continue to Repeat this step until the eggs are completely covered and then evenly past with a clean brush.
Thanks to marthastewart and @ geninne for their thoughts! !
Boiled egg marbelizedeggsA photo post Jengadi Jean (@jengadijean)
At 2: 10 p. m. on March 30, 2013, PDT each egg will have its own unique and complex vortex pattern through this simple technique.
Blow the eggs out, rinse them, and dry them.
In a mixing bowl, mix 3 cups of warm water, 2 tablespoons of vinegar and a few drops of the edible pigment of your choice.
Once the egg is dry, put it in the mixture and wait until it becomes the color you want.
Prepare the second mixture in a separate bowl
This time in a deeper shade or a different color.
Add a tablespoon of olive oil and cross it with a fork: this will form an oil grain on the surface.
When the oil is still rotating on the surface, place the egg in the second mixture and roll around the bowl to make sure it picks up the stripes of the oil.
After finishing, pat the egg gently with a paper towel.
Tissue eggs @ jauregum they look like this top is covered with paper towels with confetti in it, but they are actual picture of eggshells. twitter.
Com/nGzy69w3Qe fold the colored paper towel four times and punch the pattern with a craft punch.
Use de-stick glue, apply a thin layer of coating to the egg, then put a punch-
Start working outward from the middle to the egg.
Easter egg tree I love my Easter egg tree@abi2day)
At 3: 51 p. m. on April 20, 2014, in Germany and Austria, it is a tradition to celebrate Easter by hanging eggs on branches.
Participate in this tradition and turn your decorative eggs into a unique showcase this year.
Fill a bucket with a floral foam and insert the grass and fresh branches of any type.
Make a hole at the end of each egg and pass through a needle and some ribbon.
Create a double knot with the ribbon above and below the egg, and then tie the loose end to the branch.
Easter egg blue and green pastel japaneseinii paper-cut Pottiteam etsymntt pictures. twitter.
Use the blown egg to cut the image from the decorative paper.
Apply a layer on the back of the cut
Take it out with light glue and apply it gently to the egg.
Let it dry and repeat it with the design you like.
Silk-dyed eggs today dyed some of our farm eggs with silk
So they began to replace white with a light brown color. Kind of pretty!
Cai Jianya silkdyedeggs fauxfarmerA photo posted Biano (@tvillano)
PDT uses this silk dyeing technique to decorate your eggs with floral patterns, stripes, swirls and more interesting patterns at 3: 58 P. M. on April 5, 2014.
Wrap the silk around the raw egg and make sure the printed face of the material is facing the egg.
Place the eggs in a glass pan with enough water, completely cover the eggs, and then add three tablespoons of white vinegar.
Boil the water, then turn the heat down and let it slow for at least 40 minutes.
Take out the eggs and let them cool
Once cooled, remove the silk and marvel at the unique design printed on the shell.
A photo posted by Krautter (@krautter)
At 3: 35 a. m. on April 20, 2014, PDT decal paper is a clever transfer paper that you can use a printer to print the image onto and then apply to the surface, using these transfers on eggs, print the image you want onto a decal and spray the paper with two layers of varnish
Let it dry after each coat.
Cut out individual designs as precisely as possible, then let them soak in a bowl of water for a minute.
Separate the design from the decal by slowly stripping the bottom paper.
Gently press it on the egg and smooth it down with your fingers.
You can absorb excess water with paper towels.
Let it dry overnight and apply a coat of varnish.
Did you produce beautiful eggs this year?
Send your design to @ TelegraphFood
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