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by:HKKYO     2019-08-14
The lamp is one of the oldest inventions of human beings, dating back more than 10,000 years.
The first lamp is a natural bowl made of shells, coconuts and materials such as stones with natural dents.
Later carved stone lights.
Animal fat burns as fuel and something like Moss is used as a wick.
For centuries, humans have learned to work in clay. for thousands of years, people have used lamps that burn oil.
The first of them is a simple clay disc, which is slightly shaped and can make a bracket for the wick.
Over time, they become more refined, formed in decorative molds and designed in a variety of different regional styles, although the simplest lights have never disappeared.
Recently, I volunteered to work at the craft station at our church holiday Bible school, which will be held this summer.
We are still in the early stages of planning, something I have never done before;
Even as a child involved.
Looking forward to this experience!
The course we are using comes with a process kit, but we are not very happy with some of the recommended processes, while others are not worth the cross-over fee
Border procurement.
So we decided to find our own way.
One of the challenges is to find crafts that are both hot and adaptable to all ages, from 5-
12 years old, and their skill level.
They also have to be quick and easy to make as we only have 25 minutes to make each group.
One of the crafts we decided to make was a fish-shaped clay oil lamp.
These simple lights will be common in the Age of Jesus, the shape of the fish fits our theme and they can be as simple or refined as the child does.
Of course, I have to do some test lights myself. For this how-
I use air.
Dry clay.
There are two versions
More refined version for big kids, Super
Small simple one.
Required Time: About 15 minutes plus difficult drying time: Easy cost: less than $3 per light (1 per child)
Material: air-dried clay of terracotta warriors (
Choose good quality clay! )-about 1/4 -
1/3 cup Clay per lamp tool: light vinyl-
Cut a piece of paper into a square of about 12.
15 inch or use a vinyl meal mat or something like that to shape the wick holder and mark the design small bowl of water to suppress the wet cloth of the hand to moisten the clay when needed: 1.
Choose good quality clay for this project;
This is one of the areas where you get what you pay!
I did a clay test for a dollar.
Shop type place, it is completely useless. This 2.
The 2-pound package is enough to make a lot of small lights.
A small piece of plastic can not only protect your working surface, but also turn your work more easily as needed, and then remove it to dry without damage. 2.
Take a small amount of clay (
No more than 3rd per cup)
Knead until soft and soft.
For a more refined lamp, begin to shape it into a blurry fish --shaped oval. 3.
Start to flatten the shape with your hand and define the shape of the fish more. 4.
Smooth, more flat.
For this version, the edges will be pulled up to form the bowl and handle, so the flat shape needs to be larger than the desired width of the bowl. 5.
Start lifting the sides of the bowl and handling it.
The mouth of the fish forms a wick holder and the tail forms a handle.
Make sure there is enough clay between the body and the tailfin to keep it strong.
Wet the hand as needed, or use a damp cloth on the clay to keep the hand moist and smooth the surface. 6.
Shape the tail fin to create the handle. 7.
Shape and pinch the mouth part to form a thicker clay layer to support the wick holder.
Continue to smooth the clay with wet cloth or wet fingers. 8.
Form a wick holder with a wet pencil. 9.
Once satisfied with the shape, add details to the tailfin using a pencil or another pointed object. 10.
Add more details to the side. 11.
Dry on one side.
In this photo, clay is allowed to dry overnight.
It still takes more time to dry, but at this point it can be handled fairly safely to remove from the plastic. 12.
After about 8 hours, the underside is still quite wet.
Gently turn the light over and dry it.
Dry clay should be kept dry for at least 24 hours. 13.
Take a clay ball for a simple light (about 1/4 cup)
Make it an oval shape.
Create an off with your thumb-centre bowl.
On the thicker side, form a very basic tail shape and bend it into a handle. 14.
On the opposite side of the tail, make the wick holder with a damp pencil to form the mouth part.
Smooth the clay over and then use a pencil to make a shallow hole for a simple eye. 15.
Draw on the side fins. 16.
Draw details of the tail fin.
Dry on one side. 17.
After at least 24 hours of drying, there are two lights here.
The smaller lamp wall is thicker;
In this photo you can see that it takes more drying time. 18.
Once completely dry, place a string of cotton yarn or Wick in a bowl and place a small amount in the wick holder. 19.
Add oil to saturate the wick. 20.
Enjoy it easily!
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