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by:HKKYO     2019-11-12
I have always envied the professional mechanic toolbox.
You know the type of beast that usually has shiny red or black, steel, fancy name brands. They are great.
I recently had the opportunity to help my dad take care of all their 18 drivers in the store of the company he worked.
My dad\'s diesel mechanic friend has a blue snap of around $15,000 on the chest with countless cubic inches of storage, inflatable tire wheels and a hot tub for you and five friends
No, but it\'s a nice dark blue.
Even with outlets and rackets above 100, the drawers slide like silk.
I want something like this before I get a chance to use this caliber.
As a matter of fact, I already have a 3/4 plywood that is what I plan to use to make the tools remaining from the building saw and the oblique saw.
The storage or assembly table. . . .
That big blue box gave me ease of use, and my need for more storage exceeded the Assembly table.
On my toolbox.
Because I am Jack from all walks of life, I have a lot of tools for shop shopping.
Some of them are cars and some are metal, but my main concern is wood processing.
The wood that works for me includes power tools.
I appreciate and have enough hand tools like chisels and planes to do something, but I prefer power tools to call them laziness or just live and work too busy.
The problem with wooden power tools is that they are generally not suitable for steel tool boxes in a commercial style.
Now I know that this super expensive series includes a deep drawer or cabinet that can be fitted with a circular saw, as well as something of this nature.
I don\'t have thousands or even hundreds of dollars to spend on tool storage.
I also need it to meet my needs, space and style.
My design standards are standard.
Maximize the use of plywood to use the least amount of wood, but come up with the most useful space to save money.
Install all of my current tools and have more space.
Also suitable for my store space, not just a box.
I first went through all my scrap wood, cleaned it up, and minimized how much wood needed to be purchased for this project.
I will explore this in more depth in the next material section.
I drew a quick sketch on the paper to determine the size.
It helped me to know how many drawers there are and how deep they need to be, and how to cut the wood to the most effective parts without a wasted drop of water.
For tool installation.
I have reached the point where my current organizational system is unable to find the right, convenient home for my tools.
Things are out of control.
I know that I want the drawer of the socket and wrench, the drawer of the gas DingTalk/stapler and its hardware, the drawer of the large electric tools such as circular saw and belt sanders, and then the field of misc manual tools, etc, finally, expand the space.
In terms of exceeding the chest, the size I picked makes the top of the chest 4 feet high the perfect height for detail work.
I can stand next to it, it\'s under my eyes.
Perfect for welding or detail painting.
It\'s also a 3/4 plywood shelf so I can put things on it, unlike thinking sheet metal covers on boxes bought by many cheap shops.
I got a whole 3x4 inch mid-fiber board from a previous project and took up a lot of space on my scrap wood rack.
I have a few other places that I want to run out.
This is part of the architectural inspiration, because I bought a lot of things last spring, so today helped me keep it cheap.
All in all, you need 3 if you are going to build my exact chest.
75 plywood sheets.
Take the cabinet 1. A total of 25.
There are two of the six drawers I built. 5 sheets.
I bought 1/2 cdx grade plywood for my drawer.
I have enough scrap wood to use 3/4 bottoms on two drawers and the rest 1/2 plywoodI also uses 22 inch full open drawer slides.
I got mine from eBay.
The more you buy, the better the deal.
When I built my daughter\'s vanity storage bed this fall, I bought ten packs.
At the bottom, I used 4 in the swivel casters.
There are also good deals for Ebay or port shipping.
Two and a half in total.
Ply is 38 years old. 75 ply was (
Including scrap)
Drawer slide 20 and wheels 15.
I could have $100.
00 plus the time of this toolbox.
The storage space is about 35,000 cubic inches.
By contrast, Port freight has 72 wide 18 drawers, tool boxes, 34,200 cubic inches of space for $1199.
99 when writing (Feb 2016).
It\'s not a bad deal for a huge high quality box, but I prefer my price.
Also $1200, the largest drawer is a tight squeeze for the saw, not to mention all the other things I want to take out in my drawer.
This is something I am testing and practicing.
The video condensed the whole project into a few minutes.
It\'s not the best quality, but I feel like it shows the whole process in an easy-to-understand way.
Note: all photos of this step are extracted from the video frame. A chest is (
Like many projects.
Just an open front box.
The drawer is also an open top box.
The ability to make wood into a box is usually the way to build anything.
It can be easily argued that a wooden frame house is still just a wooden box.
For the sake of simplicity, I used my design cut list, cut all the parts, and then used an 18-spec narrow crown stapler with 1.
Quickly assemble the 5 inch long staples of the entire box.
Then I went back with a drill bit and 1 drill.
25 inch drywall screws to make it more powerful.
I will use glue, but it\'s too cold in my store and my specific brand of wood glue can\'t actually work.
I\'m not too worried, though. 1.
Delete all the peices.
I use a table saw when I can make sure all the peices are the same size and square.
Otherwise, use a good stripe edge fixture and cut a good cut with a cicular saw or a fixture saw. 2.
Put the biggest side down and set a vertical side next to it.
A 90 degree clip may help keep it. 3.
Fasten it.
I fixed it gently with an air stapler.
Go back with the screws to get a stronger connection. 4.
Repeat until the box is finished. 5.
At this point, I connected the casters at the bottom.
The drawer is just a small version of the chest.
This is a bottom and four sides.
I saw my table for a bit while doing all the same size peices trying to be consistent.
Consistency is very important when installing drawer slides.
When assembling the drawer, when I put in the Staples, I use a pair of 90 degree clips to keep the sides of the drawer at the bottom.
After the drawer is assembled, I put the screws in to get the extra strength. 1.
Cut the bottom of the drawer2.
Cut off all four sides. 3.
Place one side at the bottom and fix it at each end with a 90 degree clip. 4.
Fix with DingTalk, nails or screws. 5.
Connect the opposite side using a 90 degree clamp. 6.
Slide and fix the remaining edges. 7.
Connect the drawer slider to the drawer.
The tolerance of the drawer slider to the error is very small.
I really hate them.
I like to use them when they work, but it\'s a bit difficult to make them work properly.
This is the third time I \'ve made a sliding drawer, it\'s getting easier and easier, but it\'s a big fuss.
Must be accurately measured, cut and assembled.
This can be very frustrating.
Although I have some skills, I am not working hard.
If you think you\'re going to make a mistake, it\'s wrong because the drawer is too small.
Drawers too wide need to be removed.
I have polished the drawers, wired and planned to fit the needs. . .
It\'s hard and messy, and it breaks blades and tools if you hit metal fasteners.
Try to avoid all this, not too big, but too small.
Why are you talking? . . ?
Because it is not difficult to adjust the sliding sheet of the drawer to the right position.
I found that the small gasket was used to make the sliding gasket of the fine drawer.
If you need more than 3 washers then upgrade to laun bottom plywood or wood paneling even 1/4 thick plywood.
The best trick to use the washing machine as a gasket is to place it on the slider attached to the frame of the cabinet.
Do this by sticking the gasket to the screw hole on the back of the sliding device using packaging tape.
Additional Tip: Use the marker pen or marker pen to color the holes on the tape of the washing machine to make the mounting holes easy to identify.
Most slides have many holes, but you just have to put the screws in a few of them.
This is a quick, cheap, easy way to slide the drawer to a small part of an inch.
The appropriate spacing tips for the drawer slider to be installed on the cabinet frame.
This is a technique I have learned from the instrutibles member seamster, who can use a piece of wood as a guide to measurement transfer.
The behavior of the wood is like a fixture, just like the front and back of the left slide and the right slide are equal distances to the previous slide.
I hope this is easy to see in the video and stills, and the visible of seamster shows it well too. To reiterate. . .
Cut down scrap wood a little higher than your drawer. (I added .
About 25 inch)
Place it on the drawer slide below so that it can stand vertically and place your next slide tightly on it.
Fix the front with screws.
Repeat later.
Repeat with the other side.
Move to the next drawer.
Tips for the bottom slide.
Use one piece.
5 inch plywood as a guide to remove the slide from the bottom of the cabinet so that the distance between the front and back ends of the slide and on both sides is equal.
Be very careful when inserting the drawer for the first time.
Don\'t force them if they don\'t fit.
Calm down and look for the problem.
Add or remove the gasket until everything slides smoothly.
Also, if you have a lot of dust on your slide or accidentally wipe out too much factory grease, but the wd40 may help.
Yes, this is not the most beautiful toolbox in the world.
To give it a professional feel, I may have finished the Wood face and smooth paint.
Or I can leave like this.
It works well and does what I built it.
It is cheap compared to buying on the showroom floor.
Something I can add. . .
First of all, I use cardboard to sort out some of the tools inside.
I can get a lot of free from trash at work.
Once I am happy with how to put the tools in, I will start building the wood organizer.
At this point, I can also add a second tier system.
The sliding tray inside the drawer provides more storage space.
I can also add an edge around 3/4 at the top so that it doesn\'t fall off when you scroll at the top.
Thank you for checking this.
Let me know what you think is different from what you will do.
Any feedback on the passage of time will be great.
This is the first time I have tried something like this.
I know the lighting and image quality is not very good, but I will improve over time.
Sorry for the cable placement too. . .
Especially where space goes.
It\'s bad that my phone hit the wrong button or automatically corrected the wrong word.
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