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by:HKKYO     2019-08-28
Coming up with new ideas for children\'s art projects often turns into equally mediocre crayonson-paper ordeal.
Even if you average 4 years
Old yawns behind colored wax strips.
With this tutorial you can help you and your little one create a wonderful art and unforgettable experience!
There is a little science and tempura, washable paint, and we will wow you and your children with concentric circles.
This is wall hanging-Art worthy of children\'s appreciation!
Let\'s start!
There are many different ways to do this;
All we want to create is a stable stand through which we can create a pendulum that drops paint on our canvas or paper.
I made my stand with wood, the stand consists of two 2x4 s, 24 inch long 4 2x2 s, 8 inch long 1 30 inch Dora a screw sand thread
Other types of brackets can be made from PVC pipes or even with cardboard boxes
The role of the towel as your pin. Get creative!
This is art after all!
I used a pair of Wilton squeeze bottles filled with tempura, washable, kid. Very friendly, paint.
These will be used as applicants.
I diluted a little bit of paint with water to achieve a little more liquid consistency.
I used a square pre-
Treated canvas material
It will be something to sit on the ground and be painted.
You can also use the card stock or poster board.
I drilled a small hole in my PIN where a rope attached it to the paint applicator.
It will be our pendulum.
Next, I prepared my Wilton squeeze bottle by cutting out the bottom and hitting two small holes about half an inch from the bottom of the new cut, completely opposite each other.
The two holes will be tied together with a rope hanging on our pins.
Now cut a larger opening at the top of the extrusion so that the paint can flow out easily.
Since we diluted the paint a little with water, it would flow out effortlessly.
I put a small cup directly under the bottle so that it does not enter my canvas material until I am ready to start it.
I used circular motion to move the pendulum paint bottle around.
It creates great results!
Hope you enjoy your art experience with your little one!
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