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by:HKKYO     2019-08-25
Play these simple beach crafts on the beach any day.
Do your family go to the seaside on a perfect summer day? -
Or a craft shop in the winter-
There are a lot of fun and simple beach crafts to create for your kids.
All you need is some shells, basic art supplies, and a sunny character!
Follow the link below to find simple beach crafts that summon warm breezes, beach toes and the inner artists of your child.
Clam garden learn how to grow a miniature cactus or seed garden in the half shell of clams.
Seaweed art makes seaweed prints with fresh seaweed, shells and pebbles found on the beach.
The shell souvenir box collects shells and creates a beautiful souvenir container decorated with sea treasures.
Keep reading and see how the clam shells found on the beach can become a mini-blooming garden.
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