easy holiday crafts for kids: reuse waste materials to make multi-purpose holders for pens, pencils, spoons

by:HKKYO     2019-08-25
Why should we reuse it? purpose?
Anyone may think, when we can easily buy these things from the market, what is the necessity of using old, old and discarded materials to make a pen or pencil holder
Of course we can!
But the whole idea is to save money and natural resources.
As more and more people do their part to save natural resources, environmental awareness is gradually changing attitudes.
Use waste materials such as packaging boxes and metal containers.
There are some advantages: raw materials, if reused, reduce the possibility of re-manufacturing.
This will reduce the need to deal with used materials, which, of course, involves capital and manpower.
It saves you money because reusable products are much cheaper than disposable ones.
Indirectly, this is good for our environment because you save some natural resources in the process.
How to make a pen or pencil holder by reuse scrap?
Follow the steps to make a multi-functional stand that can be used to save pens, pencils, colored pens, crayons, combs, spoons, sewing kits, knitting needles and other things, one day today, in one place, materials organized in a box.
I used a candy box here.
I removed the lid with a metal container opener.
Clean the container thoroughly as it may have residues of packaged food.
Let it dry from the inside.
You can use the color gift wrapping paper, cutting pieces of cloth or fabric that have been used before, chart paper, beads, colored lines and anything that you can use.
Your creativity and imagination are the limit to creating beautiful and attractive pens or pencil frames.
According to the size of the metal container, cut off the used gift wrapping paper with paper-cut scissors.
Then, paste it into the container with glue.
You can also use Fevicol or Feviquick.
Cut two rounds, equal to the inside or outside of the bottom and paste them.
The colored paper is pasted.
Make some small cuts on the edge of the container.
This makes it easier to fold and paste.
In order to hide the uneven end, cut a round of colored paper and paste it.
Decorate with beads, color buttons, cartoon character stickers or anything else you can carry with you.
You can also use color ribbons that have been used before, and their colors may be in sharp contrast to the base. And that\'s it!
Holiday Crafts: Get your kids involved and they will learn it fun!
These versatile brackets are versatile and easy to make.
It would be a good idea to involve children in such crafts activities.
This will keep them creative and busy during the holidays and help them learn new things.
The children will even have a good time throughout the process.
An interesting way to learn.
These ideas are interesting to implement and can be an important and effective lesson for their efforts to live frugally and protect the environment.
There is no limit to creative ideas, and even children can be encouraged to put forward their own ideas.
Children are also aware of their responsibility and obligations in protecting and protecting the environment.
These pens or pencil cases can also be used to place Combs, kitchen spoons, spoons on the table, buttons and lines, medicines, etc.
Something to think about: it\'s better not to waste every day, and around us a lot of paper and wood is burned as waste.
Many places for collecting waste are filled with tin cans that you can\'t imagine.
A large amount of metal will be wasted, not only destroying the natural beauty, but also posing a threat to the environment.
When you use something that is usually thrown away, you can proudly say that you avoid spending the money you have earned hard.
You take pride in yourself serving the economy and reducing national waste by reusing items.
Therefore, if you are throwing used tin, used gift paper, etc. , please think twice. in the garbage.
It can be turned into an attractive and useful work, and it can also be given to the person you love.
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