Easy Paper Folding Ideas

by:HKKYO     2019-11-13
Although origami art originated in Japan, China and other countries, it is also popular in Western countries.The simple techniques explained here are just a few of the many techniques that create masterpieces with folding paper.Take a look!Origami Art is called \"origami\" and \"origami\" respectively in Japan and China \".
The word origami is also commonly used in Western countries.In order to create beautiful artworks from paper, many techniques and methods have been developed.The art of origami can be used to make complex paper items such as insects, animals, birds and a variety of other items.
Let\'s try to learn some of the common tips in origami by making paper hearts and paper planes.Just click on the arrow on the slide to view the steps-by-Steps and methods to make these objects.If you need to refer to the folding technique again, click F5 to reset the slide.
There are many things you can learn from origami art.Let\'s take a look at the ways to create the mind --Paper craft in shape.First, take a square-Paper in shape, folded in half along the diagonal.
Spread the paper to reveal the creases.
Now fold the paper again along the other diagonal and expand it.Creases divide the paper into four parts.Fold the point at the bottom to meet the top edge.Next, fold the right and left to meet the center creases.
Then, turn the paper over to the opposite side.You can already see the heart shape.Now, as shown in the figure, fold on the side.Next, fold the top point along the dotted line on the left and right sides.
Flip the paper and your origami heart is ready!Let\'s take a look at how to make a simple paper airplane. -- x8fxa0Take one.xa0A rectangular piece of paper.It should be more than twice the length of the width.Fold the paperxa0Form a central vertical crease along the two halves of the width;Then expand it.
Fold the left and right corners of the upper part of the rectangle so that its top edge is aligned with the center line.These triangles are formed in the form of folds.Fold the paper along the bottom line of this triangle;This fold completely reverses the triangle.
Now fold the left and right upper right corner of the paper again.You will notice a small triangular part.Fold up along the vertex and flip the paper.Now fold the paper at the center crease in half.
Fold down each wing along the center creases.Finally, spread the wings a little far away from the body.Another origami item that will definitely be welcomed by the children is the rabbit box.
All you need is a double.
Double-sided origami paper and these stepsby-Step instructions for making rabbit boxes.In addition to the few technologies mentioned, there are many other paper folding techniques that can be used to make amazing paper crafts.Like any art, the key to mastering this art form is practice and patience.
So what are you waiting for to try these technologies and marvel at your own creativity
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