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Many toys not only provide fun for children, but also a learning experience for them.
According to Marianne Simanski, president of Toytips, some people are very interesting and young people don\'t even realize that they are being taught while playing. com.
She\'s co-
Wrote a book called Toy Tips: A basic guide for parents to choose smart toys.
To read the excerpt, click here.
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On Wednesday, host Rene Syler said she always advised parents to \"be your child\'s own toy expert \".
Do some research ahead of time to find out the toys you know they have the ability to play.
Because they do want everything, but you don\'t necessarily know if they can really play with them.
\"She gave the audience several suggestions and divided them into three categories: vision, hearing and touch.
Visual learners: a child who is the easiest to learn using visual cues will take this trait to play with a toy.
Toys including flash cards, memory games and picture books meet this requirement.
The video will be very attractive.
In addition, visual skills are used for puzzles, building toys and craft kits.
Warren Industries Esphera 360 Puzzle: It\'s really cool because it\'s 3-D.
Draw a Globe because the finished puzzle will be like this.
It is more advanced than other puzzles, so it is more suitable for old age due to its difficulty.
This is good for school children.
Age, about 5 + years old, great to be with family.
What parents have to realize is that not all the puzzles, that is, the people who do the puzzles, are called puzzles.
Some people will never put together more difficult puzzles, so don\'t buy this for someone who has never done a puzzle.
You want someone who does puzzles and loves them, it\'s multi-faceteddimensional.
Girder and Panel Tekton Building Set: This is a Building kit that allows children to build tall buildings.
It originally came from 1970 and is basically a plastic panel with plastic beams on it that you use to build the tower.
It has taken off and was brought back to the market several times.
It\'s not like the Lego toy you snap together, and it\'s not like the fight rack you use the tools.
It was all about building a tall tower;
It\'s not about building flat levels.
Building toys are very popular because children like to build and destroy things from very early on.
This is a more advanced builder.
Children about 4 or 5 years old can be completed with the help of their parents or caregivers.
Otherwise, it is for a slightly older child.
When you use building toys, you design them using sensory and tactile inputs, and you think creatively about what you are building and how to design it.
When you\'re done, you can destroy it and start over.
Books are usually undervalued.
Reading a book when you are young is a very important thing for your child.
They hear you, and they hear the sentence structure and pictures.
But read these books in advance to make sure they are right for your child.
You might think it\'s a children\'s book, but that\'s not the case.
Or it may have something you don\'t want.
Auditory Learners: books are important for children and there are some devices available today for your children to read.
The good thing about them is that the kids can do it on their own because it\'s fun and a toy so they can follow.
\"Play with the Care Bear and share a story\" is an example that can be read for your child, but it should not be used instead of reading for your child.
Because you have something like this, don\'t avoid reading to your child.
The children like this because it is a fluffy bear and the children like their stuffed animals.
With this bear, when they learn to read, they can sit down with a book and listen to the story, which is a toy.
This is an educational toy, a science and technology toy, and an imaginative toy. Ages 3 and up.
Batman computer tech toy: you press the top of the small laptop and it pops up and the wings stick out from the side and make music.
Like a character.
Play with toys: he\'s Batman!
There are some digital games that say things like \"one, two, blank, four\" and you have to push three to fill the gap.
It is battery operated and has a variety of learning games such as spelling and math. But it\'s cool.
Your child may not want to play math games, but he will play with Batman.
So they don\'t even know they\'re learning.
Shells, wings and music are really cool too. Ages 5 and up.
Sentence says board game: Imagine: you have a card with \"T\" on it, and your other cards have \"B, M, I, R, and L\" on it \".
So you can say this: \"The Big Moose is loose.
\"You roll the dice and see how many letter cards you get, then you draw an action card and see what kind of sentence you\'re going to make. It\'s for two-to-
Six players can also play in the team.
I like to limit the game time so I recommend about 15 to 30 minutes per game.
Otherwise, the game can last for several hours.
Basically you have to make a sentence and each word has to start with a letter on the card. Ages 7 and up.
Sexy learner Puppets manis Puppets: these Puppets are very cute and made very well.
The benefits of using puppets can be achieved through puppets of any kind or brand.
It\'s definitely more about the overall idea, but these happen to be great puppets.
By the way, you should check the label when cleaning the puppet --
You can usually put them in the washing machine, but I have them ventilateddry.
Most of the time, adults are puppets when you play with your children, but it is also important to encourage children to be puppets and to listen.
They can tell make-
Believe in the story and perform disciplinary scenes with puppets, but the main purpose of puppets is to tell stories.
Using your hand means using tactile skills.
Many children make plush toys with puppets.
This is a classic toy you remember to use.
You are creating a vertical and horizontal design with no curves.
You use memory, logical reasoning, and skills, and you use a lot of attention to create what you want.
Imaginative and hands
But this is really an idea toy.
What I like is that you are using the knob to create the picture, so you are using the emotion with cause and effect at the same time.
It\'s classic because it\'s fun and you really get into it when you get into it.
Parents are always wondering why old toys come back for two reasons.
First, it\'s all over again.
Because it was a very interesting toy a few years ago.
Second, we want to give our own children the toys we have, and we do like to go through these experiences with our children, and can say, \"I \'ve had that experience too!
\"Super snow: with this toy, you pour in a specific, measured amount of water with a powder formula and stir together.
It gets a little muddy and then becomes more like snow.
If you put too much water, it will be like slush.
The creation of snow must be perfect, so it introduces the science of how the mixture works. It\'s creative.
You just put your hand in.
You can take it and hide it.
This is different. The teacher we used for science toys gave us a very good evaluation. Dr.
This is a handmade toy for children.
The idea is that kids like to make disgusting things to eat, so with this they can make creepy crawlers, worms, brains, etc.
It\'s basically like gelatin and you let it dry and eat it. Kids love it.
It\'s all about adding water, stirring and mixing, but cooking is learned because it contains measurement, science, and math.
All the toys suggested by Szymanski can be found on Toytips. com.
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