Effective Security Solutions With Biometric Technology

by:HKKYO     2020-07-09
Security everywhere is often rather vital issue right now. We're all on alert and in fear after forum in Mumbai and also the biggest attack inside. Public sector like banks, hotels, hospitals and shopping malls are the really targets to be attacked. Nobody for you to be a victim of this sort of activity. Crime or attack can happen anytime, anywhere. Nobody feels fear free even in religious place as well. Terrorism has not left your temples, mosques, churches and other religious places also to become its targets.Such dangerous acts are depriving them of our freedom to stay freely. We cannot blame our government for that. Our government cannot provide security to individuals. We must take our own measures to protect ourselves. Now it is the time to be able to innovative high-technology operating systems. Earlier we wouldn't have any technology that detects the dangerous acts. Now Security guards are not the answer or can avoid this type of activities. Let's take basic introduction with the Biometric technology, which can help us to guard us from these attacks. Biometric technology has covered physical and behavioral aspects. It relies upon real human attributes and human behaviors like eye retina, fingerprints, signature, keystrokes, voice identification etc. This technology uses both the aspects as identification and authentication. Due to the perfect reaction the system might be reliable and trustworthy. How it works: We have discussed that it makes real human ends. It scans the required attributes of human and stores them in the database of the unit. It is all the pre defined fixings. When someone tries to access, the system again scans attributes and matches the attributes with the stored database and if finds match then only allow him to access. When the system do not find match provides error message or alarm or give message for new registration. We can amend this technology with door access control, time attendance system, face recognition system, visitor management system etc. Let's take a look to scalping systems one by an individual. Door Access Control: Door Access control system is a rapid authentication and smart access control. The unit scans facial attributes, stored them to accomodate it with the identity. The will be to be set at the sensitive entrances like bank entrance, hotel entrance or your premises entrance. It restricts to enter non-recognized person. There isn't really need to spend time behind security and no need to manage registers, Identity cards and keys. With smart monitoring it saves records generally. It is the better security solution and smart access control for public sectors. Face Recognition system: You might hear that the important data stolen because of the PC. Face recognition system prevent the unauthorized access to ones corporate information. It scans facial attributes for verification. It specially designed precisely as it can capture faces from moving. Seat instead of the data for the center database for verification. The system restricts the unauthorized identity to access your PC and save your important data. Time Attendance System: The days have ended were we keep records of employee or visitors in offices or in organization. It becomes very difficult to manage all the things - logbooks, identity cards, IN time, Out Time, Punch cards and most of. Time attendance system based on biometric technology works as facial recognition system. It may be the standard cameras that stores face records and keep logs of employees as soft data. Visitor Management System: Visitor management systems keep track of the visitors within your premises. System again takes the input, scans the attributes and sends them to database center for verification. All these home security systems are really powerful to overcome our so many problems in which security is the crucial issue now in 24 hours.
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